DB Multiverse

Toriyama wants it all
Do you really believe that  the Toei... 
...has more decisional powers than me, Akira Toriyama?
Too bad you are in a comic created by...
....my devoted fans!!!
Don’t you think to be an uncomfortable character for a fan-comic?
They have destroyed Dr. Myuu, the Tuffle Baby and the whole GT universe with mere willpower!!!
...I'm still here ...
Why aren't they deleting you? ...I don't understand.
Your megalomaniac delusions are funny...
... but the Tuffles are more convincing...
Hey... but what...
Why are they erasing me...
Great! He was a dangerous opponent... with that mask I would have never been able to defeat him with the destron gas...
And so, Dr. Raichi convinced Salagir and Gogeta Jr. to redraw this page, so that Akira Toriyama was forced to surrender.

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