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Master!! Don’t give up!!

I'm going to look for senzus at Karin's!!

It's useless Popo…

... It's too late... But I'm ready, I've had a good life, you know... My time has come, that's all…

Thank you Popo for all these years... You were more than a right-hand to me, you were a true friend…


I’m counting on you to advise our new God as well as you did with me... He is trustworthy, he will make a remarkable God…

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April 15th

Next chapters!

[img][img]On sunday 21, starts a special on mirai universe, by WaZaKun, who did Minicomic 116.

Then, we'll follow with the main story, on a kinda special chapter too, by Ambroise, who did chapter 94!

Then, again the main story, by Asura!

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