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Stay calm! Only Xeniloum cerebral waves can make his armor work... This Buu won't be able to do anything with it...

I hope so... Because Buu just acquired what you know... He is now extremely dangerous!!

Only now? You're funny...


Ha! Well, it looks like this "new armor" of theirs REALLY came in handy..

They are way more powerful than you think... They weren't lucky to be against Buu, that's all...

Their weapons aren't to be underestimated... Because us... we can't regenerate.

Phooey! These were not our REAL war armors!

Yeeeees.... We're going to put on our "GIGA-ULTRA" armor! With them, we'd destroy Buu in one strike!

I'll kill them!

Drop it...
DB Multiverse
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Namekseijin Densetsu
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Chibi Son Bra did her best!
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[FR] Asura on Twitch!
In 6h, 08mn

Minicomics and back to the tournament


Hello! On Sunday, a minicomics.
Then, the main story is back, with a lot, a lot of Buus!


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