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Dragon Ball foreverBR2010-05-28 Comment this?

Many fusions here...

MiguelhanES2010-05-27 Comment this?

I am the author of a so called webcomic El suceso Nowley.

David DBFR2010-05-23 Comment this?

Alors... ce sont tous des combats imaginaires (suite):
Dai Kaioshin Univers 1 VS Majin Bu Univers 11 (je sais, il a deja participé, mais bon)
Nekomajin Univers 2 VS Karin Univers 9 (j'suis meme pas sur s'il y es dans le 9)

David DBFR2010-05-23 Comment this?

Alors... ce sont tous des combats imaginaires:
Super Namek Univers 7 VS Vegeta Univers 13
Gotenks Univers 18 VS Tiencha Univers 9

Jessy LFR2010-05-11 Comment this?

Voilà un dessin réalisé en colo-feutre de végéto SSJ3 et de Broly

nico jobin-zogoFR2010-05-09 Comment this?

Voila la fusion de Krillin et Piccolo : Kriccolo avec Salgir et Gogeta jr. (en train de manger évidemment puisque c'est un sayen ) et la réaction de Piccolo.Je tiens à préciser que le pauvre Piccolo se remettra de sa crise cardiaque ^^

Karla DuarteES2010-04-08 Comment this?

Why did Kotenka add cat ear and a tail to Salagir ? :)
Well, here is the answer : sometime Salagir draws himself with a Saiyan, Garfield or Marsupilami tail. And sometime without. And yes he happened to draw elves ears too.

BK-81IT2010-03-31 Comment this?

I worked on the 2 drafts about the Saiyans (13) and The Namek (7) by Gogeta.
Yes, I did the Saiyans again, this time bigger and also with Bardock and King Vegeta. I just felt to do it. I traced it again and colored it ex novo. Same with the one with Piccolo and "The Namek" (will he have a name?)
Super Sayans on D.A.
Super Namek on D.A.
(2010-04-11) This time it's a normal fanart about Universe 12... it came into my mind after the special.
U12 on D.A.

Schala SAR2010-03-29 Comment this?

Hi Salagir! My nick's Schala S and I LOVE DBM... I did my own version of U16's Pan & Bra and I decided send it to you for the "Fanart" section in the website... So here comes XD

See it on D.A.

AURONMASTERFR2010-03-19 Comment this?

Voici une fusion humoristique qui pourrait peut-être expliquer le Krilin si puissant que l'on a pu observer avec plaisir il y a quelques chapitres, alors que seulement 10 ans ont passés !
Sa galerie

Emil PetrunovBG2010-03-14 Comment this?

Broly vs Vegetto art :) Some back and forth action.

Kate BEN2010-03-12 Comment this?

Hey, this is a picture of Bra, hope you like it :)

Cheers, Katie :)

JaworPLEN2010-03-07 Comment this?

I made in Paint (sketch/shading/colors) and Gimp (background effects) few days ago a new fanart for DBM - Chibi Br from Universe 16.

Emil PetrunovBG2010-02-19 Comment this?

Fan art of what I see could have happen during the break, Goku visiting Bardock before he left for his universe : )

JuggFR2010-02-15 Comment this?

On retrouve Bra version mèche + cheveux longs, et armure saiyenne.
Il s'agit d'un univers assez proche de l'univers 13 (univers des super saiyans), dans lequel sangoku n'a pas reçu pour mission d'exterminer les terriens, mais plutôt de trouver des femmes pour assurer une descendance au peuple Saiyan, ce qui ajoute donc Gohan, Goten, Trunks et Bra à leur équipe.

[Note de Salagir: normalement je n'accepte pas les "OC" sans rapport avec DBM, ou univers de vos inventions. Celui-là sera une acception.]

Kenny MarijnissenEN2010-01-31 Comment this?

I made a little tribute to DBMultiverse, I hope you like it.

Prince Vegeta and Kakarot of Universe 13 try to copy the fusion dance but fail.

KidAndMoodyEN2010-01-26 Comment this?

Pan and Bra fighting in the nth World Martial Arts Tournament. Bra is based on dragonball multiverse's bra, not DGBT, because she's a much more kickass version.
See it on D.A.

Vegeta JrDE2010-01-23 Comment this?

By Naoufal .

ScarzEN2010-01-21 Comment this?

I sketched out two drawings sometime ago at work. It's based on the earlier chapters your fan comic. I hope you don't mind my oddball sense of humor.

Luned13BZ2010-01-11 Comment this?

Salagir says: I wouldn't normally accept a pixel art with sprites from videos games, but as it's my very first... I display it.

See it on D.A.
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