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DBM evolves into a “1901 French Law Association”

After 10 years of existence, Dragon Ball Multiverse has become a very large structure. At its infancy, back in 2008, there were three authors, a few thousand readers, no translators, no festivals, no or very little communication.

Today, several hundreds of members have participated in DBM, a good sixty are currently active, over a million readers throughout the world, three to four booths are organized each year in France and Belgium (ok, to be fair less these last two years)...

All this takes a lot of work. Maybe too much, sometimes. Because next to that, we have our day jobs to fill our refrigerators, our families, our friends (minus the last one, we don’t have time for that :-| ), our problems… We’re like most of you, actually :)

Therefore, to manage and perform our tasks, be they administrative, accountant, communication, media-related, festival-related, logistical, etc, but also to book our expenses properly (web server, booths at conventions, etc), we have decided to declare DBM a “association 1901” (french link for further info).

What it will really bring us

Responsibilities: DBM will from now on have a judicial status

Until now, everything that belongs to DBM (the website, the books, the gear for the conventions, etc) and the responsibilities (accidents…) directly depended on the DBM’s members (Salagir, Asura), etc. And we don’t exactly want to have these responsibilities indefinitely. In the event of a judicial problem, and accident or otherwise… the fact that DBM is now a declared association makes everyone safer. For example, we took an insurance.

A better cost management

DBM pays many fees to exist.

These fees include the likes of:

- The web server: just this entry costs close to 1.800€/year. Yup, such a large site, with many functionalities, and roughly 100.000 visits/day without crashing, it’s expensive.

- All the costs related to DBM booths in Manga festivals: space rental, vehicles, travel fares, book printing, lodging, etc.

- Soon: an administrative manager for the association.

Of course, thanks to the sales on our booths (and thanks to you, and thank you once more), we can afford these fees.

In addition, we are able to have a bank account that belongs solely to the association, which will vastly simplify our bookkeeping for expenditures and reimbursements, and bring transparency and simplicity to our financial management.

What should change

More festivals

In this new context, we should be able to organize more than 3-4 booths a year like we’ve done until now, and aiming towards going to new countries, with books translated in english by our dedicated translators.

A more dynamic website

For now these are just ongoing projects on hold, but it is highly likely we’ll evolve dragonball-multiverse.com!
More interactive features and more options for you… We won’t reveal everything just now, we’ll come back to it when it’s closer at hand!

Otherwise, there won’t be much of a difference for you, if only the guarantee you’ll see DBM stronger than ever. You’ll still read DBM for free, of course.

New revenues… and a manager

It won’t happen straight away, but it is possible the association will need new sources of income: an ad banner on the website, or a donation request, or another system to help finance the association, in addition to the revenues generated by the sales of books during festivals.

Why this need? As said earlier, it’s highly likely the association will require the services of a manager to… manage it. Manage its administration, accounting, legal obligations… Different tasks we don’t know how to do, or that we don’t have the time to do (properly) for such a large association; however they are absolutely essential to ensure the survival of the association. What’s more, the manager will surely be able to help us in other tasks: communication within the team, with our readers, contact festivals, artists, etc...

The services of this manager will not be free. Just like for the server of our website, our booths, our printed books, our drawing material, in short, everything that has allowed us to propose DBM for 10 years… well, it has a cost ;)

Therefore, in layman’s terms, it will help us cover these extra costs. At least, that’s the idea :P

More time for the art

Delegating these tasks will also allow certain members to DBM to focus their time on their art. Notably Salagir, who, instead of doing the accounting, administration, and handling conflicts between moderators or readers, will be able to spend more time on what he initially wanted from DBM: the scenario!!

There, now you know absolutely everything! You can comment below and leave your opinions, we’ll answer.

Your comments about this page :

2018-07-22 20:59:41


>@TFS Hate
Exactly what I was going to say - don't let the pursuit of money ruin what you do. They've lost their focus trying to do everything else.

That said, I'd be willing to chip in as thanks and appreciation for the years of free DBM entertainment!
2018-07-22 21:11:57

Kor Saiyajinkami

2018-07-23 00:38:22


Sounds like you're just in it for the money
2018-07-23 18:52:27

Damian "Stalkerowy"

It's breathtaking how much DBM had to go through to come here today.
You're doing perfect work, keep it up!
Congratulations also, for everything.
2018-07-23 21:36:17


@iron leaf, MB, elp_tarkus71 (and anybody else who'd post about wanting to have DBM come to a festival in your country)
Be the change you wish to see. I wanted Salagir to come to Poland so I spoke with the organisers of the International Festival of Comics and Games in Łódź and they invited him (a very short story about it can be read here - only in French though), paid for his flight, hotel etc. So if you want DBM to come to your country: don't just ask, do something. There are surely comic/manga festivals in your country. They surely invite guests from all over the world. DBM is huge and interesting, Amilova is a cool concept - also of interest for comic creators etc. Talk to people and suggest things. If you don't change anything, there's quite a chance that others will be just as passive.
2018-07-24 03:58:15

Buubuubuu Buu Buu Buubuu

I would gladly make room on my bookcase for DM English manga.

shut up and take my money!!!
2018-07-24 06:07:49


Very interesting... Had I known that I held any power over who gets invited to such festivals I would have asked them for Salagir/DBM years ago. Of course I'm going to attempt that now :)
2018-07-24 06:32:55

Danny L

not sure what the regulations are for the 1901 law association, but in quickly reading the wikipedia article, it seems similar to the Not for Profit structure here. With that in the US, although the founder can serve on the board and manage the not for profit, they can get voted out and lose their control. Salagir, I know you put alot of time and effort into DBM and I am sure you did all the research before, but I just advise to be careful if deciding to go this route. From the comments, it seems like people can get angry or at least not agree with your direction very easily. With enough influence, they can vote you out so you won't have any control over the story.
2018-07-24 16:25:46


So now that you're going to reduce your workload will you be able to finish Hanasia?:S
2018-07-24 21:31:42


What's next? An anime? Good job, DBM team. I promise to disable adblock on this site.
2018-07-25 20:20:12


>We don't own DB and will NEVER, EVER, propose pay-only content.

Thank you for that reassurance.

Mind you, I absolutely adore your work, and i would, if i could, gladly financially support it, but Paid-only stuff is a huge dick-move.
2018-07-25 21:01:16


I am somewhat worried that even if the ads only pay for the server costs, getting any kind of revenue from DBM will cause issues with the copyright holders (not necessarily from Japan, but from elsewhere, like the US). I do hope I'll be proven wrong though.
2018-07-26 05:28:34

Akira Toriyama

cant wait for you to release an official manga on paper. I have been printing every page in triples since day one just so I would have multiple copies complete eventually. probably even be able to sell one for some nice coin too when its finished. would really like to buy an official copy though @Danny L then he just stops drawing it as well has refuses to give up the rest of the story. Basically he takes his ball and goes home. so if he was voted out it would effectively
end the series. he is under no obligation to share his ideas
2018-07-26 00:21:47


Keep on growing until you are an anime. Good Job.
2018-07-26 00:32:26


@Danny L
You mean we can vote Salagir out and breathe ??? :D
Hmm... but if the coup fails, his wrath will be worse than Freiza's
2018-07-26 09:43:04

Your nick!

@Paid-only chapters.

Exactly what garbage south korean webtoons do
2018-07-27 23:18:00


Hello dbm , have you considered creating a patreon (or a similar service) ? No need for rewards it would be just a way of saying thank you and contribute as much as we can as well
Technically there should be no legal issues , it worked out for teamfourstar and they have the most popular parody , even toei knows it exists
2018-07-28 23:01:25

Tommy SuperNova

Salagir you really don't have to do this, if you want more time, just outline sketch your rough draft designs only since your artists usually have to redraw them anyway. Your website is fine, it's kinda grandfathered in as 'your unique look' redesigning it will probably take more time money and effort and will be incompatible with older browser types.
Donations may be a problem because you are asking to pay for people to keep making content they have no rights to.
Please don't listen to the internet, they are anonymous and will not get in trouble for telling you to go forward with this. You can have an insurance policy without making a whole company.
2018-07-29 01:32:52


@Tommy SuperNova
> if you want more time, just outline sketch your rough draft designs only since your artists usually have to redraw them anyway.
That's not how pages are made. (There's actually a video made by Ouv on this topic.) He writes 9 panels per page, detailing what the view is and the text. Then the artists draw. That's not the time-consuming part. What's time-consuming is getting the overall story, and ALSO first and foremost, the administrative tasks related to DBM.

> your website is fine [etc]
The idea isn't to redesign the site from scratch. A tweak here, a tweak there. Plus, it's on the back-burners, so it's not what's taking all his time (as said above, the the administrative stuff).
> [...] compatible with older browser types
Unless you're running an outdated system which shouldn't exist, or the site owner doesn't know what he's doing, this point is moot.

> Donations may be a problem because you are asking to pay for people to keep making content they have no rights to.
That's the definition of ANY donation. Unless you mean we're asking for people to donate to us and WE don't have the rights, then you're technically correct, but that doesn't mean you're right. Indeed, we don't have the rights, but we are allowed to operate without getting poorer. As long as we don't personally gain, then it's perfectly accepted in the industry.

> Please don't listen to the internet
Because we are where right now? :)

> You can have an insurance policy without making a whole company
Ok, so first of all, it's not a company, it's an association. There is a difference. Companies exist to earn money. Associations are just legal entities. (As said earlier, we can't run DBM "for profit".)
Secondly, no we couldn't. We could each on our own have insurances, but not as a whole. (Side-note, insurance is useful for conventions-only related activities.) If each member of the staff attending a convention needs a seperate insurance, we'll increase the paperwork many folds over - thus taking EVEN MORE time for administration, and therefore less time free for creation.

As Salagir said, the aim wasn't to change how DBM was operating, but ensure it'll keep operating as is.
2018-07-29 23:29:00


What's "the scenario"?
2018-08-05 03:25:37


english books? im sold ^^
wish you best of luck!
2018-08-07 21:33:23


Want Animated Adaptation!
2018-08-10 21:09:01


Thank you for all that you do! Know that your work is appreciated and loved world wide! I have been a fan for over 8 years once I found you all. I remember you hitting page 100 if that makes any difference. :-) We all really appreciate the GREAT work that you do! Thank you!!!
2018-08-11 16:40:00


"at the beginning we had just a few thousand readers" My end goal is to get few thousands of people reading my comic. Otherwise good job, been here since 2016
2018-08-13 09:41:55


Im a big fan of the comic and I have been since roughlt 2010. how can I donate to you guys??
2018-08-14 16:45:37


If and when we proceed with this option, we will give all the details ;)
2018-08-19 05:30:14

Muffin button


There is a 5 ep one on youtube not sure if it is fanmade or dbm official but it's pretty cool
2018-08-20 00:18:12


If we do not propose an animated version, it's because the work we have for the comic alone is already very time-consuming. The time it would require to make a half-decent animation isn't worth it for us. We're focused on the comic, and that's already a tremendous workload.

@Muffin Button
It's amazing, and it's from a fan of DBM, not the DBM team. (It's an awesome job they did)
2018-08-22 00:41:56

This dude

just keep doing what youre all doing.
you guys do great work and I'm very thankful for the material you all put out.
i only wish that france is an easy trip to make from the states, I'd love to go to one of your booths and thank you personally, for the content you create, and to get some hands on your merchandise so i have a reason to throw my money at you :)
2018-08-30 20:49:59


My two cents: as far as I'm concercned, you can put an advertising right now :)
2018-09-04 11:14:47


Nice post you have here.
2018-09-10 03:02:42


I would just like to thank you for the wonderful series. bows All of the hard work and dedication to this project is really astounding!
2018-09-21 20:00:10


Please allow donation and I am sure I will donate.
2018-10-12 23:24:59


@Caihlem I agree the overall story is time consuming, with all the specials that no one asked for, but hey got to have conent to sell at the booths right?
2018-10-13 12:36:44


- The specials are two-pronged. On the one side, it gives the readers information on what happened differently from U16/18 as sometimes the change led to drastically different timelines. (Like for instance U3 and U13). On the other side, it allows our main artist, Asura, to ensure top quality for the main timeline within the deadlines. Sadly, he cannot produce 2 pages a week, it's just too much work. Therefore the specials are essential.
- Concerning the booths, we actually have more "sales" in drawing requests. We always bring at least one artist, more on bigger cons if we can. People line-up to be able to have a personal drawing from our artists. The aim of our booths isn't for profits; the fans wanted meet and greeta, our sales are what afford us that opportunity.
2018-10-13 17:18:10


You are aware the filler content is almost on par with actual story. They are time wasters regardless of how you much try justify their existence. Is it that difficult to find three people similir to Asura (or Gogeta' Jr skill) and plan it in advance. Sure money will be involved in that but there seems to be more excuses to that as opposed to facts as why it can't be done.

Don't get me wrong it is hard work but your telling me a comic that has been in existence for 10 years cannot come close to wrapping up it's own arc? Story wise it's well over 800 pages that is the equivalent of wrapping up the entire saiyan arc in dragonball Z manga (200 pages per vol) and the characters are still in the same ring.

I would be surprised if dragon ball super manga runs 800 pages for it's universal arc. And yet at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if the story hit 1000 pages story wise and yet be no closer to completing the overall project. It begs the question if an ending was ever planned.

Besides expanding and getting more pages done look at the management and plan out how pages can be utilized better. Valid criticsim would be that there is too much of a shift away from the main story by letting specials swamp (with some outright blatant tracing (chapter 10) )

Not everything needs to be an origin story.
2018-11-02 19:43:39


Nice post. Keep it up. keep going.
- www.thewishesquotes.com
2019-03-05 00:01:08


Hello there,

My name is George, and I was wondering if you would like to have your website dragonball-multiverse.com promoted as a resource on my blog georgemartjr.com ?

We are updating our broken link resources to include up to date resources for our readers. Our resource links are manually approved as a do follow link.
If you are interested in having your site included as a resource on our blog, please let me know.

Thanks for your consideration,
2019-03-20 06:42:09



For some bizarre reason, my previous message to you was not delivered according to a system generate email I have gotten back, so here goes again. It would be fab if you could acknowledge receipt.

As mentioned in my previous message, I would like to contribute one of my articles on cryptocurrency regulation in the UK that I have written during the course of the past few weeks. I used to work for a couple of big law firms in London and so I have a good handle on cryptocurrency law and I thought that my article would be interesting to your readers.

I am terribly sorry but I did not have much time to find royalty free images. It would be great if you could add a pretty picture to the blog post.

I have saved my article inside a Word document on my Google drive:


I hope your readers will enjoy reading my guide.

I would be most grateful if you could send me a link to the guide once you have published it!

I can write a couple more articles as and when I get some more free time - it is crazy busy at work after all the festivities.

Have a great day!

2019-03-23 03:14:50


I never understood why no add banner. DBM deserves all the revenue. DBM is on par with Z and superior to Super.

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