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David DBFR2012-07-13 Comment this?

First pic is a depiction of Nappa making fun of Frieza.
La deuxième image est un peu un calque, ou j'ai réuni 3 images derriere Gohan, lui rappelant ses traumatismes...

Deutschland (Germany)DE2012-06-29 Comment this?

Das ist mein Ausgedachter charakter^^ (und im Hintergrund der Perverse Mutenroshi XD)

pedroPT2012-06-29 Comment this?

Gogeta vc Vegetto

DarkhellIT2012-06-23 Comment this?

disegno di bra super sayan ovviamente di dragon ball multiverse

dbmfan44US2012-06-21 Comment this?

this is what i think will happen later on in the story of DBM, SSJ3 Goku & Vegeta will fuse and fight Vegito

BatrouxFR2012-06-10 Comment this?

Petit regroupement de personnages de DBM.

vegeta jrs FR2012-06-07 Comment this?

fanar de eleim univers 19

BabidiPL2012-06-02 Comment this?

iratacja Goku i Vegety :ich stosunek do Vegetto

BK-81DE2012-05-26 Comment this?

Ghost-Hanasia, as she is about to destroy Planet Vegeta in Universe 10, this the complete Background.
Lineart by Bloodywolf.

BK-81DE2012-05-26 Comment this?

I'K'L's mother... as ugly as possible..! XD

David DBFR2012-05-26 Comment this?

I immagine that in Universe 3, Goku never arrived on Earth... so Piccolo had no problems in becoming king of the planet. After three years of training, he finally surpassed Kami and went to the Palace to finally challenge him... Kami was not powerful enough to keep his evil half from winning
(let me remind you, that if Piccolo hadn't trained, Kami would have beaten him with one finger...)
After defeating him, Piccolo forced Kami to fuse with him, or Popo would die...

my version of King Vegeta's death in universe 3...

Homola GáborHU2012-05-19 Comment this?

Traditional arts

Homola GáborHU2012-05-19 Comment this?

Vegita female, traditional art
(See it on D.A.)

Univerzum 4 Super Buu, traditional art

mistic gohanEN2012-05-14 Comment this?

Videl from Universe 9 dragonball multiverse web comics

Videl's eating some sort of fruit to recharge.

I don't know what I was thinking with the background. I guess I have the ruins of Grease on my mind.

SALAGIR E GOGETA GRPT2012-05-14 Comment this?

eu agradeço ao trabalho de gogeta jr e salagir muiiiiiito obrigado que os capitulos saiao melhos a cada vez!!!!

matyAR2012-05-13 Comment this?

esta es la primera pagina de mi fan comic

bocodamondoEN2012-05-08 Comment this?

DBMultiverse animated Chapter 1

All his videos on Newsgrounds

CrakowerFR2012-05-04 Comment this?

Broly VS Béjito

David DBFR2012-05-01 Comment this?

Challenge de l'Univers 10 entre le père et le fils pour le trône de la planète Végéta. Végéta a profité de la vieillesse de son pére pour pouvoir donner son challenge, c'est pour ceci que j'ai décidé de fair voir que le Roi est plus ancien...

Vegeta challenged his father when he was old enough, seeing that his father was getting weaker and weaker with age for the throne...this explaining why I made King Vegeta look more weary and wounded than his son.

Quando notó che suo padre era diventato troppo vecchio lo sfidó a duello, per mostrare questo ho disegnato il Re piú stanco e ferito di suo figlio...

See it on D.A.

gotenpitsuFR2012-04-26 Comment this?

Alors un ptit délire sur l'intérieur de SuperBuu et ce que pourrais donner le combat Piccolo Daimao/G.Carcolh d'après moi.

Mes dessins sur D.A.
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