DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 32.

King Cold was suffering from his deepest recesses… and he hated it! With his mind numbed by the pain and the incredibly powerful waves of ki he was trying to contain hitting him, he was having trouble concentrating. He still had to. Not here, not now, not like this! He had to stop his frenzy before it consumed his entire being, which was essential to his precious power!

Son Goku was right. Completely focused on the battle against his own strength, the alien was no longer concerned with anything that surrounded him… He wasn't even conscious of the the formidable attack of the pesky vermin swarming around his ever-thickening aura.

"AaaAAAAhh!" Such power was enough to make anyone, anything seem like nothing, though harnessing it was an entirely different matter… such a cruel fate it was for the king! But the day will come when he will have tamed and muzzled this exceptional gift… and on that day, it won't just be mere galaxies that will tremble at the sight of his shadow, but the entier universe from one point to another, with his borders indefinitely expanding!

However, now wasn't the time for philosophy: "STOOOOOOOP!"

— "We have to help him."

— "What, are you nuts?!"

His gold-haired friend's suggestion had taken Kulilin by so much surprise that his retort had sounded before he could even process what had been said. He'd truly spoken out of his heart!

— "Explain yourself," ordered the tall Namekian, wearing a look darker than had ever been seen on his face before.

Tenshinhan remained silent, but his three eyes were fixated on the Saiyan and the look on his face suggested he was of the majority's opinion.

— "I think I understand what he means…" began Chiaotzu.

— "So do I, continued Yamcha. We can clearly see that he is struggling to avoid this new transformation. If he really wanted this evolution to happen, he wouldn't be fighting to contain it.."

— "Yeah well, as Goku already told us: this horned degenerate has lost all control over his damn power. This is no reason to just help him become even more powerful than he already is! We can just let him implode, and call it a job well-done!" grumbled Kulilin, wearing a look of pessimism.

— "The problem is, if he goes past a critical point, there's no chance he'll just implode." released Piccolo, as if declaring their death sentence.

The little bald monk's face first began to lose its pink tone to have a purple shade replace it, soon to just turn to a pale as white as the ass of an IT specialist. He stammered, as if he didn't want those words to exist:

— "You… You mean that he could just… all of us, the whole planet?"

— "And definitely the Otherworld, as well, judging from all the power contained in there." affirmed Son Goku, with an Olympian calmness.

— "Well, then… It's not that you guys are a bummer to be around, but I think I'd like to spend my last remaining minutes alive with my girlfriend…" fanfared Yamcha, wearing the same shade of pale as Kulilin.

— "Which one?" said the former monk with an ironic tone, happy to have found a chance to distract himself from the panic slowly taking over him.

Piccolo's imperial voice rung:

— "Enough of this! What do you suggest we do?" he said, turning to his former enemy.

— "Yes, please, tell us you have figured out a way out of this." whimpered the little Chiaotzu, whose red cheeks seemed to pulse under the pressure of terror.

— "I'll explain to you all… this should do the trick…" declared the tall Saiyan with an insolent good mood.

Cold's immense body was twisting under the myriad of convulsions caused by the unbearable pain. His guts, his spirit were molting… The temptation to just let everything go, to end this nightmare. Yes… releasing this fires from hell that were devouring his very being, that would feel so good! Calm, well-being, silence, at last. NO! Surrendering would just lead him to the gates of his own death. The millennial Saiyan had already survived the explosion of one planet, and he seemed even more powerful than he was on Namek. There was no way he'd would just give him victory on a silver. A demi-god will not be beaten by an accursed monkey!

"A voice…?"

"But… What is… ?!"

Suddenly, having froze, like a colossal statue in complete confusion, King Cold couldn't believe it.

The internal fires that raged within him, torturing him, began to calm, with the appeasing waves of some kind of unknown chanting, diffused, bathed his nerves on the verge of snapping in gentle serenity… the extent of its grasp was such that it made him forget his anger and the battle taking place. He suddenly felt the irrepressible need for calmness and sensuousness. Slowly, just as he began to regain control of his breathing, his energy doze to regain their place in each of his cells, with the non-nonchalance of a cat sitting down for a nap.

Several yards after from where he stood, away from the monstrous king's reach, a being concentrated the power accumulated from centuries of wisdom and concentration as he bent under the incredible amount of effort that this ordeal imposed. Never before had Kami brought his psychic powers to such a level of intensity. He was almost convinced he wouldn't be able to penetrate the mind of the alien submerged in his internal conflict. Eyes shut, ever piece of his being pointed towards his target, Kami bathed evil incarnate in waves of benevolence to save the world the world he'd accepted responsibility for centuries ago.

He had almost rejected the Saiyan's proposal to come to their aid… but he'd realized, after a few moments to reflect, that there was no other way. Though perfectly capable of teleporting himself, Kami had used this opportunity to test out this means of transportation brought back by his former students trip on space: truly effective! Hopefully Son Goku's plan will work as effectively as his optimism lets on! Helping the monster regain control over his energy was one thing, but Kami knew full well that he wouldn't be able to completely control a spirit as strong as this one.

Slowly, the aura surround Cold began to brighten only to diminish before completely disappearing. The monarch, petrified for a moment in a position in which Kami's intervention had surprised him, calmly straightened his posture while he lowered his hands. His gaze swept with restore majesty the surroundings

At quite a distance were the majority of pathetic natives of this planet. Standing closer to him, a ridiculous dwarf, seemingly petrified by fear, right next to the mangy primate: the millennial Saiyan.

A faint smirk formed on the corner of the interplanetary tyrant's lips. Not only had he never felt this good, but soon he will have one of the finest warriors he had ever known at his disposal!

The Saiyan was smiling as well. The nerve of these vermin! Good riddance. Humiliating him will makes things all the more satisfying. Watching a defeated fighter cry in rage was infinitely more delicious than hearing a coward whimper. That was more of an annoyance than anything else. There's no point to it when their only real battle was with fear itself. This was the reason he would make quick work of all those who stood against him. Without any real suffering, there is no pleasure in elongating their deaths. Besides, killing one before a sound even leaves the thresholds of their mouths always leaves the others paralyzed in fear… it always got him in a pleasant mood to see them sweat and put up a facade of resistance while they were really wetting their pants. Power! Such was the ultimate form of pleasure!

Yes, King Cold was in an excellent mood. One in which he could see the entire universe at his feet, and he was going to begin right away!

Finally, a question trouble him, however:

— "Well played. I am, however, curious as to how you managed this…"

Indeed, if this Saiyan happened to have the ability to have him finally control his power, this brought many interesting scenarios into perspective. He had done well to keep him alive so far, after all.

— "Me? I didn't do anything. replied Goku with simplicity. I think you've seen what there was to see here, and it would be wise to leave it at. I'll let you return to your own people, as long as you accept to leave this planet in peace."

A moment with any reaction, then Freeza father was brutally shaking his gigantic body in thunderous laughter. He laughed as such for a some time, throat flipped inside-out, horns tilted back, before stopping as suddenly as he had begun.

Without uttering so much as a word, he sent a blast veering straight for the insolent wretch.

In a simple hand gesture, Son Goku sent the blast flying away until it lost itself in the clouds.

— "I'm not kidding!" he pointed out, hardening the look on his face.

— "Neither am I, the king coldly retorted. I am in a very good mood, don't let this opportunity go to waste. Follow me without another word, and I'll integrate the planet as part of my network without laying a finger on its inhabitants."

He made sure to not mention that those who had dared defy him weren't part of this agreement. He was feeling generous, but more than that would be pushing their luck.

There were strong winds, busy playing with the dust of the battlefield, that trouble the few moments that followed. Eyes meeting the others', the Saiyan and the king gauged one another. Each were evaluated their chances to impose their will upon the other…

It was the warrior with the golden aura who finally took the initiative to break the silence.

— "Too bad, I would've liked to not have to use such methods, but you leave me with not other choice. Chiaotzu, it's up to you."

Before the gigantic monarch could recover from his initial surprise, the insignificant dwarf had stretched his hand in front of him, intensely narrowing his eyes.

A tingling sensation starting to run along Cold's entrails, an uncomfortable sensation shortly surpassed by awful, horrifying pain.

With his entrails undergoing harsh punishment, the tyrant tried his best not the bend, but the pain was far too much even for him. It was impossible not to bend in an attempt to contain it.

Further away, Piccolo, with his hand on Kami's shoulder, combined his powers with the guardian's, whose strength was dwindling. Weakening the psychic barriers of such a formidable opponent was crucial to allowing the little Chiaotzu's technique to be effective. Kami had managed to exploit the weakness that was left open during the king's battle with his own self taking place in his mind… The old Namekian was now struggling to use all of his resources to give another opening for Tenshinhan's little friend. All would be lost if he faltered for even a moment. It would be impossible to recreate such an exploit while Cold is in full control of his inhibitions.

The king roared is spams of rage:

— "You will die for this!"

Son Goku approached him, unfazed by his foe's hostility.

— "You're in no position to threaten anyone. You've lost. Considering yourself lucky you're even alive. Leave this place, and never come back."

Cold tried to make a move to shut that insolent monkey's mouth, but he couldn't even stretch his arm in his direction. His hands refused to leave his abdomen subjected the worst of ordeals it had even suffered. Cold sweat ran across his august person as he was going nauseous from shivering. For a little while, if he had to attribute what was happening to him and his loss of control, he couldn't be sure he would have been victorious either way.

Chiaotzu feebly moaned in Goku's back. He lifted his second hand to reinforce the first one. He couldn't hold it for much longer, at this level.

If Goku had understood what that meant, he didn't immediately react. Stupefied by the realization that the tyrant was now struggling to even keep his actual form… the long spikes peering out of his organic shell began to react before slowly retracting. His face, tortured by agony, also began to deform.

In spite of it all, the monarch fought it, and he held on. Surrender was out of the question! Not in front of anyone! Never!

The taste of blood suddenly invaded Cold's mouth.

Terrified, he watched as he instinctively brought his hands to his throat: they were covered in the purple of his royal blood.

He fixated one final time the Saiyan standing in front of him… not only was he certain to not have seen him make any move, but the cretinous look on his face seemed to confirm he wasn't the author of this felony. Then, who had it been? Who had dared shoot him in the back?

The giant collapsed.

He used the last of his strength in an ultimate effort. He will not die with his face in the dirt! Having managed to roll on his side, he lifted his eyes to behold, right before light in his eyes vanished forever, the renegade Saiyan who watched him die with a cruel smile on the corner of his mouth.

Picture by:

Dr Bird       37

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