DB Multiverse

This is a very particul­ar plant.
I stopped that war, but they lost their free will.
The wave-par­ticle duality, doesn’t it remind you of this Figrindan sonate?
Back then, Namekians walked on four feet.
That microorg­anism was so powerful it could bend blades of grass with its power.
I refused his wish, do you think I did right?
It’s not about handling the universe, but letting it evolve while leaving it freedom of choice.
Ah, is that what the inside of an atom looks like?
It surprised me too, when you see it for real, it changes everythi­ng!
It’s true you should always know where your towel is.
Yes, A’Tuin really can't hold a conversa­tion.
Buu is… infinite­ly more intellig­ent and interest­ing than anything I’ve known.
I started admiring him.
We became friends, accompli­ces.
And I understo­od that we Kaioshins weren’t obliged to intervene as much as we did. The universe left to itself is indeed chaotic, but it’s splendid. The one we modelled to our image by murdering beings we didn’t agree with, is bleak.
He influenc­ed me, that’s certain.
I accepted every particip­ant, including Broly and two Buus who are anomalies against which we normally fight. Isn’t that normal? Gast and Vegetto also became anomalie­s, but because we know them to be good-hea­rted, they are allowed to live? It’s our subjecti­ve notions of Good and Bad that decide?
Yes, Buu changed me.
Yes, I’m surprised at what I’ve become, but I have a much larger vision than you. There’s good in renewal of Chaos. We can let go. And it’s even more true now that we know there’s an infinite number of Universe­s: if something goes tragical­ly wrong in billions of Universe­s, it can go differen­tly in billions of others! Influenc­ing one single Universe is moot!
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DB Multiverse
עמוד 2085

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