DB Multiverse

And now you’re the only warrior in the universe who can stand against Broly.
You knew! And you didn’t say anything!
Little Vegeta, I only tell the future when I want to *avoid* it.
You’re going to defy him for the throne. But even now, you’re still inferior to the power of the Legendary Saiyan.
I know. I’ve seen you being crushed by Broly. It was an embarrassing fight.
So, for years I’ve been searching of a way for you to beat him.
Why would you help me?
Broly will eventually get mad and destroy all the galaxies, killing all the Saiyans. You won’t.
So. Each time I devised a plan, a vision would tell me if it’d work. After many, many fails, I now have a perfect one.
You won’t like it. But believe me, it’s the best option.
Indeed, Vegeta Jr hated Baddack’s plan.
But after a long time, seeing that he was still greatly inferior to the invincible warrior, he accepted it.
And later, on planet Vegeta...







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