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Veña Gohan ¡Fuxamos agora que esta atordado!

Non, Vou rematalo!

Pero ese tipo é tan invencible como Vexeta!

Non... non son invencibles...

O rosa morreu dun só golpe.


Asasinado dun golpe? Por quen?
I hope you enjoy this fight.
Just like Kulilin is doing, it's to be compared with the one against Vegeta on Earth. Even powered-up, Gohan is nowhere near the 20,000 (personal view) and therefore Zarbon exceeds the two from afar. They must be original (Kulilin) and tough (Gohan) to score points. Points that are not worth much, as all attacks against Vegeta on Earth.
We have always seen Dodoria and Zarbon (and Kiwi) as weak opponents against Vegeta, but we forget that if they came to Earth, they would have given equal difficulties as Vegeta himself.
Here is a little to restore their image (not Dodoria, sorry, too ugly), and take the opportunity to choreograph Kulilin, one of my favorite characters.

By the way, Kiwi isn't there because he didn't follow Vegeta on Namek.



Especial do universo 4 !


A partir do mércores 23, poderemos desfrutar do especial feito por dsp27 sobre o universo 4 do todopoderoso Buu.

Nesta historia veremos como se desenvolve a película de Tapion neste universo 4!
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