DB Multiverse

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So, you’re the Tsuful who annihilated the Saiyans of his universe.

Does that make you mad?

You know, your anger means nothing compared to...

No. You did well.


The Tsufuls were weak, they didn't deserve to live.

If you could destroy the Saiyans in your universe, that means they were even weaker. Good riddance.

This is exactly why your race should be exterminated! You're all monsters!

I took care of the ones back home, and now I must move on to the rest!!

You’re in for trouble.

I finished off the person who killed all my universe's Saiyans myself.

Are you talking about this one and his little family?


DB Multiverse
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[FR] Asura on Twitch!
In 5小时, 29分
25 六月


[img][img]This one-shot by Sayazur, Malpha, and other helpers, will start on Monday the 1st, and will release at two pages per week!

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