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News: פרק מיוחד על יקום 1

Last time, he survived the sun. There are much hotter ones like a Wolf-Rayet star (*)...
But... We need something more definitive.
I remember the Kaioshin technique, I saw it... Yes...
You and I are going for a little trip!
(*) Remember Gohan is in there, and he studied many things! The sun surface temperature is 5,600° celsius, and a Wolf-Rayet star can be at 200,000°. We also have *bigger* stars than the sun, more than 1,500 times, but they are actually less hot.


DB Multiverse
עמוד 1915
Namekseijin Densetsu
עמוד 39

פרק מיוחד על יקום 1


פרק מיוחד קצר מאוד על הוארגאס!

צוייר על ידי dsp27, הוא מתחיל ביום ראשון ה-18.
טוען תגובות...
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