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Las explicaciones de todas las edades (incluso la suya)

Hoy hablaremos acerca de los orígenes y las transformaciones de los Demonios del Frio.

Señor Freezer, ¿puede decirnos de dónde viene?


Y Usted Señor Coola ...

Uh ... No, no es nada, olvidelo.

Mr Kaiô Shin, you, you know the history of this family...

Of course! I am very very old. By the way...

When I was little, you Vargas were dinosaurs.

One or two million years ago, the Frost Demons were the only intelligent species on a planet far from its sun, with little air...

They were (and still are) variable in shape and like the Nameks, give birth alone, they have only one father/mother.

But we don't lay eggs, we give birth.

Their incredible living conditions have made them survivors. Very powerful (gravity: 150G), capable of living without water, without heat, without air for weeks.

When they were integrated into the interstellar civilization, they became aware of their superiority and quickly became lords of the whole universe. With generations, they learned greed, hatred, fighting, technology. Then they made war among themselves.

Internal wars, some overpowered warriors coming by, tricks from the low people, slowly decimated the Frost Demons, who have only one child at the time.

When only one family remained alive, people thought they'll finaly be at peace...

But... they were wrong. Because this family continued to rule, and never this line has extinct.

How old can a Frosts Demons live? Like their shape, it's variable, but increases with each generation. Freeza's life expectancy is 1500 years. He currently is 224. As his father is 847, he is much stronger than his kid.

And transformations? Oh, you expected that.

Each daemon has an original form, the form in which he was born.

But for several generations, their power is such that they cause damage around them at the slightest movement. These are not real warriors, and they can't control their body well.

So they created reduced forms. They are different according to each individual, but for Freeza, Coola and Cold, who are parents, they are very similar. The least a demon can control himself, the lowest it reduces its strength to.

Reduced form 3

Reduced form 2

Reduced form 1

Original form

In this regard, Coola has made the most effort and learned to control himself. Since several decades, he can walk around in his original form.

Cold needs to remain in the form of reduction number 2. And Freeza, who has never sought to make efforts, is to remain in the form of reduction 3. But since he was beaten by Son Gokû, he followed the example of his older brother and can now remain in original form.

The fact Cold can now self-control too is a surprise for his two sons! Especially Coola who hoped to, one day, beat his father...

And last question, what is this special transformation of Coola? Well it is a form of increase. He is the first of all the Frosts Demons to discover it. Coola is the only family member to have worked on fighting, and it paid off.

And now a word from our sponsor:

"Quack quack."

Thank you!

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