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Arguvandal - 7 Fanarts

ArguvandalBE2012-03-16 Laisser un commentaire ?

Hi it's me again :-) I decided to suggest a couple of new fanarts form me, pick the best ones ^^

First one is the saiyans landing at frieza planet #97 after the battle on namek.
The second one is kakarot and raditz with a burning earth city in the background
Last one is SSJ Vegeta pounding 100 % frieza

Keep up the good work!



ArguvandalBE2011-12-05 Laisser un commentaire ?

Hi it's me again with some fanarts from universe 13.
First is just a shot of the four saiyan when they arrive on Namek. In the second one they ambush Zarbon and his men. While Kakarot and Raditz kill off Zarbon's followers, Nappa and Vegeta are going in for the kill.

ArguvandalBE2011-07-25 Laisser un commentaire ?

Just a little medium shot of the new bardock, made with MS Paint :)

(2011-10-31) An update of my earlier work , i hope you like it :-)
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