DB Multiverse

    Capìtoło 85    
Remember in Minicomic 91, I was telling about special chapters with several false starts. There were many and for most of them, you’ll never see what was produced. But for this one, we’re proud to present the other versions!
Version 1, 2, and sometimes 3, for the girls’s design!
In the first script, Bojack attacked the ship. Because Bojack (DBM version) is short-te­mpered and doesn’t think much. But this meant that the team in the main ship would go back in the tourname­nt universe to call for backup.
So we changed it to Bojack letting them go. Also, it meant the girls couldn’t expect any outside help.
DB Multiverse
Pàgina 2052
[FR] Asura on Twitch!
Tra 12 ore, 51mn

Discusion capìtołi 82, 83, 84

Doménega su Twitch, ła scuadra ła parlerà de i ùltimi do capìtołi de'l tornèo, e de'l capìtoło Varga!
Venì a far domande o a ciacołar!


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