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Crashed against the comet and the Genkidama, Broly lost his Legendary Saiyan transformation, and wandered in nearby-space.
The gravity of the “New Planet Vegeta” sucked him back slowly.
Alone for six years, he slowly got back on his feet.
Once ready, he focused on his goal...
Find his best enemy!!
He detected powers, and went to them, without starship... nor air.
When he saw the Earth, being exhausted, he let himself lose consciousness.
About Broly's hair!
Broly loves to change of hair color. Here is what we decided as "DBM canon" :

[img] Normal state: black hair like any real Saiyan.
[img] [img] Trying to transform into SSJ or LSSJ while limited by the device: random.
[img] [img] SSJ1: yellow like all the SSJs.
[img] [img] LSSJ: green.
[img] Bio Broly: never existed.

No need to answer: "you're wrong". I'm not telling here the real colors of Toei Canon Broly. I'm telling the colors of DBM Canon Broly. The one that is indestructible and stupid in LSSJ.
Click here to see all the real colors he got in the films!



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You may notice some identical drawings on pages 1751, 1752 and 1753...

We are guilty of it, but like our master, if we did it, it was to show properly the action!

So, to reduce the wait, page 1753 will exceptionally release Thursday at the usual time...
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