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July 2010- Japan Expo in Paris-Nord: The summary!

Dragon Ball Multiverse webcomic has come back to the 2010 Japan Expo due to the successful experience of last year. For those who couldn't attend this event or just want to refresh their memories, here is a glance for you.

Salagir's comic on the JPE
Minicomic Dedicace by PoF

July 2010, we've done it again, larger and always with you all!

[IMG] Picture by Albertocubatas, colors by Faye

This is official, from the 1st to the 4th of July 2010, Dragon Ball Multiverse will be attending the Japan Expo in Paris!

For the newly folks who still doesn't know, the Japan Expo is the largest event in Europe about mangas, Japanese animation and video games. Therefore, as we'll be there, you could find fan-manga association as ours, and all sort of amateur's art project! DBM, before this next Japan Expo, had already participated to the Chibi (small) Japan Expo in Marseille, the 2009 Japan Expo in Paris as well as the Chibi 2009 Japan Expo in Paris-Est.

Why do we do this stand?

That's a good question. Here are the right answers :p

DB Multiverse, as you may know, only exists as a website, a web-comic.
There is no material and physical contact with the manga and also between the writers and readers.

Nevertheless, since last year, we organize those stands during the Japan Expos to allow this very meeting! To get the DBM manga and relative comic or just chat with the authors. Or question them:

Is Salagir a fan-boy of Broly? Why does the special chapter nothing to do with the story? Why do we not consider DBGT? Why has my last post been removed?
You may just come to see and thanks us (or not) :D

Here is where is are in the Japan Expo.

This time, the Big Stand attacks!

Indeed, every time we will attend the Japan Expo, we'll come with a stand twice as big as the one of the previous year.
Because if DBM is growing the stand should be growing this big. More chapters, more posters, new goodies, and especially more authors.

The original team will therefore be there: Gogeta Jr, Salagir and Faye. But they won't be alone...

Gogeta will be with Stef84 and Albertocubatas who will give you nice drawings :) Stef, who assists Gogeta Jr in his drawings and will prepare a special chapter. About Albertocubatas, you know what he's capable of.

About what will be in the table, here is what we offer:

  • Manga in book format
  • DBM posters A3 format with exclusive one

  • DBM images postal card format

  • On demand DBM drawing on sheet with pen

  • Exclusive: your portrait Dragon Ball! On sheet with pencil. You wish to be a Saiyan or a Namek, Kaioshin or even... Human? ;p
    This might be possible ^^ Here is a sample with Thibarik from the 2009 Japan Expo


Watch out! This drawing has been inked at home but at the Japan Expo the drawing would be made by pen.

  • You might find printed version of the novel. (We are pretty late on our organization :p)
  • At last, a bit geek-like's world (another webcomic of Salagir)

Latest news about the Japan Expo!

First, let's summarize the books.

For the first time in this Japan Expo, we have printed the original manga! They all contain 4 chapters which are more than a hundred of pages with bonus. The display is way nicer, and looks more like a real manga.

Here is a video to clearly show you (on the right)

It doesn't look that way in the video, but the quality of the printed pages is quite high, and there is a rigid cover.
Obviously, The third tome will be in the stand :)

Format: A5 (like the kanzenban)
Unit price: 8 euros

Then... The novel!

Yes, we did it! The literary adaptation of DBM will be available in the shape of a huge novel in the stand!
If you wanted to read it but doesn't bare the screen, now is your chance!

Besides, be aware that there will be several exclusive posters :)

Thanks to our cartoonists and colorists that are doing anything they can to make beautiful posters especially for this Japan Expo. Here are some sample:

Regarding DBZ portraits and drawings

Principle reminder: Either a cartoonist will get you your DBZ portrait (from a character or a race you've chosen) or he will be drawing one specific character.

Finally... some exceptional guests!!!

Warning! This isn't a prank: Sunday afternoon we will be honored to have you at our stand Brigitte Lecordier and Eric Legrand!

Some would wonder what's hidden behind those names. Those are the very comedians that are respectively play the French voice for Goku, Gohan and kid Goten, Yamcha and Vegeta.

Yes, readers, Yes! Those voices with which most of you have been growing on watching the Club Dorothee will be there for the event! And that is cool!

Good to know though: these guests will be there mostly to jabber and have a good time with old mad fans. We can chat, laugh and have fun with them but you may want to avoid massive signatures! There are on vacation!

Warning! There will be attended only on Sunday at 3:00PM.

Better than a world cup B-)

Let's put some name on the faces.

Top: Stef84, Gogeta Jr, Loïc Solaris, Gokuten.
Bottom: Salagir, Faye et RMR.
Foenidis, PoF, RMR, Gogeta Jr, Salagir, Albertocubatas, Loïc Solaris, Brigitte Lecordier, Thibarik, Stef84 and Eric Legrand !
And here is the stand nearby.

The new one at the middle? That's Nihonjinsim, one of the cartoonists of the 7th universe, the hyper Namek.
As a reminder, nous we've made a double stand, because the team has grown, and we propose you more goodies. Indeed, not less than 28 posters and postal cards were exposed. In addition, we also have 3 tomes of 4 chapters + bonus, which is 104 pages each. If you missed the video in the previous news, here it is:

About the books (and anything else, is fact): we do not sell it outside the expo- convention agreement. No need to ask us to send it out to your place or to re-sell it. Nothing against you guys, of course, but we don't have the right to do it. Thanks...

Gogeta Jr, Albertocubatas, Stef84, Nehonjinsim, PoF and Salagir were also doing drawings and portraits. Here are some of these:

That was an exclusivity to make drawings, and that was pretty cool! Numbers of visitors have been part of the game of drawing Dragon Ball portraits (like the Kaioshin one here), and that was really amusing to see how the cartoonists were turning visitors to manga's characters on the paper :)

Brigitte Lecordier and Eric Legrand with us!

As we've announced it, Brigitte Lecordier (voice of Goku, Gohan and kid Goten and so on) and Eric Legrand (voice of Vegeta, Yamcha, the budokai tenkaichi's commentator and so on) responded to the appeal. Thereby Sunday, we've been honored to be with these two exceptional guests s on our DB Multiverse stand.

Eric Legrand, chatting with Rachid.
Many fans of those comedians crowded in order to have a picture with them

The team speaking

Albertocubatas, special cartoonist :


"I've been many times in a manga and comic event at Barcelone. Both cumulated were not even half of the Japan Expo xD. It was a good experience to be behind the stand and especially make drawings more conceptualized by myself. The fans of multiverse were kind as well as the team.
Without a doubt an experience I'd like to do again :)"

RMR, scenarios advisor:


"For this Japan Expo, as it was the case last year, we had the chance to be housed at Salagir's place. There was Salagir himself, Loic Solaris, Stef84 and Gogeta Jr... I shared the attic with Gogeta Jr and we had the occasion to talk and laugh, that was really nice. The time we spent together having fun was very fun and I'll keep good memories from it.
In the Japan Expo's place there was a friendly ambiance and we really had fun together. I'm therefore happy to have participated to this Japan Expo and to have finally found the joyful team of DBM! Besides Faye the excellent team's color-cartoonist were blowing me wind with a fan! Terrific!"

Loïc Solaris, novelist:


"In comparison of last year... it was better!! Bigger, more professional, more DBM staff and many more fan either ^^. In 2009 I was only there on Sunday, but this year I attended the four days and I could see how big the phenomenon was, so to speak. DBM is on its way and will keep growing for a long time with its dynamic team.
Anyway, I'm dying to be next year!! In the meantime, I can't wait the small conventions such as the TGS in Toulouse. To conclude, I have a word about what the novel I write: I was surprised to see how many people came up to the stand and took the novel instead of the comic, I haven't imagined that possibility and it really makes me feel very happy ^^. Thank you to all my readers and I see you next year for the second volume."

PoF, special cartoonist:

"I had so much fun! I spent one hour to find the stand with this crowd but it was worth it! The organization was worthy of the event! The books were awesome; the printing quality was really good, same for the posters and the T-shirts. Everybody was nice; the staff as well as the readers, from the newly folks to the accustomed. Thank you all folks and I can't wait to see you at the next convention!"

Gokuten, assistant designer:


"Hello everybody, I think few people have noticed me the Thursday first day during the Japan Expo but I was there ^^. It was my first time at the Japan Expo, I am really happy about it, that's an event I recommend to any fans of manga. Very few information though, the line of people in the hall, not enough maps and marks to correctly give directions. The first thought I had was "shambles" lol. Few folks have noticed my DBM T-shirt ^^. But at the end, it was all good. Nice people, very friendly ambiance and this for our stand as well as the entire expo. Better organization of the stands would be welcome for the stands especially ours.
That's said, See you next year!"

Foenidis, Fanfictions:

"So happy I could say hello to everybody for real, besides when I got here I was able to admire the magnificent abdominals of Pof putting on his DBM suit... LOL. A really fun time to see him performing as well as Stef, Alberto, Sim and of course Gogeta Jr... pencils magically slipping onto the paper sheet, characters risen up through the enlighten gaze of the DBM reader who asked who is Gogeta SSJ4... who is Gohan SSJ2 with his fists like that... ^^ Oh and do not forget the lightning! (very important the lightning)
Very fun time with Brigitte Lecordier and Eric Legrand who demonstrated availability and sympathy for anyone who wanted to talk to them... Honestly, thank you for them. Thanks also to all the very cool readers anyone of them... ^^ Anyway, the two days finally ran out so quickly, I regret I didn't spend more time with the team..."

Thibarik, com manager and video guy:

((Thibarik))"I didn't imagine we could do better than last year... but we did it! Sometimes by sticking the walkway! It's always touched to see so many visitors on Sunday to discover DB Multiverse, troubled in front of the tome covers looking like Dragon Ball but mostly unknown, opening it and spend several minutes to read before congratulating the authors. What especially pleased me this year is to see Gogeta Jr grinning, open and communicative. At the first conventions the team were shier :) I noticed this time there was a symbiosis and a more apparent friendly mood.
Sunday was the peak with the attendance of Brigitte Lecordier and Eric Legrand. We had never imagined that such icons of the French anime would have spent time with us who are just independents. Thanks for their support, we hope seeing them soon! And thanks to all of you, readers, who were so many for them too."

Gogeta Jr, creator and cartoonist


For all that's about me, just have a look at the videos.

Salagir, creator and everything else


"We made a better impression than last year! Few people asked us who we were compared to last year. Numbers of top cartoonist and special guests, manga in paper format quite beautiful and I'm telling you, that's a success!
Hey, why do I have such a small text, what's the deal? Well, anyway, I have a better picture!"

Video of the Japan Expo!

Video on the ambiance around the stand and exclusive interview of Gogeta Jr:
There are subtitles!


As every Japan Expo, there were many cosplays! Here are the cosplays Dragon Ball... and a few others!

Translated from French by Zombyan

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