DB Multiverse

So... it's you...
I can't fight you, Ô, bringer of death and destruction.
You can kill me.
Oh, I will.
But you may want to hear me first.
The survival of your people depends of it.
Pff... Die.
Some lives and destinies can change with a single and simple event. In universe 18 and many others, Baddack has killed this man and didn't care much about it. A few days after, Dodoria would have attacked his unit, and, sole survivor, he would have got back on Vegeta, only to be killed personally by Freeza, at the same time destroying the planet.
But in universe 3, Baddack decided to hear him out. Just... just to know.
I saw your future... and it's just as dark as ours.
You will all die, your home planet will be destroyed.
Here we go to this scene when the future sight is given. I've radically changed it from the film, because, I thought it made no sense in the film.

Some random dude can give you the awesome power to read the future by touching you in the back? What the hell?
This is a HUGE power and shouldn't happen so easily! Why didn't the guys in this planet see the future, and fled, then??

Anyway. In DBM-canon, it's the power only one Kanassian guy has, one particular guy, who summons Baddack to him.

Also, did you see that in the movie, in fact, the visions of Baddack are absolutely of NO USE to him? No really, rewrite the film, without the vision. You see, no difference whatsoever ! Baddack is back to his planet because of Toma telling Freeza's plan. The visions have nothing to do with his decisions and actions.
So that's my point of view : in universe 18 (DBZ) : Baddack didn't have the visions and the film happened the same, minus the visions.
In universe 3, the only one with the visions, things will happen differently.







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