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Paan013MY2011-08-03 Comment this?

What if ...

Vegetto-ZoDES2011-08-02 Comment this?

Adult Gotenks and Gogeta SSJ3
Who would win?

Gotenks Adulto y Gogeta ssj3
¿Quién sería el ganador?

HolkenFR2011-07-29 Comment this?

Cold dans sa forme originelle.

Ensuite voici un combat, Baddack ssj contre Cold.

ArguvandalBE2011-07-25 Comment this?

Just a little medium shot of the new bardock, made with MS Paint :)

(2011-10-31) An update of my earlier work , i hope you like it :-)

ALFEN2011-07-21 Comment this?

shipahnCR2011-07-19 Comment this?

Can Evil emperor survive to the hardest fight of his life? drawn in pencil and coloured with gimp Dragon Ball © Akira Toriyama.

AsuraFR2011-07-18 Comment this?

Bonjour a toute l’équipe DBM voici quelques fanarts:
-Videl de l'univers 9
-Freeza et Cold de l'univers 8

TheProPL2011-07-15 Comment this?

Moje 2 pierwsze rysunki videl i goku

CHAOTICEN2011-07-11 Comment this?

ENGLISH: i did not trace this drawing and i am only 14.
FRENCH: je n'ai pas recopié ce dessin et j'ai seulement 14 ans

ToméPT2011-07-03 Comment this?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Also I think Videl (U 16/18) used to look better with long hair. Don't you all agree?

+ Just a quick draw of Bra.

TrajanoBR2011-07-02 Comment this?

Un des combats les plus attendus. Vegetto et Broly.
See it on D.A.

Lamar Wells/ trunks24US2011-06-30 Comment this?

love ur dbm fan comics keep em coming.

you can c more of my dbz or dbm art here

TrueMGD2011-06-30 Comment this?

The one and only King Cold in his 3th form. Hope to see more forms of him, Salagir and Gogeta Jr :)
Took 2,5 hours to draw.

NadjoWPT2011-06-24 Comment this?

I have to thank you guys for making an awesome fight with my two favorite characters (Vegetto vs Broly).

Keep up the good work. ^^

CrakowerFR2011-06-20 Comment this?

Alors vu que c'est la fin du chapitre sur la team Bojack!
Un cadeaux pour Berrizo et la team.

ZeroFR2011-06-17 Comment this?

je ne sais pas si il sera accepté vu que c'est juste Goku mais bon je l'envoi quand même,on verra bien :p
je vous souhaite bon courage pour la japan expo et merci encore pour dbm :)
désolé de n'avoir pas plus travailler sur le dessin,
j'aime bien les aspects crayonnés (même si j'aime aussi les dessin clean et tout lol)

Paan013MY2011-06-12 Comment this?

black and white
See it on D.A.

kotenka_CN2011-06-11 Comment this?

Chibi Bejito and Broly!
Try to use sort of a different way to paint the color!!

Paan013MY2011-06-11 Comment this?

Thanks to Salagir DBM special that I got the idea to draw this.... Can Broly handle the heat ? :P

See on D.A.

BladePL2011-06-01 Comment this?

Vegetto ssj2
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