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Hello, Mister Namek!

This Namek ship, who did you steal it from?

Uh? No, no-one! It's was a Namek who gave it to us!

Except, we didn't really ask for his permission...

You will pay for...


Hey!... It's that Saiyan! Vegeta!!

He's already recovered from his injuries?!

You're coming from all over...

Is this the beginning of a secondary attack?

Nihonjinsim       23

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Next chapters!

[img][img]On sunday 21, starts a special on mirai universe, by WaZaKun, who did Minicomic 116.

Then, we'll follow with the main story, on a kinda special chapter too, by Ambroise, who did chapter 94!

Then, again the main story, by Asura!

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