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...and having no means to reproduce nor recreate the Dragon Balls, I decided to come to your planet, hoping to find a solution to my problem.
Your request is laudable, Namek. Unfortunately, your people did not want to share their secrets with us.
Nevertheless, we’ll search if any other species have experienced similar cases.
Thank you.
However, the murder of the princes will undoubtedly attract the wrath of King Cold. The entire galaxy will suffer from his mourning...
...His anger will know no bounds, entire planets will be destroyed.
You are the only one capable of stopping his madness...
You must annihilate him!!
I am not yours to command.
You killed one of the princes here. Icarion and its knowledge will be lost... and your chances drastically reduced.
Thorn will accompany you to serve as a guide.
A child?
Our people are renowned for their knowledge. Do not underestimate the younger generation. So, do you agree?



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