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News: Minicomics and back to the tournament

Well… It’s true that we’ve easily gotten through until now.


It would be a pity to cancel this unique situation and not to enjoy it.
Buu accepted his defeat in the main event, he’s a good sport. We can fight in a side event, who’s it going to bother?

It’s true, I’d like to fight against Vegetto.

He’d mop the floor with you…

No. The Kaioshins are right. We need to stop Buu. Too bad for the tournament.

You don’t know us that well if you think we’d allow you to decide for us!

You enjoyed watching our torments…
And now you’re done playing with us!

Dad, if we let him be, he’ll have control over every universe, ours included!


Well then...
DB Multiverse
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Namekseijin Densetsu
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[FR] Asura on Twitch!
In 1 day, 7h
Chibi Son Bra did her best!
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Minicomics and back to the tournament


Hello! On Sunday, a minicomics.
Then, the main story is back, with a lot, a lot of Buus!


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