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News: New avatars: DBM and Toriyama originals!

After Freeza's defeat, on Planet Vegeta…

Why so fast, Prince Vegeta?

I want to know what’s this fuss about Freeza's death I heard about!

Oh, Hi, Vegeta! You’re back already…!

Pss… does he know…?

Dunno… I guess not…

What’s up, Vegeta?

Something’s strange... They don’t show their usual amount of respect towards me. And I hate gossip. I’ll tell my father to…

Oh, you are back! Welcome to your new life, PRINCE Vegeta! Ah, no that’s old story… Hehehehe!

What the...?!

Who are you again…?

Ah yes, Baddack's brat! Ratzzi? Rally? Whatever. What’cha want from us?

Insolence!!! What are YOU doing in royal armor??? You will go under severe punishment!!!

Stay away!!

… after I beat you up for good!!

Insolent third-class-trash!!!

I’m not third-class anymore! You are the insolent here!!!

Don’t talk shit!!

Ehem… Lord Vegeta… Maybe I should inform you about the recent events…

What now???

Ah, it’s you, Gerkin. At least somebody who’s worth my trust!

I hope your explanation is very convincing. If not…

Don’t worry. Just please listen up. Like I announced...

A lot had happened since your departure two weeks ago.

Explanation of Baddack's strange behavior, the challenge for the throne, the secret mission and finally… (see DBM chapters 20 and 21)

… and then, with an alliance of all warriors, ignoring class differences, we were able to kill Freeza.

But the most important fact for you is that… YOU ARE THE SAIYAN PRINCE NO MORE. Sorry.

Tomorrow I will challenge Baddack, so maybe my son will be it by then…


That’s a joke, isn’t it?



What the hell?!




Daddy!! They are mean to meeee!!!

He took it better than I thought…

You think?

Wow, that was sure unexpected…

This is how Vegeta's time as the Prince of the Saiyan had ended… at least in Universe 3.
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September 30th

New avatars: DBM and Toriyama originals!

80 new avatars are available!

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Colored and gathered by HomolaGábor, Argelios, ZenBuu and Ammar.


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