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kikitosamES2020-05-29 Comment this?

imagen coloreada de vuestro comic

ArchibaldFR2020-05-26 Comment this?

La page 1721, revue et corrigée par mes soins... je me suis bien marré à faire ça !! Il faudrait vraiment relancer la parodie... ça manque.

YokoFR2020-05-25 Comment this?

Une autre version du minicomic n°102 pour ceux qui sont - comme moi - gênés à la vue des 2 dernières cases

DimaneitorcomicsES2020-05-23 Comment this?

Torneo de los Vargas del Universo 10

Pan, hija de Ten Shon Gokuhan. La fusión triple metamoru de Ten Shin Han, Gohan y Goku para derrotar a Buu.

Ouroboros NL2020-05-19 Comment this?

pollo_baconES2020-05-18 Comment this?

gohan dragon fist

kaledAR2020-05-16 Comment this?

un pequeño encuentro????

kaledES2020-05-16 Comment this?

cakarot y la pandilla

Roninsaiyan3JP2020-05-16 Comment this?

Son Bura(Majin)

Natalia pradoES2020-05-09 Comment this?

Hola esta mi dibujo lapiz espero les guste dbm u18 bra ssj2 vs u16 majin bra ssj2

Ouroboros NL2020-05-04 Comment this?

Lets start with a small reminder as Round 1 was ages ago!

Not something i am proud of a bit of tracing for some flashbacks (it was either that or just post the real panel.)

Almost there just one page and we go to the orginal stuff... but be warned it will take a few pages these guys will be back at Universe 10.;

@fventurartPT2020-04-27 Comment this?

Vegeta from universe 13, first time super sayan(as he said, turned in the battle againnt frieza), namek saga drawing style!

Ouroboros NL2020-04-26 Comment this?

Man did i get some trouble choosing how to start, just where Universe 10 left in the story? Already in there own universe? Ready to enter the ship?

I decide to start a few moments earlier, not expecting many people to read this but.
Lets start with a small reminder as Round 1 was ages ago!

DimaneitorcomicsES2020-04-18 Comment this?

Torneo de los Vargas del Universo 10

Si flipasteis por la primera vez que mostraron los pies de un namekiano, flipareis con la primera fusión triple de la historia de dragon ball que no es cutre!!

浪人サイヤ人スリーJP2020-04-13 Comment this?


Ouroboros NL2020-04-10 Comment this?

Maybe i could draw the Universe 10 story for fun.
So i will be taking my sweet time drawing the story how mighty King Vegeta as he attempts to conquer planet Namek.

As it does in the novel.

With a few changes... mostly that Nameks have good hearing they would have picked up the betrayal in know time.

gilles budFR2020-03-30 Comment this?

Ep 25. Babidi attack partie 2
En couleur - Doublé en Français.
Full color - Subtitled in english - Dubbed French
See the whole series - Voir toute la série

DimaneitorcomicsES2020-03-28 Comment this?

Cell Carcolh

Un momento... ¿Donde están A-17, A-18 y Yamcha? ¿Y no notáis a Cell un poco más grandote?

lennyHU2020-03-23 Comment this?

dbm u18 bra vs u18 majin bra
eza kép azt mutatja hogy minden csillagharcosban meg van a lehetőség a super harcosá válásra
dbm u18 bra vs u18 majin bra
this image means that every saiyan can earn a super warrior

RzkoolCO2020-03-15 Comment this?

Que pasaria si estas peso pesados se encuentran:
Kefla vs Son Bra
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