DB Multiverse

With weapons that cut, that protect, lock-up… and a limitless teleportation… Vegetto could have defeated Broly with ease! But he and his daughter wanted amusement… they limited themselves from the start!
Vegetto wanted a difficult fight against Broly, so he used his maximum power to beat him “old school”...
Son Bra went the opposite route. Since she made the bet to not use her power, she had to use the novel techniques.
We wouldn’t have had such a fight if Cold hadn’t requested the handicap, right?
You are correct. But it doesn’t justify the boosts you gave the others.
No boosts, just ideas. They all already had in them what I revealed.
Congrat… tulations…
It’s been 30 seconds!



Clip video of DBM team and readers in live !

Tässä on video (ranskaksi englantilaisilla tekstityksillä) DBM:n tiimistä ja lukijoista, viimeisimmissä mangafestivaaleissa. Älkää epäröikö tilaamistamme Youtubessa. :)
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