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BK-81DE2016-12-22 מגיב את זה?

Meine Version vom Titelbild vom Kapitel 18

BK-81DE2014-08-30 מגיב את זה?

All the Super Saiyan-competitors of the tournament!

BK-81IT2012-08-31 מגיב את זה?

Pan VS Kakarotto !

BK-81DE2012-08-10 מגיב את זה?

Old Tenshinhan from U9

BK-81DE2012-05-26 מגיב את זה?

Ghost-Hanasia, as she is about to destroy Planet Vegeta in Universe 10, this the complete Background.
Lineart by Bloodywolf.

BK-81DE2012-05-26 מגיב את זה?

I'K'L's mother... as ugly as possible..! XD

BK-81IT2011-03-11 מגיב את זה?

A fake cover that I made following the indication of a member of the italian DBM-forum. I re-used the layout of the other cover... Kaddish (the commissioner) wanted me to show a hypotetical cover of Universe 8 , when Freezer killed ALL the Saiyans in one. We don't know what ideas do you have for this Universe, so I guess it's wrong. XD But I illustrated the idea because I found it interesting.

See it on D.A.

BK-81IT2010-03-31 מגיב את זה?

I worked on the 2 drafts about the Saiyans (13) and The Namek (7) by Gogeta.
Yes, I did the Saiyans again, this time bigger and also with Bardock and King Vegeta. I just felt to do it. I traced it again and colored it ex novo. Same with the one with Piccolo and "The Namek" (will he have a name?)
Super Sayans on D.A.
Super Namek on D.A.
(2010-04-11) This time it's a normal fanart about Universe 12... it came into my mind after the special.
U12 on D.A.

BK-81IT2009-10-21 מגיב את זה?

No, this series isn't forgotten !!
See it on D.A.

BK-81IT2009-08-09 מגיב את זה?

BK-81 took Gogeta Jr's draft on what could have been chapter's 6 cover, and finished it entirely!
See it on D.A. -
See black & white version

She also did the other draft : did Babidi won in his universe like this? Who knows...
See it on D.A. -
See black & white version

BK-81IT2009-07-24 מגיב את זה?

Universe 13 again by BK-81!
See it on D.A.

BK-81IT2009-07-18 מגיב את זה?

Kakaroth facing Goku (or vice-versa) with the others in the BG; they are in monocrome to give a contrast to the 2 saiyans, like a "frozen-time" moment. (i hope i did it right)
I tried to use a color sceme of Toriyama-san for Goku and Kakaroth, i like this quite well.
Image on DA

BK-81DE2009-05-08 מגיב את זה?

Time for new pics !
Uub Vs Tidar
Nail Vs Recoom
Trunks vs Cooler

BK-81DE2009-04-24 מגיב את זה?

i struggeled a lot in coloring I'K'L and his mom... o.O i spent 5
hours in coloring and recoloring... at the end this was the coloring a
had im mind when i saw it the first time. it's not pink! its a sort of
red, not so sharp like Jeice, but more on the orange side.
Links on Deviant-Art:
C17 vs I'K'L,
South Kaioshin vs Burter (V2),
Bujin vs Majin Buu

BK-81DE2009-04-12 מגיב את זה?

I started a series showing all the matches seen 'till now, like cover. So draw characters i never draw, like Nail or Jeeth.
Links on Deviant-Art:
Nappa vs Cargot,
Freezer vs Jeeth,
Goku vs Mahissu

BK-81DE2009-03-29 מגיב את זה?

BK-81DE2009-01-20 מגיב את זה?

i struggeled more than i thought, but in the end i got it. i know there are some errors in there, but i hope the whole pic works.
PS: i dared to make little change: Pan is wearing an armless shirt under her Gi... when i wear my Karate-gi i wear a shirt under it... to prevent unwanted... showing ^^
See Art page

BK-81DE2008-11-20 מגיב את זה?

It's Goku and Uub... ^^
(i'm a user of Deviantart too.... BK-81)
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