DB Multiverse

So, a lot of strong guys here, huh? Looks like we won’t be getting too far in the tournement, eh?
I know. What was the point of coming?
But you’re a fusion of Tien and Krillin. You should actually be pretty strong compared to some of these other guys.
Are you kidding? When that Vegetto guy went SSJ3, I nearly wet myself!
I didn’t need to know that...
Quick, shut up! He’s looking over here!
I don’t care.
Wait. That’s not him.
Hey! What the hell! Is that another “Tiellin” over there!?
Being unique is all I’ve got! I’m going to kill that guy!
So, lot of strong guys around here, huh?
Why is that other “Kien” giving me such a dirty look?
This page participated to the Minicomics contest of DBMultiverse-FC!
It's been drawn and written by S-Shield.

Clip video of DBM team and readers in live !

Tässä on video (ranskaksi englantilaisilla tekstityksillä) DBM:n tiimistä ja lukijoista, viimeisimmissä mangafestivaaleissa. Älkää epäröikö tilaamistamme Youtubessa. :)
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