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IANGJZAR2011-05-28 Comment this?

Espero que les guste, no soy muy bueno pues hace poco comencé en el dibujo de dragon ball, denme consejos por favor para mejorar la cara, la ropa, y por favor ayuda con los brazos por que me salio uno mas largo que el otro envienmelos por mail y se los agradecere mucho...

HolkenFR2011-05-23 Comment this?

Voici Yamcha, Kulilin et Tenshinhan de l'univers 9 de DBM.

BladeBE2011-05-16 Comment this?

I saw people talking about wanting to see that page in a more Akira Toriyama Style.. So i thought i "quickly" made this... Enjoy =)

ICP´BRBR2011-05-12 Comment this?

Bom, estou enviando dois desenhos simples que fiz sobre o capítulo 17... este site é maravilhoso!

CrakowerFR2011-05-12 Comment this?

Voilà un bout fait à partir de celui de sharaz!

KaboomEN2011-05-09 Comment this?

Hey, fanfiction is fanfiction and all. No worries. But from a more realistic standpoint... I think we all know what would happen.

A Person SpeakingEN2011-05-08 Comment this?

Drawings of Bojack and Zen Buu using MS Paint and Paint.Net. Originally the Bojack image was supposed to be a redrawing of the title page for "Bojack Gang's Victory" but instead I opted just to draw Bojack himself.

I then decided to draw my favorite DBM character, Universal Majin Buu, AKA Zen Buu. It's also why there's more detail in the Buu pic too.

Hicham.KMR2011-05-04 Comment this?

slt gogeta jr et salagir ^^ voici un cell pour vous de l’univers 17 seul sur terre avec c'est cell Jr entrain de passer la journée espérant que vous l'aimer.

Asgard-RavenPT2011-05-04 Comment this?

Pan SSJ Multiverse made to DragonBall-PT

SONXAVIERAR2011-05-01 Comment this?

Que tal amigos dragonboleros. Les escribo desde Argentina para sumarme a su galeria de arte, con este dibujo de dragon ball multiverse. Aun esta en boceto pero pronto lo entintare y coloreare, para luego subirlo. No va a ser el unico, tengo otros en mente. Desde ya muchas gracias por tan buen trabajo y los felicito. Saludos

RitonBE2011-05-01 Comment this?

C'est du bon taf que vous faites les gars c'est vraiment bien foutu
keep up the good work^^

ñoñoES2011-04-29 Comment this?

JDAGGSUS2011-04-25 Comment this?


HikariUS2011-04-25 Comment this?

This drawing is a tribute to Pan, she's my favorite character. Srry for the error on it though, it's universe 18 not 16

IbraES2011-04-20 Comment this?

Bueno pues aqui dejo un dibujo hecho por mi ( copiado nunca calcado ) donde aparecen Bra ssj2,Vegetto ssj2 y Gohan en su forma definitiva. Tambien aparecen Broly y Bu en un plano como enemigos emergentes, un saludo y seguid asi que el manga os esta quedando perfecto.
PD: Yo creo que tendriais que darle mas bombo a Gohan y a chiby Bu ya que supuestamente es el Bu mas poderoso, bueno un saludo gente.

David DBFR2011-04-19 Comment this?

Hi..... I'm David, from the italian section, you can also see my drawings here.

Ora, voi italiani voi della sezione italiana vi chiederete:
"Perché Kakaroth indossa un mantello?"

Questo é perché é diventato un Super Saiyan quando Ginyu ferí Radish, e uccise Ginyu mentre cercava di attaccare Vegeta ..... Dopo di che, è tornato normale e siccome era esausto, Vegeta, che ora considera Kakaroth come il suo più fedele soldato, gli diede il mantello per tenerlo caldo.

"Ma a quel punto, chi è più forte da Super Saiyan, Vegeta o Kakaroth??"

Vegeta, perché la trasformazione in Super Saiyan aumenta semplicemente il vostro livello di potenza: Vegeta era più forte di Kakaroth, ma non era più forte di Ginew. Kakaroth da Super Saiyan, era forte quanto Ginyu. Grazie alla Zenkai"power, il loro potere aumentó, e il risultato è che:
-Da Super Saiyan, Vegeta è potente quanto Re Cold.
-Da Super Saiyan, Kakaroth è forte come la terza forma di Freezer ...

NamPL2011-04-18 Comment this?

This is my (3 image) image of Super Namekian. In real this image looks better than in this image ^^

edstirEN2011-04-13 Comment this?


After reading the team using armor talking about how they could destroy Broly in one hit, I wondered how it would actually happen? And how invincible is Broly really then? I thought of different situations that might be possible. Maybe they have technology that forces Sayans out of Super Sayan form. But then, that would take two attacks, and even so, maybe it doesn't apply to Legendary Sayan form. So then how do you beat Broly?

What I think is simply if Broly sustains high enough damage in a single attack, maybe, MAAAAYBE he could be injured. If he is invincible, he wouldn't die. He would just eventually get hurt, maybe even get tired. So what situation would this happen in? Well, what if Vegito went full power from the very start of their fight? He decided he wouldn't risk Broly going out of control and would end it with a full powered strike.
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