DB Multiverse

So… Now give me back my gender and my powers…
I'll need them against real opponents…
Good girl…
Hey!! Why am I still the same?!
I’m still a woman!
Are you trying to fool me, stupid bitch???
No! I swear! I don’t understand that either!!
Cut the crap!! Do something!!
I’m sorry! It just isn't working… Please, give me some more time, please…!
Shit! That was careless! It's like I acted on some stupid instinct…
A-and how do I change back now???
Do I have to stay a woman for life???
Look at our princess!!!
Hey, Kakarotto, is this hilarious or what?
Wait, where's…?
Not one single word, Kakarotto…!!
Bear my child!!
KYAAAHH!!! Fuck off, you jerk!!!
Damn… what a horrible nightmare…!
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BK-81       64 65


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