DB Multiverse

After this fight, we go to a strange universe, our explorers were taken aback by it, due to its intense differences with the others.

...universe 2 wasn't discovered more than it was imposed to us. I still didn't really understand myself...

Two members of this universe are called for this match: Arale from universe 2 against Mary Sue from universe 2!


Mary Sue comes from the Orion star, where she mastered all martial arts and talk all languages.

Descendant of the saiyans princes, blood sister of the Nameks, hidden daughter of Broly, Baddack and King Vegeta, sister of Bulma, fused with her double from the future, genetically altered, of an I.Q. of 250, she is also immortal, talk to animals and can enter dreams.

What are you doing? You don't usually introduce people.

I... I don't know what happened to me!



Urmatorul capitol si minicomic

Duminica 14, incepe un mini comic de 3 pagin care va va raspunde la toate intrebarile legate de tipii din universul 19.

Apoi, capitolul 51, de Asura !
Dupa aceasta, va urma continuarea si finalul aventurilor din universul 13 pe Helior!
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