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News: New avatars!

She's so beautiful!

She's like the big sister I never had!

I feel like I've always known her!

Well, she seems to do quite an impression on this family!

Dad, I didn't understand. She can't have three fathers...

It's good I closed my eyes when the Kind created a moon... I'd be transformed into a giant oozaru-dragon-octopus-platypus... me who hate violence... But I must fight, to save my doomed people, my friends in prison, my evil interdimensional double, the one of the prophecy, the promise I made, and the baby of Trunks, Piccolo, Goten and Vegeta I bear.

Such a beautiful voice!

Such a dreadful destiny!

I'd give my life for her!

Bear my child!

Shut up, Kakarotto.


You must go on the ring, madam!

Don't miss the adventures of Mary Sue in the sequel of Dragon Ball Multiverse!!


Namekseijin Densetsu
Page 77
DB Multiverse
Page 1952
[FR] Asura on Twitch!
In 20h, 45mn

New avatars!

70 new avatars are available!

They are all drawn by Asura

Get into your profile, click on "recent" to see them!

Gathered by Ammar

Others will come by other authors!
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