DB Multiverse

Dear readers,
it is very hard to tell you this, but...

I decided to stop drawing Dragon Ball Multiverse.

For years, I invested and gave my best to DBM. It was a lot of work and a really incredible pace, but I can not continue.

I had a great time drawing cool fights, I am also glad that I could meet people I shared the same passion and with whom I enjoyed myself.

Well, I hope you will forgive me for stopping and that even without me, you'll continue the adventure!

What will become of DBM?

First, I do not intend to stop the website, nor the story. I still have my script, and I still have the same urge to share it.

Dragon Ball Multiverse will therefore start looking for a new artist, and a new pace. This may take time, but the motivation is still there.

We invite you to use the comments, not to criticize or to dramatize the situation, but rather to pay tribute to the work of Gogeta Jr.

He still drew this chapter until the end. We will now publish the end of the chapter at the rate of two pages a week. Then comes a long and wonderful special, which will also have a slow pace.

Sorry for this message at the last moment and untranslated...

Thank you all for following us!

Picture by Arcady Picardi
Picture by:

Gogeta Jr      


Arcady Picardi       41 78

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March 8th

Rest in peace, Toriyama-sensei

[img][img]Akira Toriyama passed away. Our work would be nothing without him, and we will continue to try to honor him through our pages. "Writing manga is fun," as you used to say, but today is a sad day. Thank you and rest in peace, Master.

This Sunday, DBM's page will be replaced by a tribute.

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