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Special on universe 9!

AT LAST! The universe of the Earthlings, universe 9!
(also contains bits of universe 3)
It begins Friday, on April 26th.

Behold, the chapter the most chaotic ever created on DBM. The following people worked in it, in this order:
- neogen10, 2 pages then gave up.
- Bruno Moens, 3 pages then gave up.
- PoF, 4 pages then gave up.
(so there, I said to myself, in 20 cartoonist, we're good!)
- JanembasCandyHell, the 4 first pages.
- Juan Nasser, many pages.
- Veguito, many pages, and cover color.
- Alo Im Jay, one color.
and of course Salagir, who modified and re-organized several bits of chapters to get to this result.
Loic Solaris and Stef84 participated to the original story.

For after, no worries, Veguito will continue doing many, many pages!

Any comment unrespectful of any of these authors will be deleted.

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