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News: The very beginning of universe 13

I was also concerned. So I observed his mind, his soul, and his movements.
But... everything is normal!
I have also spoken to Gast… He cannot confirm that the Great Kaiô Shin is really using his technique. He also said that it should not be so easy to copy.
So Buu might only be acting compliantly with the Great Kaiô Shin?? But why?
I don’t know…. We should remain vigilant
Dinner is served!!
It wasn't too tough to be dead?
I can’t remember anything.
Hey, Cell…
...Would you explain to me why you have two kids with you?



The very beginning of universe 13

On Sunday 1st, we'll have a short special chapter on universe 13. Spot the moment everything changed!

Yeah, the normal chapter isn't finished yet, we're late.

This chapter is drawn by Keikuro and dsp27.

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