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Chibi Japan Expo February 2009

So we were at French event Chibi Japan Expo, in Marseille. Here are photos and videos.

On your right, a video documentary. No subtitles but, well, images. See the faces of the team :)

This is an interview of Salagir done by Thibarik (french only):
01Here is the first photo we made. These are Faye and Gogeta Jr (Thibarik holds the camera). We've all arrived at the train station, and a friend of Salagir took us to him. With all the luggages and stress, getting lost in the city takes energy. See the exausting in Faye's eyes ^^.
And here is the team all together for the first time in the whole history of DBM! Salagir, Faye and Gogeta Jr.01
From left to right : Thibarik, Faye, Salagir, Gogeta Jr.01
01First visitors... cool ^^
01Gogéta Jr draw a big lot of illustrations for a lot of fan, all impressed by his creations.
Many generations stopped on our booth. It's nice to see people in their thirties liking this fanmanga with their children!01
01Salagir did what he can to draw some Dragon Ball when Gogeta Jr was overwhelmed, and also had some readers of Geek's World
A lot of people at this event!01
01The mini-manga with unreleased pages... This item sold so well, we didn't have any left for the last day.
01Here is your Vegetto! Thanks Gogeta Jr.
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