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ZenBuu 5س, 23دق
Kilrha was saying:
google translate ftw

What exactly is wrong with the translation?
Bardock Tales Kai page 7
ZenBuu 5س, 28دق
p4ran0id was saying:
Lang lebe der König....

Naja Diesen Teil (vorletztes panel) empfinde ich als sehr schlecht und passt hier nicht wirklich rein. Böse bulma!

Böse Bulma?? Wovon redest du bitte?
DB Multiverse page 2112
ZenBuu يوم ١, 8س
DrewSaga was saying:
I wonder what this special is gonna be about since there isn't much left with U12 to be frank. Broly? Jakayls? Mecha-Gorkor the Great? A new threat? Or is this really just a boring chapter purely about Trunks and #16 fixing up civilization after #17 and #18 ravaging it.

No Broly
Technically he is still alive in U12, but he won't attack earth.

What about Hirudegarn maybe?

SlenderCell was saying:
Sweet they're still making Universe Specials. Maybe hopefully we'll see more on Gast's history and Bra's. Guess they're building up Vegito's reaction to Bra forfeiting her match for later. Bet the first page of that chapter we see just his face. His head covered in veins, his eyes bulging out, his teeth grinding. This'll be fun.

And what does this have to do with this special??

vwishmwahuul was saying:
I’m curious as to what this is going to be about. We know this universe the best except for the 18th. And the vast majority of it can be inferred. Best guess, the specifics on how Trunks handled Babidi.

There is already a Mirai Special about how future Gohan handled Babidi/Dabura. Even tho that was not a good special chapter...
DB Multiverse page 2111
ZenBuu أيام 2, 21س
Convoluted was saying:
Okay this is an awesome page. Now I'm all for steady pacing, I've liked the pacing as of recently, but we definitely need to move the plot a little.

And this page is perfect. So I see in the 1st panel, a Super Buff like Frieza final form? Sounds like King Cold and a Shenron Namekian Humanoid.

So there's really no evidence to prove that is King Cold there as this could be simple Silhouette Conicidence especially since Panel 4 and 5 say otherwise.

Others have said Vegetto but I dont believe that would be Vegetto even though Panel 4 Silhouette may support it do to Vegetto like hair.

Again we could be reading these silhouettes wrong.

Here's my theory. Its Cell. The character goes from King Cold silhouette, to something else in Panel 5, and in panel 4, now that I look at it again, it looks more somewhat like Cell?

The way he speaks is closer to Cell. Think about "You never take risks" definitely counts Vegetto out but Cell? I dont recall him ever taking risks.

He underestimated when Gohan went SS2, he didn't see that as risky. Every move by Cell was always precalculated and cautious.

AT THE SAME TIME, This could be plenty of others, I haven't bothered to see how well Cell could connect to this, it could be someone else or someone entirely new, but def not new, it's clearly implied it someone we know.

No offense, but are you actually serious right now?? xD

The divergence in his universe happened waaaaaaay earlier than in any other of the 20 universes that we know of (considering minicomics). Old Kai was totally afraid that the Kaioshins let him participate in this tournament, so XXI has to be millions of years old. It's also implied that XXI sealed him into the Z-sword. How the hell do you (I mean everyone here now) come to the conclusion that this is King Cold, Cell or Vegetto?! The silhouette doesn't even look slightly like them...this doesn't make sense one bit. You can clearly see a dragon shape in the shadows. And it was certainly not implied that it's someone we already know of. You even contradict yourself with your last sentence. 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2110
ZenBuu أيام 2, 21س
Sammy7s was saying:
ZidaneTribal sagte: Es sind nur noch 3 Turnierkämpfe übrig!

Son Goku gegen Vegeta
Gast gegen XXI

Hoffentlich wird jedem Kampf mind. ein Kapitel gewidmet.

Du hast mich gerade geschockt. Ich lese seit so vielen Jahren DBM. Ich liebe diese Story. Und jetzt realisiere ich erst dass es nur drei Kämpfe gibt.

Heftige scheie DBM ist kurz vor dem Ende

Man sollte nicht Vegetto's Ausraster und XXI's großen Auftritt vergessen...Kleiner Reminder: Der Majin Arc hat ca. 3 Jahre gedauert (zugegeben, daran waren auch viel mehr Charaktere beteiligt) und natürlich sollte man auch noch die Specials mit einberechnen.

Außerdem, wer sagt das DBM sofort beendet ist nach dem Turnier...?
DB Multiverse page 2110
ZenBuu 24 تشرين الثاني
Grabnatz was saying:
GogetaFanBoy sagte: Sehe ich das richtig? Son Bra hatte ein Bunny Anzug an? Warum hätte sie das jemals tun sollen?

Wie es aussieht wurde sie dabei erwischt als sie den Bunny Anzug trug und es scheint ihr Peinlich zu sein.

Ich finde die Frage durchaus berechtigt, ist das der Anzug von Bulma? Allerdings trägt sie ebenso die Great Saiyaman Uniform und das scheint ihr auch nicht peinlich zu sein, wie man eigentlich vermuten würde.
Blau Broly was saying:
wundert sich keiner das sie mit lange haare aus sieht wie ein SSJ3

Nicht wirklich, als Gohan sich im RvGuZ das erste Mal mit seinen langen Haaren in einen SSJ verwandelt hat, sah er auch aus wie ein SSJ3. Dasselbe trifft hier wohl auf Bra zu.
SSJ2-Teen_Gohan was saying:
Ich hoffe U16 Pan schafft es ihrer Tante/ besten Freundin (sind gleich alt) zu verzeihen. Bra war unter der Kontrolle von Babidi, ja da war sie eine totale Bi*** aber im innersten ihren Herzen ist sie Gut. genauso wie Vegeta U18 im Buu Arc; er wollte nur die Kontrolle von Babidi um sein "volles Potenzial" frei zusetzen um eine Chance gegen Son Goku zu haben, aber er hat nie auf Babidi gehört und auch versucht Buu zu vernichten nach dem er realisiert hat was er verursacht hat.

Naja, mit voller Absicht in die Zuschauer Tribüne beim Turnier zu feuern, mehrere Menschen und dabei auch noch fast seine Frau zu töten, nur um Goku zu einem Kampf zu zwingen, ist allerdings schon äusserst fragwürdig. Auch wenn er dafür danach gerade stand mit seinem Selbstmord gegen Buu.
Übrigens ist Pan 14 und Son Bra 16. ;-P 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2109
ZenBuu 24 تشرين الثاني
Convoluted was saying:
Jubjub was saying: ShadyDoorags was saying:
Read the comic and it's very clear that Bra is an evil person with a god-complex in need of discipline, with or without Babidi; the cast just pinned all her sins on Vegeto which is still a chapter that infuriates me to no end.

I do disagree here. Bra, from my review of the character, has always come across like a Prince Vegeta. Undeniably dark and pompous, but hardly evil (unless you think anything south of Bulma is "evil"). She's literally written to be a female version of Vegeta back when he was all about caste systems.

The problem has ALWAYS been that Vegeta gets humbled and Bra doesn't. We're supposed to say "Vegeta got development, why not Bra" except Vegeta's worldview was shattered constantly throughout the series before he evolved as the Vegeta here.

Bra's every move towards development is upended so that she always comes out looking clean.

Character development: Bra's SS2 makes her incredibly violent to the point that she gleefully wipes out a solar system and kills her half-brother

Upended: She literally doesn't remember any of it and instead she's the victim because her dad's abusive

Character development: She agrees to an absurd matchup only get destroyed

Upended: JK! She's got senzu beans and crazy unseen hax moves that win her the fight.

Character development: Bra forfeits a fight because reasons.

Upended: Literally no one challenges her on it except her abusive father, with even fearful Pan getting over her previous issues.

Character development only happens when a character's views are tested and they're forced to evolve. Bra's are rarely tested, and when they are, she gets extra credit because she's literally the teacher's favorite student

Again with the so called "Abusive Father" crap, if that were true, we would've seen it LONG before the Majin Bra crap.

Again its the same situation with Bra. She isn't gaining any real development cause we NEVER saw the character that she was before.

The character that Pan is thinking about. We only saw the crazy stuff.

And since apparently my previous comments were deleted for whatever reason, I'll tldr my stuff from before.

TLDR: The issue here is people are praising a character's development when we've never seen the character she was except for ONE side.

This out of the blue so called "Story Arc" came from nowhere with no foundations or build up. There is no indication nor evidence til the Majin Bra debacle, that supposedly Bra was "abused" by Vegetto.

And FYI Vegetto being abused should've been hinted at Chapters ago before that Majin Chapter.

Now if he were just very strict, we'd have a different story.

Beni-Kujaku was saying: Bird Mountain was saying: Pan, not you too! Say it isn't so! Say it isn't so. I thought you were the only one to have a sane reaction, but you are able to realize that she is a different person because she decides not to kill everyone this time? Pan, I am sorry that you have been abused so much that you jump to praise an abuser because they didn't abuse you this one time. I hope that emotional high gets you through at least the next two abuse cycles. Yeah, yeah... Mind controlled because she was evil, but even if we ignore the majin thing, she's also murdered before. She will murder again, but we have to praise her because she didn't murder this time. I feel for all those around her who have their mental health affected by being under constant threat.

"Jump to praise an abuser because they didn't abuse you this one time"? That's basically the exact opposite that is happening here. She's never seen Bra as an abuser, just as a cool aunt/sister with whom she played her whole childhood. That's who she's remembering in the first panel. Bra turned SSJ2 and berserk literally twice in her life before the Babidi debacle, once in the special with the Jaykals, and once against Broly during the Multiverse tournament. Pan didn't see either one of these occurences. Majin Bra traumatized her, because she never saw Bra that way. Now she's basically asking herself if she should judge her aunt on this one event or on what she has always known of her. Son Bra was just a normal girl (or as normal as a super powered alien could be), loving to her family, with her temper and impulsive, but not much more than any other teenager. She has always been cocky, with reasons. After all, she's the number 2 of the universe. It's the same cockiness as Goku telling to Freeza he's boring. When she's not an 8 year old child anymore, she understands that what she did as a SSJ2 is bad, almost traumatizingly so, which is why she just bursts into tears after going SSJ2 in space against Buu. It's just something she thought she left behind her 10 years ago, and she realized that her control didn't improve in SSJ2.

Pan here is wondering if she could put 16 years of good in Bra before one hour of mind-controlled absolute evil.

Seeing Bra as an all-time abuser is very much a flawed vision, based on the fact that most of the times we see Bra in flashbacks is when she has to fight and shows her lack of control. This page tries to show that these were singular events happening scarcely along years of calm.

One could say the same about Vegetto. Its obvious most readers are more lenient on Bra because she's female and a kid.

Which normally would be fine....Literally everything you said, if it were THAT simple, it'd be fine. It actually makes more and simple sense

Again The problem -> They're trying to put deeper meaning, oust Vegetto cause he's this supposed "abuser", and then say "Well Bra was abused"

Thats what made me mad, was that during this whole thing, I'm led to believe there's Domestic Abuse....without any prior indication in the Story.

The same with this supposed "Character Developement", if we had just seen the Character she was before, there'd be actually development here.

(Hopefully this comment won't get deleted. I worded everything in a much nicer manner. I dunno why the previous one was and if there's like someone I can talk to about this, I'd like to be redirected.)

Your other two comments got deleted, because you started to insult other users here and you wrote excessively in caps, even whole sentences. If you want to highlight parts of your comments do it like this or like this.

On a side note, your statement that no one here is hating Bra, is just blatantly false. The hate has reached a surreal amount of toxicity by now.

Also, at everyone. Keep rule #15 and #16 in mind! ;-) 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2109
ZenBuu 24 تشرين الثاني
coolschweiz was saying:
Entweder kommt jetzt Vegettos ausraster oder nach dem Kampf Gast vs XXI

Wenn er gar nicht mehr kommt (Vegettos Ausraster Arc) dann muss mal über Salagir reden ob er überhaupt noch lust hatte nach dem Majin (Bra) Arc weiter zumachen

Nichts gegen Salagir, aber nach dem Majin Arc waren bei ihm die Ideen aus gegangen

Nichts gegen dich, aber was du da schreibst, ist absoluter Schwachsinn... Grabnatz hat das schon ziemlich gut beschrieben.

Regel #13:
Nebenbei, Versuch nicht immer aus jeder Seite die Einstellungen der Autoren oder Leser zu erraten. So wie: "Die Zeichner haben offensichtlich keine Lust mehr." "DBM ist am Ende". "Scheiß Special" "Salagir verarscht uns nur!" Ihr könnt doch keine Gedanken lesen...

Ich kann in jedem Fall bestätigen, dass jede Vision von Bardock definitiv so eintreffen wird, nur der Kontext hat sich offenbar ein wenig geändert soviel ich weiss. Also, abwarten...
DB Multiverse page 2109
ZenBuu 22 تشرين الثاني
Teleported_Bread was saying:
You sure a plane crash isn't a poor comparison?

Even if it is. You get my point. You don't have to be able to do something better than someone else to be allowed to criticize. I can tell a cook that I don't like his food, without being able to do it better. Accept that people will always have different opinions, it's impossible to satisfy everyone. There will always be this one guy that doesn't like a specific part. That's also why I dislike that people throw around the bad writing phrase over and over again at everything they dislike. What they dislike, might be liked by someone else. This is Salagir's story and he can do whatever he wants. People shouldn't be so entitled to their opinion, he doesn't owe anybody here anything. We should be happy that he shares it with us and doesn't care about the hate so much. Other writers/artists would've probably already quit after that much toxicity. After all, everyone in the team only does this as a hobby and in their free time for everyone here to read it, without getting payed for it. To see that much hate over a free to read webcomic, is just sad and disrespectful. If you would pay for it, I could understand the anger to some degree tho.

On a side note, do not double post! And don't tell me you couldn't edit your post. Usually I would've deleted the second comment now.
Kururun was saying:
I agree, Zen Buu is just as bad as Bra. Worse in some ways. I think some people like him because 1. established DBZ character, 2. power wanking (omg he can do anything he's an omnipotent god so cool!).

I think this statement is very funny, coming from a user who has an avatar from Mary Sue, ngl. xD apparently she can reverse time, is that kind of OP thing also cool for you?

Even I had to admit at some point that Buu was crazily OP and I also disliked how he got kicked out of the tournament. But it was also impossible to stop him by brute force at this point. And I always said that Buu has to go at some point to let the story progress. I like him mostly for the comedy effect and his trolling. And you can't deny that his existence and that he is so powerful makes sense. How else would you've written a Buu who absorbed Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Gotenks, Bulma and several other beings? I just think that the magic part is a bit too OP on him. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2108
ZenBuu 22 تشرين الثاني
MysticVegito was saying:
ZenBuu was saying: Teleported_Bread was saying: Ok, can you do better? No seriously, what do you think should've happened? Enlighten us.
Dude, this is such a weak argument...when I'm on a plane and it crashes because it's the pilot's fault and I criticize him for that, will you also say "can you do it better?" I don't have to do anything better to criticize something. No, seriously stop that please. You are defending this whole situation a bit too much for my taste.

On the other hand, he could've explained why he thinks like that in more detail and give constructive criticism, rather than just screaming "bAd wRiTiNg".

Why bother at this point? Most people are tired of repeating themselves ad nauseam to the blatantly obvious bad writing when it comes to Son Bra in particular, and characters affected by her presence for that matter. Countless "constructive criticisms" have been thrown out page after page after page when Bra is involved, and everytime it's a bloody war in comment sections, especially during and after Majin Bra arc. The fact of the matter is that it IS bad writing when it comes to Bra alone, especially for those who had been reading DBM for over 10 years, over 2k pages of this story, specials and all. At this point people might as well move on to other DB medias if they are looking for any meaningful and outright better character writing, because let's be honest as of late, most are here out of morbid curiosity.

Honestly I also dislike this whole "fight" and it's conclusion, especially how important Phipsil seems to be now suddenly. I really don't like the last pages. Yet, I don't come here every day to cry how bad the writing is, just for the sake of leaving a hate comment towards Bra.

I agree with a lot of decisions from Salagir and can understand his point of view in most things. But this comment section has become so incredibly toxic, especially when it comes to Bra, it's really crazy. I've seen people complaining about her when she is not even on the current page and the page has no context to her either! People start to insult each other, leaving comments with the sole purpose to provoke others. And I talk about Bra haters and her fans. Both sides do that. Of course it's ok to tell in the comments of you dislike something, but the problem is also the way some people do that...

To your last sentence. I also stopped reading DBS for several reasons I won't go into here now and I don't plan to ever read it again, just because I don't enjoy it anymore. Yet, I don't leave hate comments about it everywhere simply because I don't enjoy it anymore and don't even care about it, I got better things to do with my time. No one is forced to be here. I know the "stop reading" comment is also overused and not a pretty good argument, but I don't torture myself with something I don't like or enjoy. 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2108
ZenBuu 22 تشرين الثاني
Teleported_Bread was saying:
Ok, can you do better? No seriously, what do you think should've happened? Enlighten us.

Dude, this is such a weak argument...when I'm on a plane and it crashes because it's the pilot's fault and I criticize him for that, will you also say "can you do it better?" I don't have to do anything better to criticize something. No, seriously stop that please. You are defending this whole situation a bit too much for my taste.

On the other hand, he could've explained why he thinks like that in more detail and give constructive criticism, rather than just screaming "bAd wRiTiNg". 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2108
ZenBuu 21 تشرين الثاني
This is a quick reminder for everyone here to not let the discussions get too overheated:

Be respectful to each other while discussing (if you can't, don't comment at all!), do not provoke each other and I talk about Bra haters AND fans equally in this regard. It will only escalate again and someone starts to insult and break the rules again.
DB Multiverse page 2108
ZenBuu 20 تشرين الثاني
Nuramann was saying:
Frage mich auch, wer sich hinter der Sprechblase im 1. Panal versteckt^^ Die Kleidung erinnert mich ein bisschen an die Engel :)

Sieht man hier: page 2058

Mich erinnert die Kleidung eher an die Marionette von XXI.
DB Multiverse page 2107
ZenBuu 18 تشرين الثاني
p4ran0id was saying:
Was war nochmal der Wunsch für u19? War es vegettos Fusion aufzulösen? Falls ja dann kann er beide Wünsche in einen packen

'ich wünsche mir dass alle Fusionen aufgelöst werden' und schon hat er 2 weitere frei

U19 sind die Heliors. Ihr Wunsch ist, von dem Carbonit in ihrem Universum befreit zu werden.

Wie du darauf kommst das Vegetto defusioniert werden soll, ist mir absolut schleierhaft. Das war niemals ein Thema.
DB Multiverse page 2106
ZenBuu 17 تشرين الثاني
Goku was saying:
Das wird der Grund sein für Vegettos Ausraster, ihr werdet schon sehen :D

Sowie die tausend anderen Gründe die Fans schon als "Beweis" für seinen Ausraster gebracht haben? XD

Wie oft ich das schon gelesen habe.....

Ich bin immernoch der Meinung, dass sein Ausraster von mehreren Faktoren abhängen wird, "ihr werdet schon sehen!!!1". ;-P
DB Multiverse page 2106
ZenBuu 16 تشرين الثاني
I'll say it again, easy on the caps, guys....
DB Multiverse page 2106
ZenBuu 14 تشرين الثاني
Kantax was saying:
ZenBuu sagte: Kantax sagte: Gedanken lesen? Hab ich was verpasst oder fängt sie an ihn zu überschätzen?
Das ist ja nun nichts besonderes. Viele in DB können Gedanken lesen. Muten Roshi hatte Nam's Gedanken während des Turniers gelesen, oder (Zen)Buu zb, die Kaioshins oder auch der Oberälteste, der Krillin's Gedanken gelesen hat und der ist ja wohl auch ein Teil von Gast.
Wäre jetzt der erste von dem ich wüsste der auf Distanz Gedanken lesen könnte (ja Zen Buu ist die Ausnahme, ich schätze mal, da er Fähigkeiten der Kaioshin mit absorbiert hat).... der Oberälteste musste dazu z.B. die Hand auflegen

Also im U7 Special musste Gast das tatsächlich so machen um Gohan's und Krillin's Gedanken zu lesen. Jedoch war er da gerade mal frisch fusioniert und mittlerweile sind ca 30 Jahre vergangen. Wenn Gast Vegetto's Energie blockieren kann und sogar Zen Buu einfangen konnte, sollte es wohl nicht allzu abwegig sein, dass er auch Gedanken lesen kann, ohne physischen Kontakt herzustellen. Wie Buu eben. Der hat ihn nicht umsonst sofort massakriert.
DB Multiverse page 2105
ZenBuu 13 تشرين الثاني
DrewSaga was saying:
I don't think Gast can read minds, at least not without making physical contact (similar to what Goku did with Krillin). If that was the case he would have saw Buu's trap coming from a mile away (unless Buu can defend himself against mind reading, which is possible). Other than that nothing hints at Gast being able to do that remotely. I think Bra is jumping to too many conclusions as to what Gast is capable of so she is majorly overestimating Gast (which is actually bad).

Bra has much fewer options at her disposal than Gast for the fact that Gast can use magic abilities to fight as well as physical/ki abilities while Bra is limited to physical/ki abilities. It should stand to reason in terms of that and strategy that Bra is outclassed and only has the advantage in physical superiority (the fact she can crush Gast and outspeed him, which she should use to her fullest to be frank).

tabulldog was saying: At this point, I'd max-solar flare this guy and blitz him with energy blasts

Honestly the best strategy for Bra against Gast, I am surprised she didn't think this as it's better and simplier than her other strategies. Unless she doesn't know the Solar Flare (but I would think she does) or Gast can resist it (unlikely, even if he can sense ki and doesn't need eyesight he will still be disoriented long enough for Bra to land some major knockout blows.

AmbiguousMouse was saying:
I'm pretty sure he'd have to put his hand on your head to do that, Bra. If the guy could read minds, I doubt he'd spend so much time interrogating people's motivations.

That said... Bra's character flaws up to this point have included egocentrism and the fact that her underhandedness undercuts both her imposed identity as a hero and her desired identity as a great warrior who overcomes things by her own strength. Up until now, she's been assuming due to her egocentrism that Gast will definitely whip out his energy bind at the first opportunity and that that's the thing she has to outsmart, because while she pays attention to Gast as a threat, she hasn't been paying enough attention to his fights or him as a person to realize that he's played fair every time he's in the ring (even in situations of dire threat, like when he fought the ghost Vegeta and Broly who were able to cut him up and explode the pieces) and only used those powers to intervene when somebody was violating the peace and threatening the tournament's procession. Gast may have an important wish, but he is also a deeply honorable and sportsmanlike combatant who desires challenge and fair play. Not only is Bra not smart enough to trick him, she doesn't have to. I think that might be her main lesson here - that to be the person she wants to be, she needs to both pay attention to others and treat them as individuals (including her opponents) and stop using underhanded tactics like picketing or stealing Senzus or teleporting her opponents away. I'm not sure who will win, but if we're expecting this to play into Bra's character arc, that's how I anticipate it will.

If Zen Buu can read minds, I'm sure Gast can too. Guru is part of him and he definitely could read minds. Also Gast is a lot stronger. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2105
ZenBuu 13 تشرين الثاني
Kantax was saying:
Gedanken lesen? Hab ich was verpasst oder fängt sie an ihn zu überschätzen?

Das ist ja nun nichts besonderes. Viele in DB können Gedanken lesen. Muten Roshi hatte Nam's Gedanken während des Turniers gelesen, oder (Zen)Buu zb, die Kaioshins oder auch der Oberälteste, der Krillin's Gedanken gelesen hat und der ist ja wohl auch ein Teil von Gast. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2105
ZenBuu 9 تشرين الثاني
Als ob das was ändern wird, Bra. XD

Ich finde es übrigens bemerkenswert, wie viele stille Leser wir hier haben. Durch die letzte Umfrage wurde klar, dass hier im deutschen Bereich tatsächlich die meisten Leser sind, sogar mehr als im englischen/französischen Bereich. Früher konnte man hier mal äußerst anregende Gespräche führen, obwohl hier viele Leute waren, die nur Stress gesucht haben. Die sind mittlerweile weg und daher finde ich das persönlich schon sehr bedauerlich. 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2102
ZenBuu 6 تشرين الثاني
Vault756 was saying:
The only fighter remaining, with no obviously exploitable weaknesses is Goku. He's just a simple, pure fighter. There is no trick that just beats him. The trick used on Vegito wont work again since it's a known quantity. The only way to beat Goku is to just beat up Goku. A task that Gast, Bra, or several other fighters could accomplish, but XII can't.

Are you sure about that? When he completely vaporized the mini head of ZenBuu that went into his apartment, he made it very clear that he is also capable of fighting physically. And you can't deny that it's quite a feat to destroy parts of ZenBuu.

Also imo Goku's weakness could be either limiting himself to have a good fight, because that's definitely a habit from him or maybe that he can't fight when he is hungry...
But still, why wouldn't the same trick with Vegetto work on Goku? How would he prevent that? The only way I say this will not happen, is because Salagir doesn't want to repeat fights. I don't see a way for Goku to win against XXI honestly. XXI wins the tournament and the real chaos starts. 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2101
ZenBuu 2 تشرين الثاني
cptKamina was saying:
Puh, wieder ein mal ein "dass" falsch gesetzt. Ich frage mich wer für die Übersetzung zuständig ist.
Kann da denn keiner mit mittelmäßigen Deutschkenntnissen vor Veröffentlichung mal drüberschauen?
Würd mich sogar anbieten, denn es ist schon ein wenig peinlich...

Ich bin dafür verantwortlich. Du brauchst dich nicht anbieten...denn Leute, die sich über die Übersetzung beschweren und selber nicht fehlerfrei schreiben können, nehme ich überhaupt nicht ernst. Das ist nämlich peinlich. ;-P 1 Replie(s)
321Y page 34
ZenBuu 30 تشرين الأول
A quick reminder in general to everyone here...since I noticed this a lot again lately.

Do not double post! You can edit your comments and don't tell me you can't, when you comment 2 times in just 2 minutes. We will delete the second post, no matter what. This also includes comments that answered to said double post. Rule #9!

Also, go easy on the caps, guys. You can highlight certain words or sentences with using ** or //. Sentences or even whole comments written in caps will also be deleted.

Tamemister was saying:
Don't you have to have a target with ki to instant transmission? Or is it more advanced now, I don't remember if they said anything about it before.

This is the "Kai Kai" teleportation from the Kaioshins and it's superior to IT. It doesn't need a target to lock on like instant transmission. You just have to know roughly the direction your going to.
DB Multiverse page 2098
ZenBuu 30 تشرين الأول
It's actually kinda sad how quick people jump on the "tHiS iS pOoR wRiTiNg" train these days. Just because they can't think ahead for a second apparently...

Just wait and let the story unfold. This is only chapter 1. 1 Replie(s)
321Y page 33
ZenBuu 30 تشرين الأول
Kakata was saying:
Evil characters that are "evil" just for the sake of being evil are boring as hell but I guess that green turd gets a pass on this one since he's 100% evil in the first place so yeah, evil things is what he will do obviously, lol.

But no worries, the humans will come anytime soon now to stop the havoc, that was the plan of the cat dude and the gods aren't doing anything about it so yeah, humans.

Cat dude? XD
This "cat dude" is called Korin.
Namekseijin Densetsu page 237
ZenBuu 30 تشرين الأول
Selbst Buu hat angemerkt, dass Gast ein äußerst mächtiges Namekianer Gehirn besitzt. Ich finde es daher absolut gar nicht verwunderlich, dass er das so schnell lernen konnte, nur durchs beobachten.
DB Multiverse page 2098
ZenBuu 29 تشرين الأول
p4ran0id was saying:
Ryuzaki_Doragon sagte: XD ich Feier Gokus Reaktion. Gerade der, der alles auf Anhieb normalerweise hinbekommt. xD

Goku bekommt alles auf Anhieb hin?! Er gewinnt zwar immer, aber sein Lernprozess war immer weitaus langsamer als bei anderen

Du hast wohl eine andere Version von DB gelesen. Goku ist ein Genie im Kampf, auch wenn er sonst ein Idiot ist.

Ich finde nur seltsam das dies gerade in Gast's Gedanken geschieht. Wäre Vegetto's Reaktion nicht interessanter?
DB Multiverse page 2098
ZenBuu 26 تشرين الأول
Stevethebarbarian was saying:
I’m pretty sure that XXI has “Dragon Balls Lite” of some kind. Their cooldown is extremely brief (he’s used them three times in three days, and at one point he’s simply sitting there waiting for them to turn back from being stone. However, he really wants the wish he’ll get from winning this tournament, so it seems that his Dragon Balls have some sort of major limitation. I suspect they can only answer wishes for knowledge. “How can I easily defeat Vegetto?” “How can I easily beat Android 18?” “How can I easily beat Majin Buu?”

That said, from what we’ve seen, there’s three beings associated with XXI. There’s the little wrinkly magician dude who is just an avatar or a puppet controlled by the real XXI. It’s a probably a disguise meant to hide him from the Kais, since we know that Elder Kai knows about the evil of the real XXI. Next, there’s the real XXI, who is a weird demon thing made of smoke. This being has at least enough raw Ki to destroy a floating head Buu, who was surprised by its power. Obviously the tiny head Buu was weak compared to the real deal, but still, making Buu say “such power?!” is no easy feat. The third is XXI’s Eternal Dragon, who was talking with him in his room. It has a scaly hand with claws and is roughly human-sized, that’s all we really know.

(I’m too lazy to edit now, but I remember now that I think it’s that Dragon that destroyed Tiny Buu, not XXI.)

To add some small details, it's said in the novel that XXI's universe is completely empty and he's a huge coward...that would also explain why he didn't do something during the Majin rebellion or when Buu fought everyone. Yes, he was apparently sitting in his apartment waiting for his DB set to reactivate. He also did something to the apartment, even Buu was surprised. Since everything seemed to be white there with only the door and the rest smoke of XXI, I have the feeling he altered the room into a HTC like dimension. So he can use his DBs more often. That's why he also said "another 2 hours".

And it's debatable that this dragon from him only grants knowledge. Because I doubt that he gave him the knowledge how to build the remote to deactivate #18 and then XXI just sat there and built it himself. For me, he is even some sort of evil Polunga, whose powers are definitely limited and he wants to get his full strength back. The way his smoke form emerged after Buu destroyed the puppet, was very much similar to when Polunga gets summoned. It also seemed that both of the beings have merged there (we can see 2 pairs of eyes).

But he has to have some bad intentions, otherwise it makes no sense to build him up as the big main villain. Maybe XXI wants to spread across every universe, explaining the vision of Piccolo, where he says the whole multiverse is in danger.

But I guess the key to learn more about him, is actually Old Kai. He definitely knows the real XXI and he was also sealed by him into the Z-sword. So it was pretty convenient that he is not present at the moment, doing the mystic ritual for Raditz. Wherever they are where Vegeta didn't found them... 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2096
ZenBuu 25 تشرين الأول
Vault756 was saying:
To be honest I'm expecting Gast to beat Bra, Goku to beat Vegeta, XXI to beat Gast, and then Goku to beat XXI. Goku being the main character of Dragon Ball and all that and him having no obviously exploitable weaknesses for XXI to take advantage of.

I agree with you, except for the last sentence. Remember Goku who was unable to fight as a kid when he was hungry...? I don't remember if that was also ever the case when he was an adult, but this could be exploited. Otherwise, this fight has the same problem like a potential Son Bra vs XXI. He could just do the same like with Vegetto, teleporting him into a reversed HTC dimension. What the heck would they do against that? Even when they know what's going to happen, I don't see Bra or Goku escape that. But that would also be a repeat and Salagir wants to avoid that.

Honestly I don't see a way for Goku or even Gast to win against XXI at this point. We still know nearly nothing about him, except that he seems to be 2 entities constisting out of smoke and can somehow "wish" to exploit his enemies biggest weakness, since he also held a Namekian Dragonball that turned to stone during the Majin rebellion. We don't know if this has limitations. What if he fails to beat his opponent with the first weakness, can he immediately wish to know about another weakness or does this have a cool down? Gast has technically two weaknesses, a high frequency whistle and defusing him. Maybe we see XXI fail with the whistle and then he needs to defuse him.
Which would first, fullfil Gast's wish and second, take Gast out of the picture for Vegetto's rampage. Either way, I hope Gast will lure out XXI a little bit.

Yet, I'm certain at this point that XXI actually wins the tournament and then the real chaos begins. 3 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2096
ZenBuu 21 تشرين الأول
Infernape2244 was saying:
Ok allein das ist schon für mich ein starker Start der vieles verspricht.

Beide denken schon extrem strategisch nach wobei Gast hier bis jetzt überlegen wirkt da er sich mal wieder für eine Herausforderung bewusst zurück hält.

Es ist zwar durchaus in character für Gast nach einer Herausforderung zu suchen, jedoch wirkt es auch ein wenig so, als wäre ihm die Herausforderung wichtiger, als sein Wunsch. Das finde ich persönlich auch ein wenig seltsam. Bei Cell Jr. und Piccolo konnte man es ja noch nachvollziehen, bei Raichi musste er schon Gas geben, jetzt bei Bra, sollte er schon mal etwas mehr zeigen. Er denkt vermutlich auch noch an XXI und will noch immer nicht alles zeigen. Das könnte aber auch ein Fehler sein. Bra und Gast sind beide intelligente und strategische Kämpfer. Und Gast gibt selber zu, Bra hat mehr rohe Power als er. Sie wird wohl auch schneller sein als er (sollte man nicht vergessen).

Also sehe ich Gast nicht ohne Magie gewinnen. Er wird sie aber so spät wie möglich einsetzen. Und das wird Vegetto noch wütender machen.
DB Multiverse page 2095
ZenBuu 21 تشرين الأول
progidy was saying:
ZenBuu was saying: These are Ki constructs. It has nothing to do with magic.
So turning into a giant monkey, collecting chi from the world and the sun, beans that instantly restore health and regrow limbs, teleportation, saying some special words to get x2 or x10 power boost, getting so angry your hair turns pink and you get a x1000 power boost, dancing with a partner then merging into them to multiply your strength, getting beat up then becoming stronger than your opponent because you healed...

None of that is magic?

As Zefarg said, no it's not. Except for maybe senzus and the mystic ritual. But that was not the topic I responsed to.
ShadowMokujin was saying:
So one cheats with items and the other is an entity of magical cheats

Damn cheaters lol

Tell that to XXI, the biggest cheater xD
Castiel was saying:
Why would Gast call his magic strange? It's his so it wouldn't be strange

I assume he just thought what Bra would think about his magic. It would be indeed weird, if he calls his own magic "strange".

Also, quick reminder to everyone. No double posting. Edit your posts...
DB Multiverse page 2095
ZenBuu 21 تشرين الأول
ShadyDoorags was saying:
"Who doesn't have strange magic."
I always thought Bra's secret techniques were magic based, which was why Vegeto didn't use them against Broly. Was I wrong, or do they just not count as STRANGE magic?

These are Ki constructs. It has nothing to do with magic. Vegetto even says, they used Gotenks' Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack as an example and they just improved on it. (Page 1246)

Vegetto didn't used it against Broly, because he wanted to beat Broly "the oldschool way", and also because he wanted to power himself out a bit. (Page 1247) 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2095
ZenBuu 21 تشرين الأول
So this whole conversation about Bra seems to circle at this point. I've seen the same arguments over and over again now. From both sides. I want to remind everyone about rule #2 again:

Also, if it's related with the current page but the two sides just stand firm, then it's useless to let it go on further."

I see this happening here already. So I suggest everyone calms down now, before this whole discussion ends again in someone insulting others, or someone who comments with nonsense one-liners, which only has the aim to provoke other people. It's crazy indeed that this always happens, even if Bra only briefly appears on the screen. Sometimes even when she isn't even present... Smh

We will be way more strict about this in the rest of the chapter!
DB Multiverse page 2094
ZenBuu 20 تشرين الأول
Irgendwie fällt mir hierbei die Szene aus DBZ ein, wo Nappa die Pflanzenmänner gesät hat.

Happa, Happa, von Papa Nappa xD

Warum steht Chibi Bra auf seinem Kopf? ^^
Chibi Son Bra did her best! page 70
ZenBuu 20 تشرين الأول
Leute, der Comic heißt nicht umsonst "321y"

Das Y steht für years, also Jahre. Diese Geschichte findet also exakt 321 Jahre nach der Buu Saga statt.
Es ist übrigens auch nicht Canon zu DBM.

Die Story beginnt auf den nächsten Seiten dann richtig! Es ist wirklich sehr spannend soweit!

Meine Vermutung: Tambo ist ein Nachfahre von Tenshinhan.
Irgendwie sieht er fast aus wie Kid Goku bloß mit 3 Augen.. ^^
321Y page 28
ZenBuu 17 تشرين الأول
tgnp was saying:
also, i don't see the sweat on gast people are talking about, i just see the indentations of his chisel facial features. I know the art is a bit small there but that's how I see it.

I can confirm that Gast is not sweating, I got access to the HD pages. ;-P
DB Multiverse page 2093
ZenBuu 17 تشرين الأول
MadameJadeK was saying:
ChrisOfChaos was saying: Jewbacca was saying:
Wouldn't bet on that. Gast has an important reason to win. He wants to restore his people by undoing his own fusion. So i doubt he is willing to give up for anything, or anyone. For now i wouldn't bet on either of them. Gast was able to disable Vegetto somehow so he certainly has a chance.

Yeah I think that's not gonna work out for him. Vegito tried to undo his fusion with the Dragon Balls and it didn't work, and I would imagine Buu would have unfused Gast if he could have, instead of setting up multiple spells to trap him. If it were me I would ask a few Nameks from the other universes to help him repopulate.

Gast has a few options to bring his race back available to him. A good chunk of Namekians were killed by Freeza and his men before they had a chance to fuse with him, and of course there's Kami on earth. He just needs one Namekian capable of creating Dragon Balls to exist in his world, then they can fine-tune it from there.

Kami/Piccolo is dead in U7. Only Gohan and Krillin could be alive, if Vegeta didn't visited earth again. Gast is the last of the Namekians in his universe.
newhinhin was saying:
It reminds me.... where the hell was Cell during the Buu incident???

He was dead, Vegeta killed him in their tournament fight...some pages ago they even mention he got revived... 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2093
ZenBuu 16 تشرين الأول
Okay...so since you guys didn't wanted to stop the discussion, I deleted everything related to DBS on this page now! And I will keep doing that, you should take warnings of the moderation team serious!

This is DBM NOT DBS!!!

And official warnings have been made too. Read the rules again and follow them, it's not that hard... 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2092
ZenBuu 15 تشرين الأول
We make a cut here, and stop discussing DBS vs DBM vs GT, right now!

If this continues, I will delete every DBS and GT related comment on this page, which is like 50% of the comments!

Also, we are not insulting each other here. Be respectful. Otherwise their will be some official warnings... 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2092
ZenBuu 11 تشرين الأول
BangBang was saying:
I thought U18 Bra was into Uub. But who am I to judge?

What? What made you think that? If anything, Uub may like Son Bra.

Congrats, you just posted the same link that is under this page! XD 2 Replie(s)
Chibi Son Bra did her best! page 69
ZenBuu 10 تشرين الأول
coolschweiz was saying:
ZenBuu sagte: Eguan sagte: Hahaha. Die beiden passen gut zusammen, und können sich gegenseitig bestimmt noch mal 'helfen' stärker zu werden.
Die können versuchen so stark zu werden wie sie wollen, gegen Raichi hat Bardock nicht den Hauch einer Chance...nicht mal als SSJ3.

coolschweiz sagte: So die Söhne so die Eltern
Goku & Piccolo JR
Bardock & Bösser Piccolo

Weil Oberteufel Piccolo und Kami weg der ersten Saiyan Welle wieder vereint haben

Darum Bösser Piccolo für mich

Das ist mir bewusst...aber es heißt "böser" nicht "bösser". Allgemein sind deine Kommentare etwas schwer zu lesen (nicht bösse gemeint ;-P).
uiui was saying:
Kann Raichi überhaupt zurückgeholt werden?
Der war doch auch schon ein Geist.

Nur weil Gast das vermutet, muss es ja nicht stimmen. Ich wäre aber auch froh, wenn der einfach tot bleibt...
DB Multiverse page 2090
ZenBuu 10 تشرين الأول
WillLuigi was saying:
This is really weird; going back and seeing the older pages did seem to hint at some sort of changing development with both Bardock and possibly King Piccolo, and while I can understand King Piccolo dropping the attempt of attuning to this new 'compassion' feeling, Bardock not only directly contradicts himself (going from 'I've learned from the barbaric Saiyan ways of old' sort of deal back to 'pick on the weak'), but them both leaving now seems kinda out of nowhere. I mean, I guess it could be a 'Oh, you're bringing Raichi back? My time's up then,' from Bardock and since King Piccolo is from the same universe, it's sort of like 'well, I'll hitch a ride back then finally as well,' sort of like, didn't want to make the decision to go/initiate leaving but will tag along since there's nothing left here.

I mean, with everything of them being forced to join under Babadi's spell and all being killed for it (King Piccolo giving in to the power probably mores o to get said compassion out of his head, only to be killed in retaliation/karmatic irony, it seemed like at least King Piccolo would have some sort of plausible redemption, even if it was just a small bud of a plant of development (a step in the right direction of possible correction?) Bardock, while expressing he's not barbaric like the Saiyans once were, I can chalk that up to ... a watered down description of his actual change and development. He won't go from planet to planet mercilessly killing to sell the planet for the highest price, but the old Saiyan in him would rather pick on the weak than seek out a good challenge.

Then again, maybe this could have been apart of a vision he saw; maybe he saw himself with King Piccolo and creates this dialog to follow that path because he saw something good out of it? Also, I do kinda like how 'the fathers of the 2/3 protags' are sticking together, kind of like an homage to the relationship between Goku and Piccolo at the start of Z. Perhaps Bardock sees a good sparing partner out of King Piccolo and his chance to get stronger in order to defeat Rachi lies with King Piccolo?

Again, this is all speculation and assumption that's not outlined all that much since there's been such a drastic change of character for the both; one fully changed, the other's assumed path was thwarted (which is more believable; not every villain take the path of redemption even after taking the first step. I do like the double-back of King Piccolo as villains getting their redemption happens all to often now and we don't see enough of the 'Oh, will this villain change? They're hinting at it a lot; ah, okay. They're going back to their evil ways.' At least a seed is planted though; it won't happen in a single tournament, but that experience is still with him (or them, rather [King Piccolo as a plural with both him and possibly Kami's faint influence having been snuffed out for so long being sparked only briefly back to life for but a budding moment, not including Bardock]).

But I get it; I totally get it. The story's spread through so many characters and narratives now, it'd be really hard to keep track of them all especially over the course of consistent story telling and character development for so many of them (consistent enough through the many years, and while some certainly regressed, it's understandable that comparing these versions to versions that were written under a different influential purpose or eventual goal [as plot goals can certainly change for a story throughout years of writing]). I can see a future special with this duo here, to close off their chapter in a sort of 'finale' way, having their own post-tournament arc and depending on what Raichi does/plans to do (obviously find and kill Bardock).

The thing is, Bardock could train as much as he wants, he will never be able to "kill" Raichi. Not even as SSJ3. And even if he somehow manages beat all his Ghosts (including Broly) and then manages to pierce through his shield and destroy his orb/machine...whatever...he is still absolutely screwed against Hatchiyack.

Imagine if his machine was still able to get on every ghost who died in the Majin rebellion too. I doubt that, since Raichi was also dead and his orb destroyed when they died...but damn, he would've been so OP then, with 2 Gohans, 2 Piccolo's, Cell and also even Gast!

Couldn't he even make his ghosts fuse with each other and thus creating his own Gast (way weaker of course)? Or since he saw the fusion dance, he could even make saiyans fuse... 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2090
ZenBuu 10 تشرين الأول
Eguan was saying:
Hahaha. Die beiden passen gut zusammen, und können sich gegenseitig bestimmt noch mal 'helfen' stärker zu werden.

Die können versuchen so stark zu werden wie sie wollen, gegen Raichi hat Bardock nicht den Hauch einer Chance...nicht mal als SSJ3.

coolschweiz was saying:
So die Söhne so die Eltern
Goku & Piccolo JR
Bardock & Bösser Piccolo

Bösser? 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2090
ZenBuu 10 تشرين الأول
Stevethebarbarian was saying:
[quote from="عمار" id=189997]

Bardock has changed from his previous ways. He cares more about his sons now, and can recognize the wide-ranging consequences of his actions. He also has a spark of compassion blooming inside him, which he doesn’t like. That doesn’t mean that he’s not a barbarian, he’s a Saiyan. The same goes for Piccolo. The spark of compassion inside him only limits the extent of his evil, but he’s still obviously evil, just less so than before.

The thing about that seed of compassion is that Bardock and Piccolo don’t like it. When Piccolo says “come over to my house, we’re gonna bully some civilians on my xbox,” and Bardock says “bet,” they’re not just doing that because they’re evil, but because they’re both trying to overcompensate for the goodness they feel blooming in them, goodness that makes them scared and uncomfortable because it threatens their freedom and worldviews.

As for why they didn’t leave before, idk, maybe they were having fun at the tournament? They decided to leave right before Raichi would be resurrected, which I think is a perfectly logical choice.

I agree with your comment, except for the second sentence. Bardock literally made it clear on the last page how he doesn't care for his sons, especially Raditz. He was like "yeah you killed my son, whatever, you only defended yourself"

A father who cares for his sons wouldn't say something like that.
DB Multiverse page 2090
ZenBuu 9 تشرين الأول
Glaubt ihr nicht, dass wenn er eigene DBs erschaffen könnte, dass er das schon längst getan hätte?

Ich glaube irgendwie nicht das er es kann. Einfach weil er ein Krieger Typ ist und Piccolo die dominante Persönlichkeit bei der Fusion war.
DB Multiverse page 2089
ZenBuu 6 تشرين الأول
Jewbacca was saying:
Vegetto thinks he saved everyone "again", but he never did so far. During Babidi's coup 18 Bra, and Zen Buu saved the day. During the current coup the Vargas saved the day. The only person he truly saved was Bra when Ginyu stole her body.

Pretty sure he talked about Broly there. Otherwise yeah, would be very delusional from him to think he saved everyone from Buu. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2088
ZenBuu 6 تشرين الأول
KaiserAcedia was saying:
Vegetto hat niemanden gerettet, weil er ebenfalls Chancenlos war. Die Varga Chefin Sei hat Sie gerettet.

Auch wenn ich nicht glaube, dass die in großer Gefahr waren. Nachdem Buu gewonnen hätte, dann hätte er sicherlich alle

Ich war zuerst auch ein wenig verwirrt über Vegetto's Aussage. Ich vermute aber mal, dass er Broly damit meinte. Ansonsten wäre das tatsächlich ziemlich realitätsverweigernd von Vegetto. Na gut, er will ja auch in einem zweitem Turnier kämpfen, obwohl der Typ richtig hart am schwitzen ist und eigentlich vollkommen fertig ist, wie er ja selber sagt.

Irgendwie muss er ja jetzt aber auch noch geheilt werden. Sonst macht es seinen Ausraster später für mich äußerst unglaubwürdig. Gerade da er ja jetzt selber sagt, das der Kampf gegen Buu, all seine Reserven gekostet hat. Wenn jetzt jeder mit nur einem hungrigen Vegetto zu struggeln hat, wäre das ziemlich langweilig mMn.

Übrigens bezweifel ich das Buu Gast wiederbelebt hätte xD dann hätte er ihn ja gar nicht erst töten brauchen. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2088
ZenBuu 2 تشرين الأول
Beni-Kujaku was saying:
Paladin was saying: Whos the blonde? Is that Phipsil?
No, she's 18 ^^
(Yes, the blonde Gast Buster is Phipsil)

I like Gast Buster ^^

In U20.
RockyJoe was saying:
I'm not even sure what this tournament bracket looks like anymore. Who's left?

Tournament help
DB Multiverse page 2087
ZenBuu 2 تشرين الأول
Hallo Leute!

Wir machen eine Umfrage zu diesem Kapitel, bitte gebt alle mal eure Meinung ab, würde uns sehr interessieren! Am Ende des Kapitels machen wir eine Auswertung. :)


Übrigens ist dieses Kapitel ab jetzt eins meiner absoluten Lieblingscover! ^^

Edit: mein Link funktioniert aus irgendeinem Grund nicht, bitte nehmt den von Néa!
DB Multiverse page 2087
ZenBuu 2 تشرين الأول
Another great cover from Asura and a great colo from Alo Im Jay!

Hi everyone, we are making a little poll about this new chapter, to see what you're expecting from it? :-)


Thx Néa ^^ 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2087
ZenBuu 24 أيلول
Ryu was saying:
Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher was in dieser Story Canon ist, aber könnte das eventuell Garlic sein? Piccolo erwarten wir ja sowieso, wäre ein nicer plottwist

Garlic wird hier nicht vorkommen (leider), da dieser Comic sich nur auf den Dragonball Manga bezieht. Ist übrigens auch nicht Canon für DBM.

Deshalb gab es auch keine Backstory zu Slug.
Namekseijin Densetsu page 221
ZenBuu 22 أيلول
DrewSaga was saying:
Aww, U3 is going home? I was hoping Bardock and King Piccolo would stay, and what about Tapion (you know, the guy Cell killed in the 3rd Round)?

I'm pretty sure they will revive him with Gast and Cell, maybe Raichi too, if that's still possible (I hope not xD)

After all Gast has to be revived so the tournament can continue. Also we can already see him in the news preview, so they definitely will use the DB again.

But if U3 actually goes home, will Bardock tell anyone about the visions he had with Vegetto, or does he simply not care? 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2083
ZenBuu 19 أيلول
p4ran0id was saying:
Deutsche Eiche sagte: Mittlerweile dürfte Uub Goku übertroffen haben. Was meint ihr?

Wir reden hier von dragon ball, niemand übertrifft ihn ;)

Das ist doch irgendwie der running gag und auch der Ursprung von One punch man als eine Art omage (satire wäre zu viel) an DB XD

Gibt ja nur mindestens 4 Personen in der Arena die weitaus mächtiger sind, als Goku und Vegeta....gut, seit Buu weg ist, nur noch 3. ;-)

Über Gast kann man vielleicht noch streiten, aber du glaubst doch nicht ernsthaft das Goku stärker als Vegetto oder Son Bra ist?

Selbst mit seinem Ass im Ärmel bezweifel ich das stark. Ich beziehe mich gerade auch nur auf die reine Power, Magie und Techniken lasse ich mal aussen vor.

Das ist doch auch gerade das schöne an DBM, dass der Fokus mal nicht so sehr nur auf Goku liegt und das andere Charaktere auch mal glänzen können...

Außerdem wurde er bereits öfters übertroffen, zB von Gohan zweimal. Das war übrigens auch Vegeta's Ziel/Bedingung bevor sie ein Rematch haben, nämlich auf Gohan's Level zu kommen. (Was sie ja offensichtlich geschafft haben müssen).
DB Multiverse page 2082
ZenBuu 17 أيلول
FishNChips was saying:
Called it. Wonder how he'll get out of this one.
I wonder if the U18 crew will notice and to get Uub back they'd have to get ZenBuu back, and Vegito will go into a hissy fit over that.

What makes you think they need Zen Buu back to free Uub from the dimension he is in? How would they even know in the first place where Uub is and that they would need Zen Buu for this?

I'm very sure they will wonder where Uub is when time passes, but I'm also sure Uub will (have to) find his way back to the tournament alone, once he realizes that Buu won't come back.

For example he could scream his way out, like Gotenks and Piccolo did in the HTC. Or he just learns how to create these portals himself. After all this was the purpose of this chapter. Uub learning magic. The better question is when he will get back. My call, he gets back during or right before Vegetto snaps. It could even be connected to his rampage. Since he seems to despise magicians...

But first he has to beat this raging Anju... 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2081
ZenBuu 14 أيلول
Teleported_Bread was saying:
You know, I hate to say this but in hindsight, this feels very... dumb. Why would you split off this tiny bit of evil from your being to give it a form identical to you, then just walk out after abandoning them in the Room of Spirit and Time like a puppy. It feels out of character for Kami, who values life, to not feel a little ugly about this, inside. He doesn't feel a tiny bit bad, guilty? A part of him isn't wondering if maybe he can reason with his other half? It's not like there was much darkness to dispel anyway, apparently. He's only making this worse, and if evil is anything, its persistent. Piccolo will only grow stronger in an effort to break out and get revenge, but most definitely a terrible revenge worse than death as one life has become two intertwined lives, if one dies then so does the other. The tiny amount of vice was practically nothing at the time, but now by incarnating it into a physical body, that same vice has the means to become worse in the worst way possible. It's not even like the old man Kami is giving off any sort of vibes, like ones indicating he's a bit close-minded, or arrogant, or a perfectionist or something. He literally just straight-up said something to his successor on dealing with the vice inside him. But why? I can understand if something was festering within but there's gotta be other means to dealing with so little. It's even odd for Mr. Popo - who isn't actually evil like his Abridged counterpart - to suggest such a sensitive technique. In fact it feels like Mr. Popo is stepping out of line not consulting his master with the use of that specific sort of technique. It also basically feels overall unwise. I'm gonna keep reading the story but I just felt like I had to express myself, the story feels like it's being told so... weird, I guess.

Kami literally says on this page that he feels sorry that he has to leave Piccolo there. What else do you want? Should he throw himself on the floor and break out in tears? XD

Also, the old Kami said he can't let him take over the position of Kami, because he could make a wrong/bad decision with this vice/evil in his heart. 2 Replie(s)
Namekseijin Densetsu page 217
ZenBuu 27 آب
Stevethebarbarian was saying:
I know the mods don’t like DBS discussion


So this discussion ends now... 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2072
ZenBuu 21 آب
p4ran0id was saying:
Oh OK, hab ihn jünger geschätzt. Dann halt mit 21

Das Turnier findet 20 Jahre nach der Buu Saga statt, dementsprechend ist Uub logischerweise auch 20 Jahre alt. ^^ 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2069
ZenBuu 21 آب
p4ran0id was saying:
Tja, jetzt wissen wir auch wie Uub stirbt. Mit 17 an Diabetes wegen zu viel Zucker

Uub ist aber 20. Wie kommst du auf 17?
DB Multiverse page 2069
ZenBuu 19 آب
Agony was saying:
Ist dieser Boo nicht auch mehr oder weniger vollständig und könnte daher das Tor aus diesem Raum-von-Geist-und-Zeit-artigen-Ort öffnen und somit wieder mit von der Partie sein?

So funktioniert das nicht. Diese Dimension ist an Universum 0 gebunden.

Buu kann nicht selbstständig zwischen den Universen reisen (zumindest vorerst, es schien unklar ob er einen Weg findet). Das sollte mittlerweile eigentlich klar gemacht worden sein.

Vielleicht kommt er am Ende nochmal vor. Aber erstmal ist er weg und das war auch wichtig für die Story. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2068
ZenBuu 19 آب
Before more people scream "what a bad idea"...

I'd say wait for the next page. ;-D
Namekseijin Densetsu page 206
ZenBuu 19 آب
Permeabel was saying:
Aber wenn für den Bösen Piccolo die Zeit quasi schneller verfläuft als für den guten, dann ist die Lebenserwartung der beiden völlig unterschiedlich.

Das wäre natürlich Unsinn. Auf der nächsten Seite wird das ganze nochmal ein wenig ausführlicher erklärt.
Namekseijin Densetsu page 206
ZenBuu 19 آب
Kantax was saying:
uiui sagte: Okay, das dürfte der Punkt sein wo XXI den Bannspruch aufsagt.
wenn das der Punkt ist dann dürfte Oob einige Jährchen älter sein an dem Punkt wo Buu in sein Uni zurückgeschickt wird

Dann müsste Buu VS das Multiverse aber auch ein paar Tage gedauert haben.... ;-P

Übrigens ja, dass ist exakt der Punkt. Vergleicht mal seinen Gesichtsausdruck mit dem von der Seite wo XXI ihn versiegelt. Exakt derselbe. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2068
ZenBuu 13 آب
p4ran0id was saying:
ZenBuu sagte: Also erstmal scheint bei dem Export was schiefgelaufen zu sein. Keine Ahnung warum da "unserem" steht, da sollte natürlich "deinem" stehen.

Und nein, dass andere ist kein Übersetzungsfehler. Buu sagt auch im französischen das die Dimension verlangsamt ist, also exakt das Gegenteil zum RvGuZ.

Obwohl das tatsächlich kontraproduktiv ist.

Vll Denkfehler vom salagir oder Autor. Denke schon dass hier ein RvGuZ ist, lediglich falsch herum erklärt. Macht ja kein Sinn im langsameren Universum zu trainieren, bevor er etwas erreicht ist turnier vorbei. Außer er lernt eine Zeitreisetechnik

Lol, Salagir ist der Autor...
DB Multiverse page 2066
ZenBuu 12 آب
Deutsche Eiche was saying:
Welcher Namikaner war den schon wirklich nackt. Man hat in einer Szene mal Piccolo Gesäß gesehen, aber sonst?

Naja, in DBM Gast während seinem Kampf mit Raichi und beide Piccolos während der Majin Rebellion.
Chibi Son Bra did her best! page 56
ZenBuu 12 آب
Also erstmal scheint bei dem Export was schiefgelaufen zu sein. Keine Ahnung warum da "unserem" steht, da sollte natürlich "deinem" stehen.

Und nein, dass andere ist kein Übersetzungsfehler. Buu sagt auch im französischen das die Dimension verlangsamt ist, also exakt das Gegenteil zum RvGuZ.

Obwohl das tatsächlich kontraproduktiv ist. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2066
ZenBuu 27 تموز
Silvan was saying:
Schwachsinn. Die Kaioshin sind keine Killer die alles abschlachten. Vielleicht hätten sie diese Erfindungen der Vargas verboten , aber keine Spezies ausgelöscht.

Naja, die Kaioshins aus U1 waren definitiv radikaler als die aus anderen Universen. Sie haben ja zB. auch die Frosties sofort getötet oder Broly, als er noch ein Baby war.

Aber ja, dass die Kaioshins direkt die ganze Varga Spezies auslöschen, ist natürlich Quatsch.

coolschweiz was saying:

Weil ganze Tunier von anfang an eine grosse Ausnahme war

In einem anderem Universum hätte Kaioshin Vargas direkt Ausgelöscht mit dem Grund Universum zuschützen

Ist nicht böse gemeint, aber dein Kommentar ist echt schwer zu lesen. (Regel #4)
DB Multiverse page 2062
ZenBuu 19 تموز
EVA-03 was saying:
Und schon wieder das Varga-Mädchen xD. Die ist unglaublich!

Stimme zu! ^^
Man munkelt, sie könnte bald einen offiziellen Namen bekommen....
KaiserAcedia was saying:
Das könnte Vegetto zum Ausrasten bringen. Gegen Zenbuu hat ohnehin keiner eine Chance.

Weil Vegetto ja auch soviele Chancen hat, wie man sehen konnte...

Buu ist an diesem Punkt einfach nur noch broken. Mit reiner Power wird ihn keiner der Anwesenden in die Knie zwingen. Auch wenn Vegetto im SSJ3 stärker ist als Buu, reicht das aber noch lange nicht aus um ihn komplett fertig zu machen.

Und Buu nutzt nichtmal Magie (außer bei Gast natürlich).
DB Multiverse page 2059
ZenBuu 19 تموز
BangBang was saying:
Satan is the best, no chance for the rest.


I don't see any need to seriously discuss this matchup here. xD
Chibi Son Bra did her best! page 49
ZenBuu 12 تموز
Füchsin was saying:
Garou was saying: Icarus was saying: Mr Quill was saying:
Droutt was saying: Can I kiss Bra ?

Dude. Shes 16. What is wrong with you people. Still a kid.

No one implied a romantic kiss, as far as I can see.

What a weird excuse. No there is no such thing as a non romantic kiss between you and a child, to imply otherwise is at best creepy as hell. At worse a prison sentence in your near future

You have no idea how old he is himself. Could be close in age to 16 and the creepiness is all in your head

Please do not continue this topic...
DB Multiverse page 2056
ZenBuu 10 تموز
ZidaneTribal was saying:
Finde den Pace des Comics sehr langsam. Es werden nur wenige Panels pro Seite gezeigt.

Das kann ich verstehen, liegt aber einfach nur am Veröffentlichungsrhythmus. Wenn man alles am Stück liest, ist die Story echt gut.

Übrigens, auf allen alten Seiten wurde der Text endlich komplett in den Sprechblasen exportiert, für alle die nochmal nachlesen wollen. :-)
Namekseijin Densetsu page 189
ZenBuu 27 حزيران
WukongTheMighty was saying:
ZenBuu was saying: WukongTheMighty was saying: Something to remember that in DBM, super saiyan 2 and 3 are 10x multipliers each.
Weird...some pages ago you said something totally different:

I would like you to show me where and when exactly Salagir said, that these multipliers are canon to DBM? Or did you just made them up?

"Vegetto SSJ2 is worth 500 mystic Gohans"...suuuure. "please try to be logical here" xD

OK, I'm not sure why you want this to happen, but if you like being wrong so much, I'll oblige you.
SSJ is 50x Base SSJ2 is 10x SSJ, SSJ3 is 10x SSJ2
Hence 50x, 500x and 5000x, basic multiplication my dude.

Salagir first mentions SSJ2 being a 10x boost over Super Saiyan 1 all the way back on Page 87.
He mentions SSJ3 being 10x that on page 1091
And he mentions Base Vegito being Mystic Gohan tier on Page 278
Thanks for playing!

Lmao xd bro

Alright, I admit he actually said that (even though I think these numbers are absolutely ridiculous).


[img] 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2050
ZenBuu 27 حزيران
WukongTheMighty was saying:
Something to remember that in DBM, super saiyan 2 and 3 are 10x multipliers each.

Weird...some pages ago you said:


I would like you to show me where and when exactly Salagir said, that these multipliers are canon to DBM? Or did you just made them up?

"Vegetto SSJ2 is worth 500 mystic Gohans"...suuuure. "please try to be logical here" xD 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2050
ZenBuu 26 حزيران
Broly was saying:
Kann Gotenks diese Technik jetzt auch?

Vergleich mal das Panel mit Gotenks, mit den Panels von Goku und Vegeta... 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2050
ZenBuu 26 حزيران
Friendly reminder:

This is DBM not DBS. You can discuss about DBS somewhere else.

Thank you.
DB Multiverse page 2049
ZenBuu 25 حزيران
p4ran0id was saying:
Es gibt eine Attacke die Boo töten kann?!? OK now I'm hyped

Ja klar? Haben Vegetto und Bra erst vor ein paar Seiten angewendet?? Vegetto sagt das sogar wortwörtlich auf Seite 2040 als er SSJ2 geht.

Hat Son Bra auch schon gegen Fat Buu während der Majin Rebellion angewendet. (Seite 1733)

Ebenso hat Bra dieselbe Technik im All angewendet, als sie Buu davon abgehalten haben, Broly zu absorbieren. (Seite 275)

Do you even DBM bro? XD 4 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2049
ZenBuu 22 حزيران
WukongTheMighty was saying:
kiobruh was saying: Dante was saying: I think I see where the flashback (if they still occur) comes into play.

So Buu splits his power and makes each clone about the same strength as the opponent he is facing.

So Buu will tell Bejitto that even if he wanted to give Bejitto a fair, full-powered fight he can't because his power is split. Bejitto asks him if what he said is true (about Gast and being able to resuscitate him), and Buu approves. Bejitto then fights Gohan to set an example, and tells them to stop fighting Buu so he can have a fair fight, and if they won't, he'll "murder everyone if he has to".

Then the most powerful fight commences.

This concept of splitting the character up and splitting the power up also just makes no sense at this point. It made sense talking about Tien because that's how the ability was explained and his clones are ki based. Cell doing the same thing is iffy, because the cell Jr.s don't reduce his power at all, but they aren't as strong as him so that's reasonable. Also he uses Tien's ability in series anyway, so that's self explained. Then Cell makes false cell Jr.s that are literally clones of himself and the only explanation as to why they're weaker is that "You can't have 4 full power cells running around, can you?" or that for some reason the original cell has to share his power between them because only one cell has the regen core. Even though that doesn't explain why the clones bodies can't use their own ki, because they were biologically made and not made through ki.

Then, there's buu. Who's literally never had this problem. The one time buu splitting made him weaker was when his internal buu parts were removed. Only when Buu magical building blocks were forced out of him was he ever weaker. Splitting off was as good as just making more buu's, but not any weaker. I mean he's magic. His body is magic. His consciousness is magic and super advanced(supposedly). Half of his power set is magic. Why would making a clone body ever make him any less of a threat or even physically weaker.

I do think the clones would cause this problem though, but more in a respect kind of way than actually making him less powerful. Think Hashirama sending a Wood clone to fight Madera and Madera getting mad about it.

Why can't you accept the obvious truth?
Buu splitting himself up obviously splits his power, we just saw that he made a SSJ2 level Buu and a SSJ3 level Buu.

Ahhh right, Buu isn't able to lower/suppress his power on purpose to have more fun...sounds legit. That's also the reason why "SSJ2/SSJ3 Buu's copy" is struggling so hard with Kakarotto and Vegeta...I see. *sarcasm intensifies*

No, but I seriously doubt that his power gets split when he makes a copy. If so, Buu would be even more OP, since he left at least one (safety) copy of him in his own universe. He already is crazy OP. That would mean he has even more power, since not all of his parts came to the tournament (said by Salagir).
There are like what, let's say 100 copies of him in the stadium right now? Do you seriously think that a copy of Buu can match SSJ2 Vegetto, while his power is split at least 100 times and play around with almost everyone else (remember there is also Son Bra, both Gohan's, Goku and Vegeta are also very powerful) present in the arena? That doesn't make sense to me, unless he is waaaay stronger than SSJ3 Vegetto. Which he isn't. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2047
ZenBuu 19 حزيران
Eguan was saying:
Kantax sagte: p4ran0id sagte: Naja so langsam wird das Kapitel zu satire. Die einzige Person, die Zen boo momentan erledigen könnte ist marry Sue...
naja theoretisch jeder Magier der sich den Spruch gemerkt hat, wenn er im Ei ist, selbst nur für ein paar Sekunden sollte es möglich sein mit nem kombinierten großen Angriff, unter anderem da Vegetto und Bra ja die Technik kennen um ihn zu vernichten

Wird nicht mehr funktionieren. Er ist ja schon immun.

Ach echt? Zeig uns doch mal bitte die Seite wo der Spruch bei ihm verwendet wird und absolut keine Wirkung zeigt. Und jetzt komm mir nicht mit Seite 2042. Ist mir nämlich neu das er komplett immun gegen den Spruch ist.
p4ran0id was saying:
Naja so langsam wird das Kapitel zu satire. Die einzige Person, die Zen boo momentan erledigen könnte ist marry Sue...

Ist das dein Ernst? Mary Sue...die wird's sicher reißen. XD
Dachtest du wirklich, dass zB ein U13 Kakarotto oder Vegeta irgendwas gegen Buu ausrichten könnte? War es nicht von vornherein klar, dass ihm nur eine Hand voll Leuten (wenn überhaupt) was entgegensetzen können?
Ist doch klar das er da mal ein wenig Spaß hat. Weiss ernsthaft nicht wie du dir ein Kapitel wo Zen Buu! gegen alle kämpft, vorgestellt hast? Das Buu Probleme hat mit Coola zum Beispiel? Ich bitte dich.
DB Multiverse page 2046
ZenBuu 14 حزيران
Guys, please no DBS here and especially no spoilers!
Namekseijin Densetsu page 177
ZenBuu 12 حزيران
"Treason! Gotenks is attacking us, my friends!!"

Damn, now that's some high level trolling from Buu at this point! xD 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2043
ZenBuu 7 حزيران
Ich persönlich denke; Buu war schon scharf auf Broly. Sonst wäre er ihm nicht gefolgt. Er hat ja sogar probiert ihn zu absorbieren. Vegetto/Gohan und Bra haben es aber noch rechtzeitig verhindert. Und er schien im ersten Moment auch etwas sauer zu sein, nachdem sie zurück bei der Arena waren.

Allerdings wäre Buu dann auch absolut unbesiegbar gewesen mMn. Stetig weiter steigende Kraft, mit Buu's körperlichen Eigenschaften? Das ist eine sehr gefährliche Kombination.
DB Multiverse page 2041
ZenBuu 5 حزيران
p4ran0id was saying:

Wer sagt das DBM bald endet?? ????

Hab ich nie behauptet.

p4ran0id was saying:
naja, disagree! Wenn DBM so endet dann war es nicht wert es zu lesen.

Kaiser Acedia hat nirgendwo erwähnt, wie DBM enden wird, dennoch sagst du: "Naja, disagree! Wenn DBM so endet...." Vor allem "so"? Wie denn?? Die ganze Aussage ist mir schleierhaft. Ich finde das Kapitel ist eins der besten und witzigsten Kapitel überhaupt.

Das klingt halt so, als glaubst du es wäre schon bald ein Ende in Sicht.

Mugetsu was saying:
Aber was ist eigentlich Zen Buu‘s Ziel ? Nur Chaos Stiften?? Kann mich irgendwie nicht mehr so dran erinnern dass er mal gesagt hat was er eigentlich vor hat.

Einfach Spaß haben. ;-P
DB Multiverse page 2040
ZenBuu 4 حزيران
Asahi was saying:
Zen buu will try to play with Vegetto. it be funny if buu broke the promise and use magic just to defuse Vegetto

You actually think this would be funny? O.o
Seems like a pretty funny thing Buu would absolutely do......
DB Multiverse page 2040
ZenBuu 4 حزيران
p4ran0id was saying:
KaiserAcedia sagte: p4ran0id sagte: What? Gast ist der einzige der ihm gefährlich werden kann?!? Ist XII nicht ein Größerer Magier?

Naja, XXI wird sich ohnehin nicht am Kampf beteiligen. Deshalb wird es Zenbuu nicht interessieren. Gibt ja nur 2 starke Charaktere noch. Nämlich Vegetto und Bra, dann mit größerem Abstand Cell, Gohan, Goku, Vegeta und Uub.

Naja, disagree! Wenn DBM so endet dann war es nicht wert es zu lesen. Ich glaube schon, dass da mehr Tiefe dahinter steckt.

Wer sagt das DBM bald endet?? ???? 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2040
ZenBuu 3 حزيران
Ashrak was saying:
Dass Strategie bei Saiyajins unbeliebt ist, ist jetzt nicht überraschend.

Jedoch hätte ich solch einen Spruch eher von Goten erwartet, aber nicht von Mirai Trunks. Der war doch sonst auch immer eher pragmatisch.
DB Multiverse page 2039
ZenBuu 1 حزيران
It's called strategy, Trunks. 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2039
ZenBuu 1 حزيران
Michelrpg was saying:
ZenBuu was saying: PixxyStixx was saying: I don't think Buu can take everyone at once, but since some fighters are gonna agree with him (especially Vegito) I think this is going to be very interesting.

If they agree, why is Vegetto fighting Buu then with a serious face? (That's from the news...)

Find out next time, on Dragonball Multiverse! ;-P

We all know Vegito would love to fight Buu. Its established in both novel and the comic. But this is a hostage situation, not a 1 on 1 combat scenario.

On top of this, we know Buu is just humoring Vegito. He can teleport people far away anyway. Hell, for all we know he can undo the Potara fusion as well. The fact that he's fighting Vegito indicates he's either just playing around again or he has some scheme planned again.

I doubt he can undo the potara fusion. And if he could, he would never do that. It would be totally out of character for him.
MUI was saying:
Michelrpg was saying: ZenBuu was saying: PixxyStixx was saying: I don't think Buu can take everyone at once, but since some fighters are gonna agree with him (especially Vegito) I think this is going to be very interesting.

If they agree, why is Vegetto fighting Buu then with a serious face? (That's from the news...)

Find out next time, on Dragonball Multiverse! ;-P

We all know Vegito would love to fight Buu. Its established in both novel and the comic. But this is a hostage situation, not a 1 on 1 combat scenario.

On top of this, we know Buu is just humoring Vegito. He can teleport people far away anyway. Hell, for all we know he can undo the Potara fusion as well. The fact that he's fighting Vegito indicates he's either just playing around again or he has some scheme planned again.

I think you underestimate Vegito here and overestimate Buu. If Buu gets overpowered with either magic or raw power he CAN be defeated. We saw that against Gast, and we saw it again against XXI with magic. I am very sure that if Vegito turns SSJ3 and put all his powers on that majin punisher technique of his, that there will be no trace of Buu left since buu is confirmed on raw power to be SSJ2 Vegito tier. In DBM a SSJ3 is 10x SSJ2, that gape is HUGE. Combine that with a technique special made to annihilate Buu there is no way Buu can survive that.

Everyone can be defeated in DBZ. There is no such a thing as 'unbeatable'. You just need to be strong enough. Even the Grand Priest and the Omni-king, characters that dwarf Buu in everything can be killed. Not by the DBZ universe, but put them against the Beyonder or the Living Tribunal and they are history.

The problem with that would be Buu's many parts he hides everywhere. Vegetto's SSJ3 is ultimately strong of course, but it also lasts like how long? A minute? Do you actually think he would be able to destroy all of Buu's parts in this short period? If he even has some safety parts hidden in space? Unless he can't gather all parts like Gast to one place, I don't see him win against Buu like that.

Bubbles was saying:
WizRad was saying: Osha was saying: supersaiyandevilgod was saying: I never really understood why one planets worth of fairly weak namekians would even be as powerful as they are definitely shouldn't be able to do up against zenbuu he's got countless planets worth of people in him
You gotta remember how ridiculous fusion powerups are. Piccolo went from, I would imagine at best, Ginyu levels to being able to curbstomp second form Freeza, and then when he fused with Kami, he went from below Super Saiyan to being able to go toe to toe with #17.
I think to some degree that has to do with compatibility. Piccolo and Nail were very similar in almost every way, one could argue they were like twins from different worlds or eras (yes, they're both Namekians, but not knowing how old Nail was, it would be hard to imagine that there was any actual relation between the two, especially since Piccolo is technically the offspring/clone of Demon King Piccolo, who was MUCH older than Nail). So the boost Piccolo got from absorbing Nail was significant, meanwhile Kami was literally his other half, so that absorption boost was far more substantial. DBS kind of shows us what happens when the Namekians put all of their eggs into the fusion basket with universe 6 boiling their race down to just 2 final Namekians. They were tough, but at best they were a match for Piccolo and Gohan, and ultimately they didn't even win that fight. If the absorptions/fusions are done at random without thought to how the individuals compare, the results are less substantial than what Piccolo experienced. And to a degree this is true of non-Namekian fusion as well. Beerus stated that the potara earrings are more effective when used by particularly similar individuals, most particularly twins like 17 & 18 or even himself and Champa. In theory, when you have multiverse shenanigans in the mix like this, a fusion of two Vegetas would be stronger than a fusion with one Vegeta and one Goku, even though Goku brings more power to the table, the compatibility between the two Vegetas would make for a more cohesive fusion, and thus the result would be that much stronger (albeit Goku + Goku would still beat both Vegeta + Vegeta or Goku + Vegeta).
If Namekseijin Densetsu is considered DBM-canon, then yes Piccolo and Nail are related. The Nameless Namekian is the son of Katats who's the son of Helix. His brother Arion (Guru) gave birth to Nail. So Nail is Piccolo's... great-grandcousin(?)

Anyway. About the chaos that's coming... Buu wants to put everyone back to their place, but I assume he also wants to have fun. Maybe he'll pressure Goku and Vegeta into fusing, or let Goku use the Genkidama, or something else crazy. I agree that they're basically all fodder except Vegetto, but we never know. I really hope they manage to defeat him with sweat and blood. Maybe Gast will break free. Maybe someone remembers the sealing spell, giving enough time to Vegetto to take care of him. Maybe XXI will stop him in exchange for the Tournament to continue. We'll see...

Namekseijin is not canon to DBM. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2038
ZenBuu 31 أيار
p4ran0id was saying:
Gogeta sagte: eine sache die ich komisch finde und zwar wieso will XXI ein wunsch von den Dragonball’s ich meine der typ ist mit seiner magie mächtiger als Buu also könnte er sich doch den wünsch den er will selber erfüllen oder liege ich falsch ?

Wieso sollte er einen Wunsch haben? Wie ist es mit u18, unser Universum ist auch nur aus Spaß dabei. Wer weiß, vielleicht hat XXI ganz andere Ziele als den Wunsh.

Und ZenBuu ist auch nicht wegen Wunsch dabei, nur so nebenbei

XXI ist nur wegen seinem Wunsch/Wünschen da

Meine Theorie: Ich schätze das der Drache den er hat und ihm Wünsche gewährt, stark limitiert ist. Bis jetzt hat er sich offenbar immer "gewünscht" den größten Schwachpunkt seines Gegners herauszufinden. Und er möchte wieder zu seiner vollen Stärke zurückkehren. Daher nimmt er am Turnier teil. Wie es aussieht hat er ja auch keinen wirklich festen Körper und damit meine ich nicht den Greis, dass ist vermutlich nur eine Marionette. Nach seinem Sieg über Buu (die Art wie er erschienen ist sah für mich stark danach aus wie wenn Shenlong/Polunga beschworen wird) schienen die beiden Wesen ja irgendwie miteinander fusioniert zu sein. Trotzdem sah es so aus, als würde sein Körper nur aus Rauch bestehen.

Während der Majin Rebellion hat er sich auch nicht eingemischt komischerweise, obwohl er physisch dazu in der Lage wäre. Hat man ja gesehen wie er den Mini Buu vernichtet hat, als er XXI nachts besucht hat.
DB Multiverse page 2038
ZenBuu 31 أيار
PixxyStixx was saying:
I don't think Buu can take everyone at once, but since some fighters are gonna agree with him (especially Vegito) I think this is going to be very interesting.


If they agree, why is Vegetto fighting Buu then with a serious face? (That's from the news...)

Find out next time, on Dragonball Multiverse! ;-P 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2038
ZenBuu 31 أيار
Josey was saying:
ZenBuu sagte: Sollte jemand ein wenig Zeit über haben und möchte beim Export (auch rückwirkend bei allen bisher releasten Seiten) helfen, kann er sich gern bei mir melden! Logischerweise würde derjenige dann auch ein paar Seiten vorraus sein...ist doch ein netter Anreiz, oder nicht? ;D

meld ...? Was müsste ich tun?

Ich schick dir eine E-Mail. :-) 1 Replie(s)
Namekseijin Densetsu page 171
ZenBuu 29 أيار
Ryu was saying:
War eine super Story, hat mir richtig gefallen, bin hyped auf Teil 2

Mir gefällt die Story auch sehr! Ich entschuldige mich nochmal dafür das der Text seit einer ganzen Weile nicht richtig exportiert ist...ich finde einfach nicht die Zeit dafür.

Sollte jemand ein wenig Zeit über haben und möchte beim Export (auch rückwirkend bei allen bisher releasten Seiten) helfen, kann er sich gern bei mir melden! Logischerweise würde derjenige dann auch ein paar Seiten vorraus sein...ist doch ein netter Anreiz, oder nicht? ;D 1 Replie(s)
Namekseijin Densetsu page 171
ZenBuu 29 أيار
Ashrak was saying:
ZenBuu sagte: Könnte ich mir sogar gut vorstellen bei Buu.
Er sagt dann einfach so, ihr seid mir zu langweilig und haut ab in sein eigenes Universum. XD

Ich gehe nach wie vor davon aus, dass er früher oder später versucht die Technologie der Vargas zu stehlen mit der man durch Universen reisen kann. Zum einen kann er damit noch unendlich viel mehr Leute absorbieren die ihm tatsächlich was bringen und zum anderen hätte das auch Entertainment-Möglichkeiten. Zumindest wirkt DBM nach der Viele-Welten-Interpretation, wonach theoretisch auch jede/r/s Show/Film/Buch in einem eigenen Universum tatsächlich passieren könnte. Denn das ist ja das was Buu will und mit seinem Level an Intelligenz wird ihm klar sein, dass die Unterhaltungsmöglichkeiten seines eigenen Universums irgendwann erschöpft sein werden (auch wenn er durch die ganzen Absorptionen ein gewisses Maß an Verantwortungsbewusstsein erlangt hat, wie man im Special mit Hildegarn sah).

Buu hat die Technologie doch schon längst? Bzw sagt der Groß Kaioshin ja auch im letztem Kapitel das Buu die Varga Maschine kontrollieren kann und das selbst obwohl er im Kokon eingeschlossen war. Dementsprechend weiss Buu zumindest ganz genau wie sie funktioniert. Als er das erste Mal ausgerastet ist nachdem Vegetto gegen XXI verloren hat, hatte er auch schon gezeigt daß er die Technologie manipulieren kann. So ein Gerät nachzubauen sollte für ihn kein Problem darstellen. Von daher wäre es auch etwas sinnlos ihn zurück in sein Uni zu schicken, er könnte einfach zurückkommen wenn er will.

Zum Thema Verantwortungsbewusstsein bei Buu....Buu hat sowieso einen Teil von sich in seinem Uni zurückgelassen, irgendwer muss doch aufpassen und Wünsche erfüllen/ablehnen, während er weg ist. XD

Außerdem kann man Buu somit quasi unmöglich komplett vernichten im Turnier. Er hat ja noch ein Backup in seinem eigenem Uni. Wenn er sich also dazu entschließt andere Universen zu besuchen, sollte das kein Problem darstellen. Es sei denn die Kaioshins versiegeln das Reisen zwischen den Universen tatsächlich (irgendwie). Obwohl ich mir da auch nicht sicher bin, ob Buu das dann groß jucken würde...
DB Multiverse page 2037
ZenBuu 28 أيار
BangBang was saying:
And one part ends. Part 2 when?

DBM Fan was saying:
Okay so overall part 1 I liked. Was it perfect? No. But over the course of the story as it unfolded both the art and story got better. We've got more Sayian focused stories than I can count so something that dives into Namekian lore is kind of fun and interesting. I look forward to part two whenever it arrives and I'd like to thank @goten-kun for sharing their take of dragonball story telling.

The release rhythm doesn't change, so it will continue with part 2 right away.
Namekseijin Densetsu page 171
ZenBuu 28 أيار

Bitte denk an Regel #14. Keine Politik hier, wir wollen nicht das sowas auch noch in einer riesen Diskussion ausartet...
iron leaf was saying:
ZenBuu sagte: Eure Meinungen: wird Buu diesmal wieder gestoppt? Wenn ja, wie und von wem?!
Ich werfe mal etwas ungewönliches in den Ring. Was wäre, wenn er von selbst aufhört und niemand ihn zwingen muss oder sogar besiegt.

Könnte ich mir sogar gut vorstellen bei Buu.
Er sagt dann einfach so, ihr seid mir zu langweilig und haut ab in sein eigenes Universum. XD
Ashrak was saying:
ZenBuu sagte: uiui sagte: Gott, ich liebe Zen Buu.
Dann sei mal gespannt was noch so kommt. Das Kapitel wird äußerst witzig... ;-)

Eure Meinungen: wird Buu diesmal wieder gestoppt? Wenn ja, wie und von wem?!

Ich halte ihn auf. Ganz klar!

Dein "Zwei Vektor Kollaps" ist aber verboten... Insider ;-D 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2037
ZenBuu 28 أيار
uiui was saying:
Gott, ich liebe Zen Buu.

Dann sei mal gespannt was noch so kommt. Das Kapitel wird äußerst witzig... ;-)

Eure Meinungen: wird Buu diesmal wieder gestoppt? Wenn ja, wie und von wem?! 3 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2037
ZenBuu 28 أيار
Hector Fenwick was saying:
Please, tell me the characters won't be drawn like this for the whole chapter.

Of course they will.
DB Multiverse page 2037
ZenBuu 26 أيار
Kantax was saying:
ZenBuu sagte: Broly sagte: Vegeto, Gast, und Bra sollten mit mehreren Buus fertig werden da sich die Kraft ja teilt beim Babuschka Trick, oder er hat diesen Nachteil überwunden. Für Goku und die anderen Unis reicht jeweils ein Buu oder vielleicht doch ein Buu gegen die restlichen Unis.
Buu nutzt nicht die Babuschka Technik. Alle Teile von Buu sind eigene Individuen, also hat auch jeder Teil von ihm die gleiche Kraft und die gleichen Fähigkeiten.
das klingt aber Irrsinnig op... solange die nicht nach der Teilung geschwächt sind könnte er ja teilen->2 Boos mit 100%->zusammenfügen->1 Boo mit zeitweise 200%
dadurch würde er ja Energie aus dem Nichts generieren

So funktioniert das logischerweise auch nicht. Buu ist halt speziell, vor allem dieser Buu...und ja, er ist auch verdammt OP.

Broly was saying:
Kantax sagte:
das klingt aber Irrsinnig op... solange die nicht nach der Teilung geschwächt sind könnte er ja teilen->2 Boos mit 100%->zusammenfügen->1 Boo mit zeitweise 200%
dadurch würde er ja Energie aus dem Nichts generieren

Also wenn jeder geteilte Buu genauso stark ist wie der sage ich mal ganze Buu, dann hat es Vegeto schwer wenn er jetzt z.B. gegen 5 Buu kämpft und die selber ungefähr auf SSJ2 Vegeto Level sind. Dann reicht für Bra 1 und für Gast vielleicht 2 oder 3 Buus aus. Der Magier Opa oder was auch immer seine richtige Gestalt ist der gegen Vegeto einfach gewonnen hat, zerfetzt dann Buu?

Ich schätze Buu auch von der reinen Power ca auf Vegetto SSJ2 ein. Jedoch beherrscht Vegetto (und auch Bra) eine Technik, um Buu komplett zu vernichten (wie wir bereits mehrere Male gesehen haben; zB bei ihrem ersten Kampf mit Buu im Weltall, als er Broly absorbieren wollte).
DB Multiverse page 2036
ZenBuu 26 أيار
These comments here are hilarious, it's very clear which characters are shown, yet people want to make a riddle out of it xD the clothes swap should already say enough which characters can be seen.

Éclate was saying:
Is that Trunks in the top left? It looks like his jacket, but I’m not sure.

Yes, it's Mirai Trunks...
Kalenz was saying:
A 14 year old girl drunk?

Where is Pan getting drunk? She doesn't drink any beer on this page, probably just some juice. And Bra is 16... 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2036
ZenBuu 26 أيار
Broly was saying:
Vegeto, Gast, und Bra sollten mit mehreren Buus fertig werden da sich die Kraft ja teilt beim Babuschka Trick, oder er hat diesen Nachteil überwunden. Für Goku und die anderen Unis reicht jeweils ein Buu oder vielleicht doch ein Buu gegen die restlichen Unis.

Buu nutzt nicht die Babuschka Technik. Alle Teile von Buu sind eigene Individuen, also hat auch jeder Teil von ihm die gleiche Kraft und die gleichen Fähigkeiten. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2036
ZenBuu 24 أيار
Felbuod was saying:
Well, the Daizenshuu 4 states that "Namekians can only fuse if they are of the same type as each other".
On the other hand, that was written in 1995, so it's really all up in the air.

Wooooow, so you actually bring up a Daizenshuu entry for this discussion? My bad, how couldn't I knew this! This changes everything of course.

Super Gojita 3 said everything already...
Namekseijin Densetsu page 167
ZenBuu 24 أيار
Goten-Kun literally says "there is no fusion involved!" Even like 2 pages ago, yet people still discuss about fusion...wtf?! XD
UltraExtream was saying:
RIP to the Nameks that fused with Arion.

newhinhin was saying:
How could you not know that they all fused with him?

Delphince was saying:
They perform a form of bodily fusion.
They didn't die, they fused with Arion.

Namekseijin Densetsu page 168
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