DB Multiverse

You're stubborn, young lady... And this fight begins to bore me...

He is almost untouched, and not at his maximum... I have no chance...

...and where do you even come from!?

At last! From the sword, of course!!

I confirm, he's coming from the broken sword.

Good. So he can participate as an ally to the fighter from universe 9.

I shouldn't have wasted time in an intermediate transformation!

I'll finish you both in my original form!!


I've never seen dad in his original form other than in picture !

I did, when he was carrying you.

He had so little control of himself that the entire planet was destroyed while you were born!

I'm screwed!

Not at all, little miss!

I can raise your power. You'll become way stronger than your ridiculous opponent...

Really!? You can do that?!

Of course. But only if you accept to...

I accept!!



Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v

你可能注意到第1751, 1752和1753页上的有些画毫无二致…


所以,为了避免久侯,第1753页将在 *周四* 同一时间特别推出…
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