DB Multiverse

Yes he is ready, you can join us.
No, he isn't very strong, but he got back on track very fast.
He just needed a real Saiyan training, that's all.
Prince Vegeta and Nappa will be there in less than a year.
One year?
You mean we're going to wait for them?
Didn't we have a planet to slaughter?
We need to have more of us to attack it.
Do we really need the help of these dudes?
These dudes, as you say, are each ten times stronger than you and me. It's not because we are the strongest on Freeza 54 that you should feel superior.
That's why I came for you. Alone, I had no worth in their eyes.
So without your lack of confidence, I'd still be on Earth...
You want worth? We'll show them. We'll stomp this planet alone, before they arrive!



Clip video of DBM team and readers in live !

Tässä on video (ranskaksi englantilaisilla tekstityksillä) DBM:n tiimistä ja lukijoista, viimeisimmissä mangafestivaaleissa. Älkää epäröikö tilaamistamme Youtubessa. :)
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