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News: Minicomics and back to the tournament

To sum up, you’re completely corrupted! I am deposing you of your rank and title immediately!
Half the participants here could endanger the multiverse! And now we know that you allowed this because you’re… a… a servant of chaos!

Come now.

There’s no danger, there never was. Buu could stop Broly at any time, and that’s true for any of the other participants.

Ah, I see! That’s why he prevented Broly from attacking the participants, and Babidi from corrupting and attacking everyone!

But each time, it ended well. Otherwise, he’d have intervened. Didn’t he fix everything after?

So you’re putting your destiny in the hands of this psychopath?

You don’t understand. We don’t have a choice.
He’s been in control of everything for a while.
He’s superior to us all, fighting him is useless, a wasteful action lost in advance.
He’s an omnipotent entity, we can only try to comprehend him, and live with his decisions.
DB Multiverse
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Namekseijin Densetsu
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[FR] Asura on Twitch!
In 1 day, 7h
Chibi Son Bra did her best!
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Minicomics and back to the tournament


Hello! On Sunday, a minicomics.
Then, the main story is back, with a lot, a lot of Buus!


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