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Your ki control is very impressive, unnaturally impressive.

You were able to keep your energy at a consistent low level despite the pressures of battle. And at the end you released it all in an instant only to charge it back up in another instant. These are things that even I would have a very hard time doing.

How did you manage such a high level of ki control with barely any training as of late?

I’m not sure, it just felt like intuition you know. In a fight you just do what you feel works.

Intuition doesn’t explain your capability to do it in the first place.

Regardless of how strong you may be, you generally still need to train to develop skills like ki control.

I think it’s obvious now that Blanco is not a simple power up, which is why you’ve felt some oddities regarding it.

I believe your new form provides you with ‘unnatural talents.’ So far we’ve seen that it affects your ki control, but there could be more this form does.

You’ve also been fighting rather well for not having fought for a long time. While I’d like to think that may be your saiyan blood’s doing, this form could also be allowing you to instinctually fight at a higher level than normal.
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November 15th

Three minicomics and a special on Bojack!

[img][img]On december 1st, starts a series of 3 minicomics about Saiyans daily life in universe 3.

After this, a special chapter on Bojack by TôMaBYou!

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