DB Multiverse

I am a creation of Dr. Gero, designated as Android 16.

That is all you need to know.

What? So the doctor’s earlier prototypes are still active?

I thought it was just me and you that were left.


Don’t worry, we will be back eventually. Trunks, you won’t escape us forever. I can tell it's you from our world.

And as for you Android 16, you will rue the day for siding with these deplorable humans in the end.

So, it appears that the despicable doctor has more machines released than we thought.


We completely destroyed his lab. We’re the only ones that should be left.

Seems like too many universes are being run by detestable vermin.

Universe 14, what happened to make us lose so badly?

Xeno Black      

Rogeru       80 81 91 92

DB Multiverse
页码 2356
15 五月

新漫画:★ 亚莫西的故事 ★


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