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Finally healed, Gokû followed after them, but would arrive 6 days late!

Would he get there in time? Gohan had already been noticed while saving the life of a Namek child...

They barely escaped Dodoria, who believed he killed them.

The little Namek was named Dende. He gave his trust to the Earthlings.

Suspicious, Freeza asked to see the bodies!

Grrr... I'm good for a dive!

...so there are only two groups of Nameks left that still have their Dragon Ball.

We've got to warn them. I'll head to the village where we felt the others; it's just over there.

I must see our Grand Elder! It's very far from here, but I have to go.

I'm coming with you! You can't go alone!
Here are the first consequences of the death of Vegeta that are visible to our heroes.
In DBZ at this time, our heroes get out of the cave and feel that Vegeta is killing a village. They decide to keep a low profile, but here Kulilin decides to visit this Namek village. Dende still wants to see the Grand Elder. For a change, it's Gohan who accompany him.
In DBZ , the trip to the Grand Elder is made by foot, taking several days, so that Vegeta won't find them. Here, they can fly at full speed, because Freeza's men don't have scouters.
In addition, Dodoria is not killed by Vegeta.

Asura er tilbage på en special, før turneringen

[img][img]På grund af et par personlige mål, er vi lidt bag tidsplanen for det næste turneringskapitel. Bare rolig, vi arbejder hårdt på det! Men vi har brug for noget mere tid. Så, det næste DBM kapitel bliver endnu en special. Savner du Asura? Bare rolig, han tegnede den :)
Næste gang, vil vi følge Son Goku og hans venners eventyr da Coola lander på Jorden.


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