DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 1.

Universe 16's story, or the merging of two lives.

Chapter 1: The end of the fight against Buu

Vegetto stood facing his enemy, his golden hair standing on end. He was sporting the two earrings that had enabled the merging of Goku and Vegeta, as well as the pair of gloves and boots of the latter with a dark blue tunic above an orange shirt tightened at the waist by a belt of the same color. There was a victorious smile on his face as he was thinking of the plan he was about to follow.

'I must free my friends... But how?' wondered Vegetto watching the invicible piece of gum that his opponent was. He had thought of going inside the monster, but what if he couldn't go out? Buu, his fists clenched and an expression of pure rage on his face, growled:

'Damn you! It...'

'… shouldn't have happened?' finished Vegeto, with a sly smile, before resuming. 'Don't worry. I too am surprised...'

Vegetto stopped briefly then spoke again, his smirk widening.

'… that I'm stronger than you now, I mean.'

Buu clenched his fists even more. A vein throbed on his forehead, threatening to explode at any time. Drops of sweat ran down his pinkish face. He whispered a swearword through his clenched teeth before saying out loud:

'You don't give me any other choice...

He concentrated and gathered his strength for his next attack. Vegetto watched him, curious to see what the monster had in mind for him. Buu contracted his stomach and felt a tickling sensation along his esophagus. Finally, he blow out his cheeks and half opened his mouth in order to expel a white substance that seemed to be slightly misty. He repeated the same operation four other times, only faster. Little by little, the floating things took the form of ghosts whose head looked like Buu's. Sniggering, they glared at Vegetto. Behind them, the original Buu exclaimed:

'Take that! The Super Ghost Kamikaze attack!!'

'I see...' said Vegetto, adopting a fighting stance. 'One of Gotenks' technics...'

'You know that one?' statted Buu. 'So you know how powerful it is! If ever they touch you, it'll explode!'

Buu made a big gesture toward the sayan:

'Attack!' he commanded.

The kamikaze ghosts rushed on the warrior that disappeared from their sights. He then appeared on their left, the arm risen in order to throw another attack.

'I've something for you!' he screamed when he lowered his arm.

Five genki balls left it to go crash against the 5 ghosts that exploded as soon that the balls hit their target. Once the steam cleared up, Vegetto said:

'You really thought it would work? It's an attack made by a kid. It looks like you're in a fix.'

Buu shouted in rage.

In the Gods' realm, Rô Dai Kaiô Shin was fulminating:

'Stop playing around. Finish him now, you idiot!! Darn... He has become too strong to take the fight seriously...'

'I'd have hoped you'd be stronger...' said Vegetto, his arms crossed on his chest. 'I'm not even warmed up...'

'That's not fair, you merged!!' exclaimed Buu, throwing himself on Vegetto to deal him a blow with his elbow; but Vegetto blocked the attack with the sole of his boots.

'So what?' retorted the sayan as he blocked other blows. 'Aren't you the one that absorb people?'

After several blows dealt by Buu and blocked by the warrior's feet and knees, this latter said, amused:

'Did you see that? I can defeat you just with my legs!!'

At the same time, Dende was carrying Mr. Satan and getting nearer the place of the fight. He wanted to see who was getting the upper hand and to help Gokû if he could. At times, the vibrations from the fight disrupted his flight, but he paid no attention to it. Satan asked:

'Wh... what is all that noise?'

'It's Goku fighting.' merely replied Dende, pressing the pace.

At that moment, Vegetto blew a very strong kick into Buu's face, breaking his noise at the same time.

'You're so weak!' The super sayan taunted. 'You can't defeat me, whatever you do!'

Both pain and anger left Buu's face and were replaced by a vicious smile.

'Hey... do you like coffee candy?' he asked Vegetto who raised in eyebrows out of surprise.

He threw his antenna toward the Sayan and a great ray came out of it. It reached the warrior head-on, warrior who became a candy and fell into into his opponent's hand. A smile spread on the monster's lip who cried out:

'Yes!! I got you, you bastard!!! And all this because you were too sure of yourself!'

Shibito's eyes opened wide due to surprise and despair as he watched into his crystalball and the oldest one was horrified.

'You idiot! I knew it. All is lost now!'

'Ahah! Now that you're a candy, you're helpless! I'm gonna eat you. It's over for you!' gloated Buu to Vegetto, now in his fist.

He was about to unclench his fist to eat the sayan but it hit his face without warning. Out of pain, he let go of the candy and put his hands to his face. The candy had started flying on his own and a voice came out of it.

'Oops, I'm sorry, but it seems I still am too strong for you. Now, your opponent is the strongest candy of the world. What are you going to do?'

Surprised, Buu looked up to the little ball:


'You are still in trouble.' resumed the candy. 'Now that I'm small, it'll be harder for you do hurt me. Take that!!'

And the candy threw itself on the monster's stomach who bended at the waist, winded, then it went up and hit his chin hard. Buu made a move to catch that candy that kept dealing him blows, but that was easily dodged It entered his mouth, went through the nape of the weakened monster and cut half his antenna in the process.

'Oooh, I'm sorry for that. You said you wanted to eat me, so I went into your mouth, but it seems I cut you... So, do you want some more?'

Livid, Buu gave Vegetto his original form.

'What? You don't want me to remain a candy? It seems you have no trick left...'

Shibito wiped up his brow and sighed of relief. Rô Dai took his cristal ball and yelled:

'Enough of it! Finish him now!!!'

'Well, I'm tired of it all. I'm going to end this. You've ten seconds to make your prayers.' the sayan threatened as he started counting.

What are you waiting for? Vegetto thought. You can't do anything else but that...

Buu had instinctively put his arm in front of his face. Vegetto had just pronounced 5.

What to do now? I have no choice left, I have to absorb him... but how?

Then his face brightened when he remembered that the piece of antenna Vegetto had cut was still laying down there. He made that part levitate behing his opponent's back, opponent who had noticed the danger but who wanted it. When he reached 10, the piece of gum spread all around Vegetto to cover him. He concentrated his strength in order to generate a shield just before feeling his adversary seizing him.

When he opened his eyes, he was inside the monster. He smiled as he wiped up a sweatdrop on his face. He shield had worked! Now he had to free everyone.

At the same time, Buu was gloating. At last, he had absorbed every threat that was on his path. Nothing could prevent him from ruling of the universe now. He'd start with destroying this stupid planet! Then he'd fly to the closest living place and he'd destroy it as well! And he'd do it to every living being! Shibito was on the verge of despair: their one chance to defeat Buu was now ruined. He hit the ground but the oldest one told him:

'He hasn't been absobed, look! Buu didn't change. Vegetto must still be inside...'

With renewed hope, Shibito looked up. Perhaps all was not over yet...

Defeaned by the Djinn's laugh that was echoing in his whole body, Vegetto was enjoying the success of his plan.

'Now I can remove my shield now...'

But a hint of hesitation changed his mind. When he was about to relax his muscles, and with it, his protection, something hold him back. A little 'what if' that rang at his ears managed to convince him not to do it.

For a few seconds, he went around Buu's inner walls when he came upon Trunks, Goten, Gohan and Piccolo, each being emprisonned inside a kind of pink cocoon that was attached to the both ground and ceiling of the maze.

'Well, now I've to get them out of that cocoon and out of here...'

Vegetto reached out toward the cocoons and started to charge an energy ball.

'Come what it may... I'll start with Gohan...'

The pink monster flew into the air and raised his arm toward the sky, a smirk of victory on his lips when something unusual disturbed him: normally, he should transform after the absorbing of anyone. This time shouldn't be any different! He looked down on his hands. What was going on? All of a sudden, he felt a tingling on his spinal cord up to his brain. He caught his head when he felt the stocking place for the people he absorbed grew warmer and started to fear the worse...

When he changed, he looked at his hands which now were fingerless, such as they were when he had the appearance after he had absorbed Piccolo. Dumbfounded, he looked at his clothes. That had to stop right now!

Vegetto was done with the rescue operation and was about to leave the place with everyone when in from of him, he saw... Buu. As a miniature of himself in his own body. Surprised, Vegetto raised his brows. Buu asked him:

'What do you intend to do?'

'To leave with everyone. Why?' Vegetto asked back, sarcastic.

'I won't let you do it!!' screamed Buu.

The sayan merely reached out toward the fleshwall and said:

'Don't do anything rash otherwise I'll make a hole in your body!'

The pink monster smiked.

'Well, do so, I beg you.' he sniggered.

Vegetto furrowed his brows and dropped the two cocoons he had in his right hand to target the wall and threw an enormous energy ball. It carved a small tunnel that quickly closed itself. The sayan opened his eyes wide so astonished he was, then looked at Buu in order to get some explanations. The latter sniggered:

'You're so small. What did you expect? You're here in my territory. Even with my weakened strength, I have the upper hand!'

'Oh well, we just have to weaken it a bit more...' calmly said Vegetto, his arm around the link of a fifth cocoon.

Buu's eyes widened out of fear and he yelled:

'Don't touch that! Do not tear it off!'

'You're affraid? Interesting...' analysed the warrior as he tightened his grip.

'Stop it! I'd not be the same if you tear it off!!'

By way of answer, Vegetto pulled a bit more on the cable. Buu thrusted himself toward him and yelled:

'Do not touch iiiiiiiiiit!'

Before Buu could touch Vegetto, the latter yanked the cocoon that contained the Buu's gentle part. Buu fell on the ground and yelled some more before he melted into the ground. Vegetto sighed, took the cocoon that contained his friends and took off quickly, looking for an exit. Buu's muscles painfully contracted, making the monster scream. Steam was coming out of his skull. He had the impression that a red-hot iron was against his skin.

When the sayan finally found a way out, he went through it fast and was out at last. Vegetto took back his size instantly. Half surprised and half relieved, he put his four friends on the ground before sternly looking back at Buu. Buu was in the middle of the air twisting as if he was convulsing. He was screaming at the top of his voice, his hands on his chest and his throat. Apparently, the extraction of the cocoons wasn't painless. Vegetto admired the monster's changing of shape.

First he grew and became a mountain of gigantic muscles, increasing his strength. Vegetto feared he had made a mistake but Buu grew smaller right then, his muscles seemed to melt, then they lengthened and his features became smoother. He looked like a child. And he was less powerful this time.

Once the transformation was done, Buu stopped screaming, he actually was gasping, and let his arms limp alongside his body. Once he came back to his senses, a sadistic smile brightened his face. He yelled, but not out of pain as before: only a being utterly consumed by madness could have emitted such a yell. Then he aimed at the ground with his arm and threw there a devastating fire ball. Responding immediately, Vegetto threw one of his own ball that collided with the other. The two balls disappeared. Sweating and annoyed, Vegetto bellowed:

'You're out of you mind! Just you wait!'

Buu wasn't paying attention to his opponent, rather he raised his arm in order to prepare a bigger attack. Unfortunately for him, Vegetto quickly went in front of him and put his hand one above the other, joined at the palms and threw an extremely powerful energy wave on his oponent. Buu was entirely burned and his attack was desintegrated. He glared at him but couldn't parry the knee kick that hit his stomach. Thrown farther away, he heard his adversary scream at him:

'Now I'm gonna end this fast!!'

And Vegetto appeared right in front of him and put his hand on him. Buu felt a pang in his stomach then a weird feeling as if a part of him was dying. He opened his eyes and saw that his oponent had made a big hole in his belly. Dumbstruck, he didn't react right away. Vegetto repeated the same attack until all that was left of Buu's body was a tiny bit.

'Farewell! I hope I'll get my revenge when you'll reincarnate into somebody that's good!'

Then he destroyed the last bit with a wave of his hand. Finally the threat was eradicated. Vegetto sighed of relief. His hair became black again, as well as his eyes. He brushed his sweaty forehead and whispered under his breath:

'I did it...'

'He did it!' exclaimed Dende, tears into his eyes. Vegetto put two fingers on his forehead and appeared in the gods' realm. Shibito and Ro Dai Kaiô Shin were there, happier than ever.

'Congratulations, my boy.' said the older one as he patted Vegetto on his back.

Now, it was important to resurrect everyone and to restore the Earth, yet the dragon balls were unusable at the moment due to the wish Bulma had made a few days earlier. Vegetto sighed of disappointment when his look fell on the small namek at his side who was trying to calm the 'champion of the universe' as much as he could. The nameks! Of course! Vegetto, filled with renewed energy, looked up at the sky and screamed:

'Master Kaiô! Do you hear me?'

'Yes,' answered the god. 'I just witnessed your victory over Buu. Congratulations my boy.'

'Thank you master. But now I need your service...'

'What's going on?'

'I'd like you to enable me to speak to the nameks...'

A doubtful silence followed this request. Then Kaiô said:

'I'm not sure it's allowed...'

'Please,' begged Vegetto. 'It's a matter of the utmost urgency.'

'Very well...' granted Kaiô at last before looking for the planet of the nameks.

A few seconds later, Vegetto heard the god:

'It's ok, the link is done!'

'Thank you master! Nameks, do you hear me?'

'We hear you well.' said the voice of the chief in Vegetto's ear.

At that moment, Satan put his hands on his ears and said to Dende with a panicked voice:

'Kid, I'm hearing voice into my head! It's not normal!'

'Hush!' interrupted Dende. 'He's talking to the chief of my people!'

The earthling blinked before turning his attention to the sayan that was staring at the sky with a hopefull look.

'Chief, I need your dragon balls once again to restore my planet and to resurect my people!'

Another crazy guy... thought Mr. Satan as he was trying again to determine from where these voices were coming.

'I've the dragon balls with me. We've increased their powers so now you can resurect as many people as you want! Tell me what you wish and I'll tell it to Porunga!'

'That's great, thanks. First, I want the buildings and the landscape to be as they were before the battles. Then, I want you to resurect all the earthlings, except the criminals. And finally... I want to be two again, Goku and Vegeta.'

Vegetto saw that, all around him, the landscape was reforming, then he felt the ki of all the earthling flood him... He closed his eyes, waiting for the parting... Which didn't come. That's when he heard whispered into his ears:

'I'm sorry, but the parting of your body isn't possible, Porunga isn't powerful enough.'

Vegetto felt his heart missing a beat. He replied then, hoping he was hiding well what he truely felt:

'It's alright. Keep the third wish for you... I don't need it anymore... Thank you for everything chief.'

'Very well. See you later.'

And the link was broken. How was he going to break the news to Chichi and Bulma? Above all, he feared to be a disappointment for his friends and relatives. Vegetto looked at Dende who had started to heal Piccolo and Goten and finished with Trunks. When they were healed, the four men got up almost instantly, looking for a landmark, something they could recognize. Their eyes fell on Vegetto. He smiled at them and held his hand out to them.

'Cling to me, we're going back...'

At god's, there was a loud hubbub...

'If we're here and alive, it means we won, doesn't it?' stammered a hopefull Bulma.

'It'd appear we are.' answered Yamsha. 'I don't feel Buu's ki anymore... On the other hand, there is one that I don't know... And it's a really powerful one.'

'Goku-san's?' asked Chi-Chi, her eyes sparkling.

Krillin shook his head as he replied negatively.

'It feels a bit like his but... I feel Vegeta's in it...'

'Vegeta? You've news of Vegeta?' screamed Bulma, desperate.

'Errrr... I don't know... I don't really understand.' babbled the fighter.

'I understand what you mean, Krillin.' reassured Yamcha. 'It's true it's weird. It's... familiar and... warm... as Goku but... It's also withdrawn and... melancholic... as Vegeta.'

'Aaarg! I'm fed up with being the only one who doesn't understand anything!' grumbled Bulma.

'So am I...' sighed Chi-Chi.

'There he is.' exclaimed Krillin.

All the fighters assumed combat position, excepting to see a new opponent. Vegetto, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and Dende appeared in the middle of the group.

'Videl, my girl!' exclaimed Satan as he pounced on his progeny.

'Who is that guy?' asked Videl as she pointed Vegetto, ignoring her father at the same time.

There was a sheer silence. Then the Sayan spoke.

'They used the Potara earrings.'

'The what'? Asked both Bulma and Chi-Chi.

'Potara earrings.' repeated Vegetto. 'It's a pair of earrings that enable the merging of two people... for good.'

Chi-Chi fainted. She hoped she'd have her husband back. As for Bulma... well, she remained silent.

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