DB Multiverse

Ha! Tu nici macar nu poti..il vei pune pe Buu...

Mi-e rusine ca puterile mele provin de la tine!

Nu suntem interesati de propunerea ta.

Pacat..atunci continua sa sangerezi


Buu,nu ti-am spus sa-l vindeci!



Am facuto numai ca sa-l sacai pe Babidi

Sau poate pentru ca ai putin din Buu in tine

Sau faptul ca fiecare din voi este absorbit in mine..asta ma face apropiat de voi

Chiar si eu?

Pre-FAQ for this page:

Everyboby knows Uub is linked to Buu, why?
Not everybody, only the most skilled. This Buu and Vegetto did, But Babidi didn't even know.

What did Babidi want Uub to ask for help for?
Well... guess :) Babidi knows that getting a strong opponent in his debt is always useful. The simplest answer would be to ask a forfeit in return, when against Buu is against Uub.

Uub knows about his origins?
Sound so ;) I did see that he was far stronger than the average human, and he was told about it. He knows all about the Buu Saga.
And for the fact that he instantly recognized Babidi, well, er... the others showed him when they arrived, and said "Hey look, these are Babidi, Dabra and First Form Buu that we told you about..."
Uub says his power comes from Babidi, but in fact it comes from his father, Bibidi. But he didn't listen to the story very well, I even think most of the Z-Team don't remember that it's his father who created Buu.

Where do these guys com from?
Babidi, Dabra and Buu are from universe 11, as you know. Buu and Dabra are challengers. No, there is no Majin Vegeta, sorry.
The other Buu comes from universe 4. He is very different from the one we know, because he absorbed many people, and Buu is strongly influenced by them.

Would the organizers have healed Uub (as they are supposed to, but that's a big wound)?
Hu... good question. They don't have senzu, but the Vargas may have good surgeons. I'd say the Vargas would have sewed the arm back (over a long time in ER) then an organizer Namekian would have healed him.



Urmatorul capitol si minicomic

Duminica 14, incepe un mini comic de 3 pagin care va va raspunde la toate intrebarile legate de tipii din universul 19.

Apoi, capitolul 51, de Asura !
Dupa aceasta, va urma continuarea si finalul aventurilor din universul 13 pe Helior!
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