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Hmm... There seems to be a lot of interest growing as to who or what XXI really is.
That's a good thing, right?
Yeah, but the problem is...
...I still haven't quite figured out who or what XXI should be yet myself...
WHAT!? But we're supposed to be revealing XXI soon! If we don't get this figured out in 3 days we'll fall behind schedule and I’ll have to work twice as hard!!!!
Well… We could always just throw in some minicomics or a special… That'd buy some time.
But that won't hold off the fans for very long...
I know… but we need all the time we can get to figure this out...
...Wait a minute... Time...
You found the Ocarina of Time! This is the Royal Family’s hidden treasure which Zelda left behind. It glows with a mystical light...
Now we have all the time we could ever need!!
Three days later...
You sure this is going to work?
Of course! No doubt about it! Just watch!!
You played the Song of Time!
Dawn of The First Day
-72 Hours Remain-
And so... after reliving the same three days four times. Salagir finally came up with an idea of who XXI should be...
XXI was revealed to be a Mystic Broly taken in by Kaioshins (similar to the Kaioshins of Universe 1) as an infant!
But how would the DBM fans react to this revelation?
Last time on Dragon Ball Multiverse...
XXI's identity was finally revealed to be Mystic Broly!
I wonder what the fans thought of Mystic Broly!
Urma Gurd
Lawlz, Seriously? Vegetto already fought Broly once before and now he’s going to fight another Broly ? Oh.My.Gawd. Salagir is such a Broly Fanboy.
Wow so original
@Urma Gurd I know right? Way to be original Salagir.
DBM sucks now
This suck. I wanted Tapion to be XXI!!! 111!!!
B-... but... I thought it was such a good idea!!...
Dammit... I guess I could always just try again...
Finally XXI's identity is revealed!!!
An Evil cloaked Varga of Evilness!
Hell Yeah! How's that for “original”?
Last Time...
It was finally revealed (again) That XXI was in fact an Evil, Cloaked Varga...
Okay... let's see what they thought of him this time...
Urma Gurd
Oh.My.Gawd.Lawlz XXI is a bird?DBM just go so stupid.
Wow so ridiculous
Sith Lord bird huh? Ridiculous, I can’t even take this seriously.
DBM sucks now
This sucks. I wanted Tapion to be XXI!!! 111!!!
Geez! Isn't there anyway to make these people happy?
Well… I might as well give it another shot...
After over 300 tries... this is what Salagir came up with...
The perfect answer to the question: Who should XXI be? Was....
SSJ4 Mr. Satan with unexplainably powerful powers and Saiyan/God blood!!!
Urma Gurd
Wow... just wow
Wha... ?
DBM sucks now
This sucks. I wanted Tapion to be XXI!!
Are you even trying anymore?

DBM on Instagram!

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