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Homola Gábor
19 Fanarts

Homola GáborHU2017-02-06 Comment this?

This is an "animation" of 51th chapter of DBM.
I colored almost every page about it, but I got some help from Schalepetri and Argelios. It took a lot of time to do it.


Homola GáborHU2016-06-29 Comment this?

My new drawings! I hope you like them.

Homola GáborHU2013-11-12 Comment this?

U8 King Cold Vs U3 Bardock
old version: http://homolagabor.deviantart....ngCold-vs-BardockSSJ-379694634

Homola GáborHU2013-11-07 Comment this?

U6 Girls: Jet,Syd,Kat,Mai.

Homola GáborHU2012-05-19 Comment this?

Traditional arts

Homola GáborHU2012-05-19 Comment this?

Vegita female, traditional art
(See it on D.A.)

Univerzum 4 Super Buu, traditional art

Homola GáborHU2011-10-14 Comment this?


Homola GáborHU2011-01-15 Comment this?

See it on D.A.

Homola GáborHU2010-09-22 Comment this?

See it on D.A.

Homola GáborHU2010-06-02 Comment this?

I snatched a detail out from one of the sides of your comic strip, and I embellished it:)
See it on D.A.

Homola GáborHU2009-10-31 Comment this?

Kakarotto in SSJ3
It would be looked at with pleasure one SSJ3 fight.
I hope so i like it my drawing
See it on D.A.

Re-coloration by Flutch 85130
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