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ToméPT2012-03-01 Lasi un comentariu?

The Frost Demons' plan almost worked but Vegito ruined it.

ToméPT2012-02-01 Lasi un comentariu?

Is it gonna be the revenge of the Tsuffules aganist the Saiyans?

ToméPT2011-09-11 Lasi un comentariu?

Kakarotto and Hanasia. How lovely.

Kid Raditz, from U3.

ToméPT2011-07-03 Lasi un comentariu?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Also I think Videl (U 16/18) used to look better with long hair. Don't you all agree?

+ Just a quick draw of Bra.

ToméPT2011-03-13 Lasi un comentariu?

Bra Vs. Supernamek. Bra is dodging Supernamek's energy beam while chaging her own attack.

ToméAN2010-10-02 Lasi un comentariu?

A little minicomic I've made. I hope you like it.

ToméPT2010-07-25 Lasi un comentariu?

Which contestant to come from a hypothetical U 21 than a hypothetical warrior?
Note from Salagir: please avoid Universes 21s and other non-DBM characters as much as possible...

ToméPT2010-07-19 Lasi un comentariu?

It's nothing special but it's my first. It's Android 18 U14 Vs. Raditz U13. It's a fight I'd like to see.
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