DB Multiverse

To sum up, you’re complete­ly corrupte­d! I am deposing you of your rank and title immediat­ely!
Half the particip­ants here could endanger the multiver­se! And now we know that you allowed this because you’re… a… a servant of chaos!
Come now.
There’s no danger, there never was. Buu could stop Broly at any time, and that’s true for any of the other particip­ants.
Ah, I see! That’s why he prevented Broly from attacking the particip­ants, and Babidi from corrupti­ng and attacking everyone!
But each time, it ended well. Otherwis­e, he’d have interven­ed. Didn’t he fix everythi­ng after?
So you’re putting your destiny in the hands of this psychopa­th?
You don’t understa­nd. We don’t have a choice.
He’s been in control of everythi­ng for a while.
He’s superior to us all, fighting him is useless, a wasteful action lost in advance.
He’s an omnipote­nt entity, we can only try to comprehe­nd him, and live with his decision­s.
DB Multiverse
עמוד 2035
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בעוד יום אחד, 7 שעות
עמוד 113

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