DB Multiverse

I am a cre­a­ti­on of Dr. Gero, de­sig­na­ted as Android 16.
That is all you need to know.
What? So the doctor’s earlier pro­to­ty­pes are still active?
I thought it was just me and you that were left.
Don’t worry, we will be back even­tu­al­ly. Trunks, you won’t escape us forever. I can tell it's you from our world.
And as for you Android 16, you will rue the day for siding with these de­plo­ra­ble humans in the end.
So, it appears that the des­pi­ca­ble doctor has more ma­chi­nes re­lea­sed than we thought.
We com­ple­te­ly de­st­roy­ed his lab. We’re the only ones that should be left.
Seems like too many uni­ver­ses are being run by de­tes­ta­ble vermin.
Uni­ver­se 14, what hap­pe­ned to make us lose so badly?
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DB Multiverse
Pagina 2245
6 Februari 2022



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