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Trunks!! We’ve been searching for you for years! So this is where you’ve been hiding all this time!

And it seems you’ve trained a bit. Still, you're nothing compared to us.

You scum. You two existing and sharing the same oxygen as me makes me want to barf.

Be warned, make another step and the organizers won’t save you from my wrath.

Jeez, such macho talk from a pretty boy. Don’t worry, in due time we will kill you just like what we did to your mot-


Leave now. You’ve overstayed your welcome. Me and Trunks want nothing to do with you, is that clear?

So Trunks managed to make a new friend? You're pretty tall and you don't look entirely Human.

Who are you?
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Xeno Black      

Rogeru       80 81 91 92

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15 Novembro

Três minicomics e novo Especial do Bojack!

[img][img]Em 1 de dezembro, teremos uma série de minicomics mostrando as Crônicas de Bardock e o dia a dia dos Sayajins do Universo 3.

Na sequência, teremos o aguardado novo especial do Bojack!
Arte de TôMaBYou!

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